Naruto Taiyaki Honpo Hankyu Sannomiyaekimae 鳴門鯛燒本舗 阪急三宮駅前店 (Kobe, JAPAN) ★★★☆☆

As a city, Kobe doesn’t possess the great assortment of street food and snacks Osaka has to offer so it’s important for us to know where to pick our spot. Naruto Taiyaki Honpo (鳴門鯛燒 本舗) is among the areas I knew I had to see until we complete this trip. They have branches around Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Fukuoka) however since we already missed out on their renowned taiyaki back in Osaka and Kyoto, I had to make sure we didn’t miss out for the next time.

Like many taiyaki or fish-shaped waffle cakes out there in the current market, Naruto Taiyaki Honpo’s taiyaki also includes red bean paste filling.

This is almost too cute to eat (or to be consumed ). 

The pastry was not as flaky as I first thought but it worked rather well with the red bean paste made from sweetened red beans from Shumari Hokkaido (十勝). It tasted so much better than the one with runny sweet potato custard filling (yellow one on the menu).

Food Rating: 5/10
Price: ¥¥
Address: 1-9-5 Kitanagasakidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0012 Hyogo, Japan
Closest Metro Station: Kobe-Sannomiya
Tel: +81 (0)78 321-5520

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FILMS for FOOD Festival

The post FILMS for FOOD Festival appeared first on Warsaw Foodie.
Pierwszy Movies for FOOD Festival czyli festiwal kina kulinarnego odbędzie się w dniach 27-30 czerwca 2019 w Warszawie. W ciągu czterech dni organizatorzy zaprezentują najciekawsze filmy dokumentalne o jedzeniu z ostatnich lat. W programie znalazły się “Bihar Dok – kuchnia Basków”- movie o edukacyjnym projekcie studentów Basque Culinary Center; dwa filmy o kulinarnych podróżach […]

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Beach House Minimalism

A comfortable window seat underlines the view.

Cool white walls and a lofty roof elevation is offset by abundant wooden ceiling panels and beams.

Flames crackle within a modern fireplace, located right by the arm of the couch to ensure it is the hot spot of the home on a chilly afternoon. A bicycle shops firewood beside the cooker. Open shelves round the fireplace bring decoration and life to the room, giving the place a more welcoming and friendly ambiance.

Black framework around the shower offers definition inside the soft blue and cream bath decoration.

A black square coffee table stands by the nautical couch ensemble, pushing the style into the discipline of minimalism. A cosy knitted floor pouf adds texture and swings back the balance to cosy again.

Seating was sandwiched between two bookcases to make a reading nook at the window.
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Blue accent pillows, a blue area rug and pouf balance the warmer tones in the room.

Bedroom pendant lights have been suspended on various lengths of electrical cord, to perform on the different heights of their bedside tables.
Behind and above the sofa, some enjoyable ropework continues the motif, and gently screens off the stairwell. Died pampas grass complements the organic golden tone.

Two black kitchen bar stools are seated at a concrete peninsula. Wine storage is suspended in the ceiling over, which serves as both a functional and decorative piece.

Another bath decorated with a sky blue wall and a wooden vanity – though this time that the dressing table is of a much more modern and nominal nature. A rattan laundry basket slots beneath the bathroom sink to bring in more organic texture.

A reduced amount shelf runs the length of the dining room, displaying works of art.
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A Moroccan floor pouf settles by the window, alongside low-level bookshelves.

Dark treads on white risers give the staircase a clean and crisp aesthetic. The home is nearly totally free of ceiling lighting fittings – instead, illumination is provided by wall sconces and lamps to elicit a more intimate setting.

Moving into the kids’ bedroom, the kids’ beds happen to be stacked in a bespoke midsize layout which has storage in its foundation. To accommodate the different ideas of two children, fishy decorations jostle with elephant decor.

There’s an integrated wine cooler hidden within the peninsula cabinetry under these wine glasses, to please a wine enthusiast homeowner.

The wooden dividers of the bunk beds have been replicated in the adjoining wardrobe layout.

The breezy blue accent wall provides a wonderfully cool contrast behind the wealthy timber double sink bathroom vanity. A contemporary wall sconce set directs task lighting where it is most needed.

A dark wood dining place appears profoundly anchored in the center of the lighting, white room.

The house has an area of 112 square metres, with all the largest single chunk of it’s allocated into an airy open plan family room. This common place is split in to two floor levels, using a change in flooring stuff improving the design. Natural wood defines the elevated floor level of this hot couch zone, whilst trendy gray large format tiles cover the kitchen diner flooring.

A wooden bookshelf adopts the cozy bedroom layout like a warm kiss.

The second bedroom we see in the house has its white decor scheme warmed by a ruddy brown platform bed. Wall art presents a matching color over the headboard.

nautical home decor
40 Minimalist Dining Rooms
40 Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms

Beige shower tiles match the color of this vessel basin on the vanity.

A comfy cushioned seat is seated in the other side of the elevated lounge area, under the bookshelves. A run of top cabinets conceal a large number of possessions behind obscured glass.

Dried blossoms complement a rustic wooden vanity in the restroom.
This can be a project built on contrast, carefully created by Cartelle Design. The youthful homeowners at Milan, Italy, introduced two very different tastes in interiors. The taste clash between the couple caused the design team needing to seek out a means to combine cool minimalism with comfy country house chic. It had been significant to the owners that the interior maintained that special summer house on the lake type of feel, so it was decided that warm natural wood and soft texturing will be teamed with chilly technological performance. The outcome is bright space that is crisp with practicality, yet seasoned with charming beach home touches and character.

Kids’ wall decor gives the space a colourful and enjoyable feel.

Stunning mountain views wait beyond a set of patio doors which lead out onto a balcony. A white dining room dividers light extends out from the wall; this is an original fixture that has been set up in this house at the end of the 1960s by former owners. The light was preserved as a linking element between the present and past.

The normal toned mirror framework contrasts warmly against the cold gray concrete walls and shower enclosure.

Dark, wood, concrete and metal volumes present a minimalist design galley kitchen. It was in this region that practical features were placed first.

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The post tablet zamiast książki rezerwacji appeared on Warsaw Foodie. into nowa kompleksowa platforma rezerwacyjna od niedawna dostępna dla warszawskich restauracji. Pozwala lokalom gastronomicznym na wygodne zarządzanie rezerwacjami stolików w czasie rzeczywistym i integruje wszystkie kanały komunikacji z gośćmi: telefon, email, aplikację mobilną MojStolik i tzw. walk-in. Dzięki niej menedżerowie restauracji mają dostęp perform dynamicznego widoku sali, sami decydują o układzie sal, liczbie dostępnych miejsc I […]

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Simple Luxury Interior With Modern Oriental Elegance

A slatted wall encircle a chair chair in the hallway. In the distance we could see one side of this wooden device that effectively divides the couch in the walkway. The feature frames the view of the sofa and dining space, and glamorises the interior.

Windows surround the bed.

Spectacular toilet lighting highlights the odd pieces.

Lustrous gold finish enriches one bathroom door.

Upstairs on the mezzanine landing, we could see natural light fills every corner. The airy nature of the home brings a sense of peaceful relaxation and stability. The designers strived to get a balance of performance and pleasing aesthetics, in which the house settles into a new definition of beauty.

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The sofas and armchairs are upholstered in various neutral colors that tone together without seeming overly matched.

Two functions of art tower up the walls at each side of the living room. They feature roughly 1000 shell shaped tiles white, gray and yellow, to match the room decoration of white walls, gray furniture and yellow accent pieces. Two tales of windows attract sun flood into the space, and include contemporary splendour.

Dual aspect windows crack open the corner of the bedroom, joining it to the emerald backyard.

Views in the mezzanine landing look directly onto the modern chandelier.

An entire wall of retractable glass blesses another bedroom having a more concrete connection to the backyard. The gold trimmed globe pendant lights that dangle either side of the mattress would be the Mini Crescent pendants.

A unique shoe instance fills one entire wall of their home entryway. The opposite side contributes to the entertainment space, which joins to the garden via a full height sliding glass doorway.
Unique toilet sink stands poised beneath a designer vanity mirror.

After playing with home to two previous generations, the next generation homeowners of this 1000 square metre house decided to commission an entire renovation. The home is located on a private possessed hill in New Territories area, Hong Kong. PplusP Designers were asked to transform the place by introducing simple luxury elegance, splashed with contemporary oriental components. The living room was given new height with a double height emptiness, which measures a lofty 7 metres high. Unique works of art shape and colour the new impressive room. Wood slatted walls and gold decoration accent pieces pepper the whole house. Bedrooms and bathrooms are remodelled into luxury spaces with unique furnishings and higher end finishes.

This is the Ring Award by Lee Broom.

More delightful bedroom pendant lights feature in bedroom .

A simple elegant round mirror reflects the shoe instance in the home entryway.

Toilet wall tiles disperse layout from end to end.

Cloud-like pendant lights float across the length of the numerous dining table arrangement, and during a little lounge area off to the side.

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Front altitude. Although there was no modification made to the construction of the home, the designers used different colored cement boards to specify zones at the architecture.

A circle theme emerges out of a wood slat accent wall in the head of the mattress. Crisp white sheets contrast against the hot wood tone.

The lofty ceiling supports a colossal wire mesh chandelier, that dangles over the centre of the sofa furniture structure. A pair of smoked glass nesting coffee tables overlap each other under it, centred on textured gray carpeting.

A gold coffee table functions with the yellow accents in the room.

At the end of the mezzanine, a comfy accent chair plus a small side table snuggle together as a rest and contemplation point, bathed in the light from double height windows daily, or the huge sparkling chandelier by nighttime.

Three dining sets bar together to make one incredibly scaled eating place.

Custom fit cabinets shop the homeowners daily styles.

First floor plan.

Inside the bedroom, a marble topped vanity stands against a posh accent wall.

The stretched garden views rival the exceptional art for your spotlight. Glass vases attract natural beauty inside too.

Granite tabletops inspire a bookmatched marble feature wall at the rear of the room. The streaked wood grain of mid century modern style chairs join with the natural patterning.

A glowing blue decorative bowl adorns a unit that serves as a room divider between the lounge and an overall thoroughfare.

The permeable nature of the slatted characteristic wall allows the home entryway to remain linked with the open plan living spaces and receive additional sunlight, whilst still marking the separation of zones.

The modern chandelier is mounted to the ceiling by means of a champagne gold disc, which offers subtle reflection of the light installation and the room elements below.

Inside the bedroom, a swing arm wall lamp stretches out to provide reading light across the bed. This really is a Counterbalance Swing Arm LED Wall Light.

Bedroom number five attributes an L-shaped headboard which screens it from direct sunlight. A dip seat is seated in the vanity.

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Paste (Bangkok, THAILAND) ★★★☆☆

My little nugget is off to Kidzania this afternoon so I got myself around two hours of free time to spend. I opted to spend it wisely; after making a nostalgic return to Erawan Bakery in Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel, it was time to see Paste Bangkok, a Michelin starred and Asia Greatest 50 Restaurant famous for the heirloom Thai cuisine.

Behind husband-and-wife group Jason Bailey and Bongkoch’Bee’ Satongun, Paste had a banner year in 2018. After shooting the elusive original Michelin celebrity , Chef Bee was honored as Asia’s Greatest Female Chef of 2018 by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Paste is all about a research in Thailand’s rich culinary history. The duo spent decades analyzing and researching ancient imperial Thai recipes and family cookbooks. Throughout the process, they re-discovered century-old recipes and long forgotten methods that they integrated into the menu of the first Paste restaurant and elegant it whenever they opened Paste at the very top floor of luxury shopping mall Gaysorn Village.

Some of this restaurant’s signature dishes include the roast duck rubbed with northern Thai mah kwan pepper and Tapioca dumplings of royal job smoked trout, toasted peanuts, mustard leaf and wild sesame. If you’re into seafood like me, then its spanner crab dish served with salted duck egg, fresh coconut milk, hairy eggplant and lime foliage should not be missed. But couldn’t tell from this film at all…)

It was 38 degrees out there so it was fine to have a welcome drink with cherry pea blossom and soda water to cool itself off a bit before the meal.

Next was a small canapé, fresh spanner crab on a crispy sheet of blossom with toppings of lemon zest, ginger flower and dill. Very yummy.

I wrote the restaurant before my arrival inquiring whether I could choose the tasting menu on my own (the site said minimum of two persons). The answer was NO so that I had my eyes on the a la carte menu all the way. But to my surprise, the restaurant manager came over after my amuse bouche and offered a unique tasting menu which they could arrange for solo diner! That really crossed me up coz I had brunch with my family long ago and then some sweets at Grand Hyatt Erawan. As much as I wished to do this, I went together with the a la carte menu as I initially planned rather.

Seared scallops – The scallops were lightly seared and tossed at a salad of fresh mangosteen, Peromia, lemongrass, along with young coconut.

I have had a good deal of seared scallops in my life and almost all of them were accompanied by blank (pea, cauliflower), sweet (sweetcorn) or acidic (capers) flavors. It’s one of hardly any times I had it functioned with extra spiciness (There have to be some curry paste there though not mentioned on the menu). This wasn’t bad but at a hindsight, perhaps I should have gone with my server’s recommendation of watermelon, ground poultry with fried shallot and roasted galangal powder. It would’ve given me a much refresher start.

(Interestingly, the scallop dish has been taken off their a la carte menu when I completed the trip.)

12-hour braised Australian beef rib – A very popular dish here I was advised. This was beautifully prepared with long pepper, roasted berries in a distinctive mushroom soy sauce. Not bad.

Mango Sticky Rice – Dessert was a decontructed version of possibly the most iconic dessert in Thailand, mango sticky rice. This came with a couple of Ok rong mango sticky rice rolls that have been filled with silky mango mousse, and superbly paired with cherry compote, glutinous rice balls, gold threads and a spoonful of vanilla sorbet. 

Out of those 3 dishes, I liked this the most. That would’ve been a very good option for a solo diner like me too bad I got crossed up and had too much to eat before my lunch . 

Food Rating: 6/10
Price: ฿฿฿฿
Address: 3/F, Gaysorn Village, 999 Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Bangkok, Thailand
Closest BTS Station: Chit Lom
Tel: +66 (0) 2656-1003
S. Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants: 28th (2019)

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43 Storage Ottomans To Declutter and Organize Your Home

$150BUY IT

Broad 3-Tray Contemporary Storage Ottoman: One second its a bench and the next it is a table with removable trays. This contemporary storage ottoman is the piece that every living room requirements. Offered in 7 colours.


Cube Storage Ottoman With Side Pockets: Footstool, side table, coffee table. No matter what you decide to use these cube ottomans for, they will remain stylish and functional with their grey coloring, internal storage, and side pockets. And of course that they also fold flat, so they make great occasional seating!

$220BUY IT

Outdoor Storage Ottoman Bench:The perfect option to store your extra patio cushions, gardening gear, or pool toys. This wicker storage ottoman is water resistant and UV resistant, and it can also be utilized as additional seating for get-togethers! No more pulling out those folding lawn chairs when you have this fashionable bench.

$292BUY IT

Big Square Faux Leather Storage Ottoman With Lift Top: If you love the idea of a lift top incorporated into your ottoman, however want a surface that easily cleanable, then that alternative is for you. Ideal for those that are worried about sticky finger prints, stains, spills–or lets be fair, all the aforementioned. Additionally, with 9 colors available, you shouldn’t have any problem locating a shade that matches your decor!


White Round Storage Ottoman: If you are searching for a slick and affordable ottoman with a versatile fashion, then that one should definitely be on your short listing. It’s available in 9 colors, including vibrant shades like hot pink and fire engine red.

$154BUY IT

2 Piece Storage Ottoman Set: What is better than 1 ottoman? Two! This stylish ottoman with its tufted top additionally nests another, smaller variant inside. A lively duo that make for wonderful footstools or storage for smaller things like games, controllers, remotes, or even magazines. Available in Dove, Grass, Indigo, Maize, or Capri (revealed ).


End Of Bed Chevron Patterned Fabric Storage Ottoman: Should you’re never sure what to with these additional throw pillows when you crawl in bed, then a storage ottoman is a good alternative. This chevron patterned one includes a fresh white and grey color combo which will readily incorporate into many colour schemes.
This design drums up quite a lot of style with its metal frame and wood top. It comes in a set of 2 and is available in White or Rustic (revealed ).
This basic shaped ottoman consists of a notch with scripted fabric, a gold nailhead trim, and wooden legs. Also available with additional fabric patterns.

$110BUY IT

Rattan Wicker Storage Ottoman With Cushion: This wicker storage ottoman will meld well with a variety of decor styles, but it is going to appear extra stunning when paired with decorative or Bohemian styled houses. It is available in 3 shades (as shown above) and includes a detachable pillow.
Especially when you believe its price comes in at under $50! Also available in Brown or Black.


Cute Bear Shaped Storage Ottoman: We can hardly bear how adorable this ottoman is. Whether employed as a stool, storage, foot rest, or all of the above, this little bear will always look cute in your kids bedroom or playroom.


Cute Grey Elephant Storage Ottoman: You overlook ’t Have to go to the zoo to watch an elephant anymore. Additionally, this one permits you to use him as a foot stool.


Cute Pink Sheep Storage Ottoman: Not picking up this fluffy cutie are a BAH-d Option. This sheep offers extra chairs, storage, along with a pouty face that’s hard to resist.


Tree Stump (Without Bark) Storage Ottoman: Since we love the interesting look and affordable price of those tree trunk ottomans, here is another option that is bark free.

$300BUY IT

Oversized Fabric Top Storage Ottoman: The comfy look of an ottoman AND the Ease of a lift top? We’ll take 5! Perhaps you don’t want quite a lot of, but this choice can infuse your living room or den with function, convenience, and an excess increase of storage. Available in Dove Grey, Slate Grey, Fawn Brown, and Dark Grey (shown).

$116BUY IT

Modern Rectangular Fabric Tufted Storage Ottoman Bench: This ottoman has a large storage capacity and makes an elegant addition to a bedroom, living room, or entry. If Grey isn’t for you, this design is also available in Brown or Black.

$277BUY IT

Shoe Storage Ottoman: You can never have too many shoes, but you can run out of storage space. Fit your dressing room or entry with this particular storage ottoman for a simple solution to store your favorite kicks. It comes fitted with 18 individual slots, so digging to get a fitting shoe isn’t again a problem.


Square Black Storage Ottoman: Small, yet mighty, this black storage ottoman is a fashionable way to throw up your feet after a long day or stash a few throw blankets. Crafted from beechwood and bi-cast leather that is available in 6 colour choices.


Faux Marble Textured Collapsible Storage Ottoman: Glam design on a tight budget is possible, and this ottoman is living proof. Not only can this choice add different style to any room with its white and black patterning, but it’s also collapsible for easy storage.

$244BUY IT

Amazing Yellow Storage Ottoman: If You Would like sunshine on a cloudy day, you Want to checkout this yellowish storage ottoman. With its soft, yellow upholstery, it is going to help your decor keep a positive and glowing vibe–even on the cloudiest of days.

This quirky guy is fun enough for a kids area, but his beautiful upholstery could also makes him suitable for significantly less juvenile spaces.

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$158BUY IT

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table With Storage: The tufted top of the storage ottoman provides it an increase of comfort along with a plush aesthetic. Use in the living area to stash away extra cords, remotes, controllers, and other occasional use items.

$115BUY IT

Red Tufted Storage Ottoman: Move bold, or go home! This fiery red ottoman is precisely what you want to add a pop of colour your living room, while its light cherry wood legs give it a flair of elegance.

$110BUY IT

Sexy Dinosaur Ottoman Stool With Storage: The ottoman that every dinosaur lover desires in their life. This triceratops will add a mix of fun and sophistication to any space.


Husky Dog Storage Ottoman: The ideal surprise for this small dog lover in your life. Children will love this life-sized ottoman as it’s large enough to sit on and parents will love the extra storage it supplies.


Spotted Cow Storage Ottoman:This cow won’t give you milk, but he can supply unique and storage style. A fun and young storage ottoman for bunny lovers and plantation decor fans.


Flora Printing Storage Ottoman: Some bright blossoms for your home that Won’t Ever wilt. The flora publish storage ottoman is a must if you’re looking to add classic charm and flair to a room.
Whether there always appears to be toys sprawled across your floor or magazines littering the coffee table, it’s far too simple for our home to fall prey to visual clutter. Fortunately, are pieces of furniture which may help keep your interior decoration. Cue storage ottomans. Not merely are storage ottomans good at stashing away odd and ends, but they’re also able to provide extra dining room, more chairs, and tons of additional style. Need an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table? Our collection includes that. Or maybe an enjoyable animal ottoman? We’ve got these, too! We’ve scoped out the best ottomans for every style and budget.


Children ’ Bus Storage Ottoman: when you’ve got a little one that needs extra storage and enjoys vehicles, then this glowing ottoman is a must! A inexpensive storage solution to bedrooms or playrooms.


Pastel Pink Velvet Storage Ottoman: Undoubtedly among the more peculiar storage ottomans on our listing. Together with the glam look of its pink velvet bag and rose gold accents, we feel like that belongs in a fun bachelorette pad or a bedroom that craves a female vibe.

This grey ottoman might not be the place to stash your odds and ends, but your fur baby will appreciate his fresh sleep cave. Fido gives it two paws up!


Round Tufted Fabric Storage Ottoman: This round ottoman will add comfort and style to your living room. Its neutral gray tone and tufted shirt make it an ideal choice for many different decor styles.


Elephant Shaped Suede Leather Storage Ottoman: Another elephant ottoman, but this time with a more rustic appearance thanks to its own suede upholstery. With numerous animals readily available, you can purchase the whole lot and have a whole ottoman safari.


Teal Storage Ottoman With Tray: Bright and bold is what this storage ottoman does best with its eye-catching blue color. Blue not for you? No problem! It is available in a lot of other colours also.
This ottoman not only functions as additional storage space, but it also has to be a cozy bench and a small table.

Handmade and crafted from rattan, this ottoman doubles as a dining table that is sure to add a fresh look to any room.


Round Outdoor Storage Table/Ottoman: Whether your terrace could benefit from an excess table or perhaps a boost of storage, this outdoor ottoman is an affordable pick. It features a 37 gallon inside storage capability, a flexible wooden look, and lightweight construction with built-in handles for simple mobility.


Black Storage Ottoman Bench: If you are looking for a storage ottoman with a sleek look and a low price tag, then this one is for you! This affordable black beauty provides ample storage and has a simple wipe surface that’s especially ideal for homes with children.

$140BUY IT

Small Storage Ottoman With Trays: Dinner has been served! Romantic dinners for two to the sofa have never been so simple and so stylish. Does this ottoman attribute storage, but in addition, it comes equipped with two removable and removable wood trays. Available in Black or Dark Espresso (revealed ).
With its distressed faux leather this bit is only going to get better with age! Also available in Black or Grey Taupe.


Tree Trunk Shaped Storage Ottoman: The comfiest tree stump that you will ever sit ! This unique ottoman is compact and cheap –perfect for smaller rooms within a budget.
These adorable deer can be found in multiple colors and with or without storage.
Ideal for large living rooms that want both a coffee table and a lot of storage.

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Reinvented Classic Kitchen Design

Benjamin Moore White Dove Benjamin Moore White Dove Ivory Kitchen Paint Color Benjamin Moore White Dove Benjamin Moore White Dove #BenjaminMooreWhiteDove

Many thanks to this cabinet manufacturer for sharing the information above.

Pull-Out Spice Racks

Pull Out Spice Racks Stove is flanked by Pull Out Spice Racks Pull Out Spice Racks These spice/oil racks are very handy and easy to keep everything organized Kitchen Pull Out Spice Racks Design #PullOutSpiceRacks

The new entry was outfitted with brick flooring set in a diamond pattern and intersected by wooden boards fitting the pine of the kitchen floor. The brick runs to the mudroom for a durable and unique surface.
This kitchen features a classic white kitchen hood. The trim gives a constant look to the cabinetry.


Mudroom Renovation How to tranforma a hallway into a mudroom The new mudroom was created by claiming space from a redundant second hallway Mudroom Renovation Mudroom Renovation Mudroom Renovation #MudroomRenovation #Mudroom #Renovation

A coffee bar wouldn’t be complete without a high quality coffee maker. This built-in coffee machine is by Wolf – comparable here & here.

Island Countertop

Kitchen island with marble and wood countertop American Walnut The island wooden counter is American Walnut This helps to avoid stain the marble on the island #AmericanWalnut #countertop #kitchenisland

Brass hardware compliments the brass detail of the chandeliers over the staircase, while the black of the same chandeliers comes full circle back to the black of the coffee bar.

Beach House Interior Design Ideas

Lighting Sale
The pantry has been moved to a former office also in it’s place the butler’s servery was enlarged with wide openings aligned with all the dining and living area to get better light and traffic stream.

If I am wrong, right me. If I’m missing, direct me. If I begin to give-up, keep me moving.

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See more Inspiring Interior Design Ideas in my Archives.

Counterstools: here – similar – Other Popular Choices: here, here, here, here, here, here & here.
The black cabinet features crystal knobs in brushed brass.
Entryway Lighting: Serena & Lily.

Lead me in Light and Love”.
Benjamin Moore HC-169 Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore HC-169 Coventry Gray Paint Color Kitchen island versatile grey paint color for cabinets Benjamin Moore HC-169 Coventry GrayBenjamin Moore HC-169 Coventry Gray #BenjaminMooreHC169CoventryGray #BenjaminMooreHC169 #BenjaminMoore #HC169

Modern Farmhouse with Front Porch.

Florida Beach House Interior DesignFlorida Beach House Interior Design.

The wooden counter is American Walnut. Besides bringing some warmth, the wooden countertop helps to prevent stains on the white marble throughout the meals.


Brick and hardwood Flooring The new entry was outfitted with brick floor set in a diamond pattern and intersected by wooden planks matching the pine of the kitchen floor. The brick runs into the mudroom for a durable and unique surface #brick #hardwoodflooring #mudroom #flooring #floor

Island Gear

Kitchen Cabinet with recessed pull Kitchen Cabinet Hardware #kitchencabinet #recessedpull

Kitchen faucet Classic Kitchen Faucet Traditional Kitchen Faucet Kitchen Faucet Single Handle with Pull Out Spray #kitchenfaucet #kitchen #faucet #KitchenFaucet #SingleHandlewithPullOutSprayFaucet

Grey Kitchen Island

Cabinet Hardware: Pulls & Knobs in Polished Nickel.

Wet Bar Cabinetry

West Elm: Up to 70% off clearance!!!

Posts of the Week:

Prep Sink: Hammered copper undermount sink Native Trails.

Mudroom Tile Flooring: Porcelain tile with Matte Finish made to resemble brick – similar here, here & here.

“Dear God,

Microwave Oven: Wolf – comparable here & here.
This fully custom-designed fold-down desk simplifies the re-purposed office and it hides technology and organizational storage when not being used.


Black kitchen cabinet with glass knob and brushed brass pulls Matte Black Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Matte Black Kitchen Cabinetry Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets Matte Black Kitchen Cabinet #MatteBlackKitchenCabinet #BlackKitchenCabinet #BlackKitchen

Employing granite countertops all cabinets, create a sense of cohesiveness within this kitchen.
Luciane from

Grey Kitchen Island Cabinetry: Dover Cliffs Finish on Maple – “Benjamin Moore HC-169 Coventry Gray” is an identical colour.
Pottery Barn: Huge Sale! Save as Much as 75% Off!

The leaded glass depth in the coffee bar and the upper glass cabinets flanking the hood consist of true blown glass and lead layout that fit exactly the lead glass windows located at the main entrance to the house.

Kitchen Hood

Kitchen Hood Trim Connecting Hood with kitchen cabinet trim ideas The trim gives a continuous look to the cabinetry Kitchen Hood Trim Connecting Hood with kitchen cabinet trim Kitchen Hood Trim Connecting Hood with kitchen cabinet trim #KitchenHood #HoodTrim #Hood #kitchencabinet

Beach House Interior Design Thoughts .


Brushed nickel Hammered sink Prep sink Brushed nickel Hammered sink ideas Kitchen Sink Brushed nickel Hammered sink #Brushednickelsink #Hammeredsink


Black Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10 Popular Black Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10 Best Black Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10 #BlackKitchenCabinetPaintColor #BlackKitchen #BlackCabinet #BlackPaintColor #BenjaminMooreOnyx213310

Home Bunch’s Top 5: Cabinet Paint Colors.

Tailored InteriorsTailored Interiors.

Wayfair: As much as 70% OFF – Clearance!!!

Nordstrom: Up to 40% OFF. New Decor!

The brand new mudroom was created by promising distance from a redundant second hallway.

Beautiful Wall Hooks: here, here & here.
Small Lot Modern Farmhouse Small Lot Modern Farmhouse Small Lot Modern Farmhouse #SmallLot #ModernFarmhouse
Wet Bar Cabinet: Heiloom Black with Espresso Glaze – similar to “Benjamin Moore Onyx”.

Small lot Beach House

Butler's Pantry The butler’s servery was expanded with wide openings aligned with the dining and living room for better light and traffic flow Butler's Pantry #ButlesPantry

Specific zones made in the large kitchen in order to add structure such as a wet/coffee bar (more details shortly), a kitchen island plus a range wall flanked by two refrigeration columns. Cabinetry and finishes specify each zone.
Kitchen Cabinets: Single bowl apron front fireclay kitchen sink, in white end by Rohl.

Kitchen Faucet: Waterstone – Others on Sale: here, here & here.
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Cubbies and cabinetry keep cold weather clothes and sporting and school gear, contained.
Appliance Pulls: 10″ and 15″ Pulls in Brushed Brass finish.
Designer: Julie Lyons.
The brand new mudroom is wrapped in shiplap finished in a high-gloss white paint colour and it includes cubbies, and hooks. Tall cabinet hides return air duct. Similar paint color is “White Dove from Benjamin Moore”.


Backsplash Kitchen Backsplash to work with Benjamin Moore White Dove Kitchen backsplash Persian White 4’ x 12” polished marble tile Backsplash Kitchen Backsplash to work with Benjamin Moore White Dove #Backsplash #Kitchen #KitchenBacksplash #BenjaminMooreWhiteDove

Butler’s Pantry

Horchow: High Quality Furniture and Decor. Up to 30 percent off the entire site!

The recessed pulls are Hafele – similar choices: here & here.

Kitchen Pendants: Visible Comfort – Much like here, here & here – cheap alternatives.

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Beautiful Homes of Instagram: Fixer Upper.

Classic Colonial Home Design Classic Colonial Home Design #ClassicHome #ColonialHome #ColonialHomeDesignClassic Colonial Home Design.

Family-friendly Home Design Family-friendly Home Design Ideas #FamilyfriendlyHome #FamilyfriendlyHomeDesignFamily-friendly Home Design.
Grey Kitchen Paint Colors on Home Bunch
Grey Kitchen Paint Colors.

The stairway now opens directly into kitchen (see right) and a new angled entrance and post hide the required structural support beam.

Little Majority Modern Farmhouse.

New Home Tour New Home Tours #NewHomeTour #HomeTour2019 New Year Home Tour.

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The cabinetry is a Heartwood Maple using a Pewter glaze. Backsplash is antique mirror.


Mudroom Cubbies and cabinetry keep cold weather apparel, and sporting and school gear, contained #mudroom #cubbies #cabinet #cabinetwithdoor

Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen backsplash Persian White 4′ x 12″ polished marble tile – comparable here.

Urban Outfitters: Hip & Affordable Home Decor.

Kitchen Layout

Kitchen renovation layout The stairway now opens directly into kitchen (see right) and a new diagonal entry and post hide the required structural support beam #kitchenrenovation #kitchen #kitchenlayout #kitchens

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One Kings Lane: High Quality Design Decor for Less.

The kitchen hutch provides an elegant space to show the homeowner’s glasses. The inside of the cabinet comes with a high-gloss finish.

The kitchen island features a timber consumption counter and custom articles.
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Benjamin Moore Onyx Black Matte finish Cabinet Paint Color Benjamin Moore Onyx Benjamin Moore Onyx Black Matte finish Cabinet Paint Color Benjamin Moore Onyx Benjamin Moore Onyx Black Matte finish Cabinet Paint Color Benjamin Moore Onyx Benjamin Moore Onyx Black Matte finish Cabinet Paint Color Benjamin Moore Onyx #Benjamin MooreOnyx #Blackcabinet #Mattefinish #CabinetPaintColor #BenjaminMoore #Onyx

Joss & Main: Warehouse Clearout – Up to 70% off!

Built-in Desk

Kitchen Desk Kitchen Fold-down desk This completely custom-designed fold-down desk replaces the re-purposed office and it conceals technology and organizational storage when not in use Kitchen Desk Kitchen Fold-down desk design Kitchen Desk Kitchen Fold-down desk ideas Kitchen Desk Kitchen Fold-down desk Secretary Desk #KitchenDesk #Kitchendesk #Folddowndesk #secretarydesk

Kitchen Isle

Kitchen island wood countertop The kitchen island features a wood eating counter and custom posts Kitchen island wood countertop and marble #Kitchenisland #woodcountertop #counter #countertop

Pulls: here – comparable

Florida Home using a Cottage Farmhouse Twist.

Interior Design Ideas Dark Cedar Shaker ExteriorDark Cedar Shaker Exterior.

Custom made pull-out spice racks flank the range. All these spice/oil racks are extremely convenient and simple to keep everything organized.

Cabinet Paint Colors

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Modern Farmhouse with Front Porch Modern Farmhouse with Front Porch Modern Farmhouse with Front Porch #ModernFarmhouse #FarmhouseFrontPorch


High gloss cabinet Kitchen hutch cabinet with high gloss interiors The interior of the cabinet features a high-gloss finish #Highglosscabinet #cabinet #Kitchen #kitchenhutch

A complete redesign and remodel of the classic kitchen and adjacent areas was undertaken with the talented designers at Roomscapes Cabinetry and Design Center (formerly featured here). The kitchen in this timeless house was nestled into the inside of the house with only one wall of windows allowing natural light to the space. A Rubik’s cube of design modifications were made to give the customers wish for more light, a larger bright friendly space, better performance and organization. The homeowners enter their kitchen from several points to find a new light, bright, practical family-friendly space.

Reinvented Classic Kitchen Design

Kitchen Specific zones created in the now large kitchen to add structure including a wet/coffee bar, an island with a wood eating counter, and a range wall flanked by two refrigeration columns. Finishes and cabinetry define each zone #kitchen #cabinetry #kitchencabinet #whitekitchen

Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Single bowl apron front fireclay kitchen sink, in white finish Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Single bowl apron front fireclay kitchen sink Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Single bowl apron front fireclay kitchen sink #FarmhouseKitchenSink #farmhousesink #kitchensink #Singlebowl #apronfrontsink #fireclaykitchensink

Hardware: Pulls in Brushed Brass.


Buit-in Secreatry Desk Kitchen with Pull-out Secretary Desk Buit-in Secreatry Desk Kitchen with Pull-out Secretary Desk Design Ideas Buit-in Secreatry Desk Kitchen with Pull-out Secretary Desk Buit-in Secreatry Desk Kitchen with Pull-out Secretary Desk #Buitindesk #kitchendesk #SecreatryDesk #KitchenPulloutSecretaryDesk #PulloutSecretaryDesk

The complete built in is 84″ wide, the center desk area is 48″ broad.
Beautiful Homes of Instagram Fixer Upper Beautiful Homes of Instagram Fixer Upper Design Beautiful Homes of Instagram Fixer Upper Renovation Ideas #FixerUpper

Florida Home with a Cottage Farmhouse Twist Florida Home with a Cottage Farmhouse Twist Florida Home with a Cottage Farmhouse Twist #FloridaHome #Cottage #CottageFarmhouse
Anthropologie: Watch the super-popular Joanna Gaines Exclusive line!
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Small lot Beach House.

Coastal Farmhouse Home decor Coastal Farmhouse Home decor Coastal Farmhouse Home decor Coastal Farmhouse Home decor Coastal Farmhouse Home decor #CoastalFarmhouse #HomedecorCoastal Farmhouse Home Decor.

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Hardware: Pulls & Knobs.
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Butler’s Pantry Cabinetry

Glazed Wood Cabinet Finish The cabinetry is a Heartwood Maple with a Pewter glaze Wood Cabinet with grey glazed fininsh Glazed Wood Cabinet Finish #greyGlazedcabinet #GlazedWoodCabinet #glazedFinish

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River Café and Terrace at Peninsula Bangkok (Bangkok, THAILAND) ★★★★☆

Most of us have been to Bangkok many times but astonishingly, a number of us have never been to the banks of their Chao Phraya River before. Since we did not have a very busy excursion now, I thought a day-trip to the river and ICONSIAM (on the other side of the lake ) would be a wonderful retreat to the hustle and bustle of the city center. And for people who haven’t been to this part of Bangkok, it would be nice to add the boat ride experience to the excursion. Personally, I was expecting a massive crowd at the Sathorn Pier but that I couldn’t be more incorrect. Amazingly, there was no lineup!

However, I did not care anyways because we have the express boat service courtesy of Peninsula Hotel Bangkok

We didn’t have to wait until a Peninsula Hotel shuttle boat came to pick us up. This turned out to be a very comfortable ride. We have the opportunity to admire the scenery on each side of the river and snatched up hundreds of pictures. Too bad that the ride only lasted a mere five minutes so the pleasure was very short-lived.

When picking ourselves down at the hotel, I went on to check out our lunch venue, River Café and Terrace. As its name implies, it is an outside café overlooking Chao Phraya River. I thought everybody would appreciate the vibe and most importantly, the view but I was again wrong with my prediction!

Clearly, no one wanted to sit on the patio within this unbelievable heat so after consulting the service group, we decided to move indoor. Apart from the buffet, they also offer an all-day international food menu during lunch and dinner for all those people looking for a fast snack. I actually had a look at their menu prior to the excursion and it was a brief one that amazingly covered a great deal of ground. Not only does it serve some popular Thai dishes (Phad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, mango sticky rice just to name a couple ), it also incorporates many different international flavors (pasta) to the mix.

Thai Milk Tea (120 Baht) – Oh yeah in the beginning! We missed out on my first Thai milk tea at Greyhound coz they do not offer it anymore. Had to wait a day to receive my fix but it’s all worth it. This was very thirst-quenching. I enjoy the abundance of condensed milk and the tea wasn’t as strong as those from a number of these places. In reality, it was very milky that was right up my street.

Chicken Satay (420 Baht) – Many beloved chicken skewers to start things off. The Thai spiced chicken fillets were grilled to golden brown color and functioned with the typical peanut sauce and pickled cucumber. Pretty tasty.

Phad Thai Goong Rue Gai (420 Baht) – Stir-fried rice noodles with prawns for the Small nugget. I like the balance of acidity and sweetness with those noodles. Yum~!

Tom Yum Goong (480 Baht) – Our first taste of the traditional spicy soup with tiger prawns and lemongrass on this excursion. The warmth from the spices and ginger was pretty strong.

These were grilled with a sunflower seed crust, and served on a bed of cauliflower purée and sautéed garlic lettuce. This dish took a while to arrive and we afterwards learned from the restaurant manager which there was an”accident” in the kitchen as she put it. I immediately thought it was some kind of fire which broke out but luckily, it was just a mishap in which they accidentally dropped some of the scallops on the floor. Thus, they needed to re-do a different one.

The replacement finally came and they weren’t bad in any way. Just that it did not have the identical size as the Hokkaido scallops we all came to enjoy over time. And needless to say, the combo of scallop and berry was a bit boring.

Club Sandwich (550 Baht) Our sandwich was the final dish to Appear even though the freak mishap using our Hokkaido scallops.

This is another excellent dish. Really like the texture of the multigrain toast combining well with all the pan-fried chicken breast, lettuce, bacon, sun-dried berries and grilled egg.

The home made french fries was seriously good also. Underneath the sizzling hot and crunchy crust, the potato was surprisingly soft like a mash. I could eat this all day long! (I didn’t have a picture of those yummy fries so I had to use one with my sandwich instead).

I had been anticipating the usual average food out of a hotel lobby restaurant and bar but I ended up becoming more than what I bargained for. Service was completely up to the standard of a five-star resort and they even got the meals to match it. Adding in the free shuttle boat ride and we have ourselves a very great experience all around. We were done here, it is time to go back out to the warmth and spend our afternoon at ICONSIAM.

Food Rating: 6/10
Price: ฿฿฿
Address: Terrace Level, Peninsula Hotel Bangkok, 333 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok, Thailand
Closest BTS Station: Saphan Taksin (and then with shuttle boat at Sahorn Pier)
Tel: +66 (0) 2020-2888

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