Gokfayuen 菊花園 (Bangkok, THAILAND) ★★★☆☆

Nobody has said it openly yet but that I could see from everybody’s eyes they are sick of Thai food after our recent run of the local cuisine right about today. Tonight, a change is pretty much a foregone conclusion; the million-dollar question is exactly what (cuisine).

While I was searching for answers, Jelloman took charge and asked Chinese food. Well, that would create our elderly happy at least for a single night.

Situated on the seventh floor of Helix Emquartier, Gokfayuen (菊花園) (Literally means”Chrysanthemum Garden) is a Hong Kong style wonton noodle location where we would be having dinner tonight.

Wonton noodle soup – With my relatively low anticipation coming in, I thought this was fairly decent. The stringy noodles were both nice and al dente. Even the wontons weren’t bad. Only a little heavy-handed with the shrimp roes.

Stirred-noodles with chicken – Slightly more effective than the wonton noodles. The tender chicken fillets and ginger functioned reasonably well together; also I have never been much of a fan for noodle soup to begin with.

Bottled milk tea – Though the noodles tasted nice and authentic, it had been their brewed milk tea which failed to get a passing score. I like how Jelloman explained,”It tasted like soy milk”! That’s exactly what it tasted like.

With that, our final dinner in Bangkok is in the books. Hopefully, we will come back again next year once the temperature is not in the high 30s. 

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