Gokfayuen 菊花園 (Bangkok, THAILAND) ★★★☆☆

Nobody has said it openly yet but that I could see from everybody’s eyes they are sick of Thai food after our recent run of the local cuisine right about today. Tonight, a change is pretty much a foregone conclusion; the million-dollar question is exactly what (cuisine).

While I was searching for answers, Jelloman took charge and asked Chinese food. Well, that would create our elderly happy at least for a single night.

Situated on the seventh floor of Helix Emquartier, Gokfayuen (菊花園) (Literally means”Chrysanthemum Garden) is a Hong Kong style wonton noodle location where we would be having dinner tonight.

Wonton noodle soup – With my relatively low anticipation coming in, I thought this was fairly decent. The stringy noodles were both nice and al dente. Even the wontons weren’t bad. Only a little heavy-handed with the shrimp roes.

Stirred-noodles with chicken – Slightly more effective than the wonton noodles. The tender chicken fillets and ginger functioned reasonably well together; also I have never been much of a fan for noodle soup to begin with.

Bottled milk tea – Though the noodles tasted nice and authentic, it had been their brewed milk tea which failed to get a passing score. I like how Jelloman explained,”It tasted like soy milk”! That’s exactly what it tasted like.

With that, our final dinner in Bangkok is in the books. Hopefully, we will come back again next year once the temperature is not in the high 30s. 

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à La Campagne (Kobe, JAPAN) ★★☆☆☆

My small nugget has been in a pretty bad mood since waking in the morning at our Kyoto resort and it carried over all of the way to Kobe. Not having much to eat daily has something to do with this, I figure.

As soon as we dropped our luggage in the hotelwe quickly ventured outside to Harborland to get lunch.

It is a bit early for some sweet stuff but à La Campagne is much more than simply a cake shop serving French fashion pastries with a Japanese twist.

Their lunch set came with simple salad, bread and soup.

A Japanese style spaghetti Bolognese at which the meat sauce is both sweet and spicy at precisely the same moment!

The bread and butter is their collection of cakes and tarts of course. Not one of us needed to store around so we simply went with the mixed fruit crepe cakes

This seemed (and tasted) pretty much the same as the one served at HARBS.

This division of à La Campagne opens every day from 11am to 10pm.

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River Ramen (Kyoto, JAPAN) ★★★☆☆

Both mom and little guy passed out instantly after their shower so that enabled me some valuable time to sneak out with Jelloman to get a late-night snack. But as soon as we headed out the door (with no umbrella), rain began to pour heavily. Fortunately for us, there are a number of pubs and restaurants still open across the corner to where we stayed, including River Ramen.

Tucked away in a quiet street in Sendocho (and not far from the mythical Kamo River 鴨川), River Ramen is a little ramen shop that ended up rescuing us in the heavy rain. 

There are four different types of ramen served at River Ramen containing two ramen noodle soup plus 2 tsukemen ramen (cold or lukewarm thick noodles served with steaming soup on the side).

Kohaku Ramen (900 yen) – The marriage of chicken and fish broth was really wonderful. It is relatively light but really yummy. This came with a marinated soft-boiled egg, just two pieces of barbecued pork (one tasted like pork’s neck and the other more like pork belly), bonito shaving along with a wonderful hint of yuzu. I like the thick noodles working there together with all the flavorful broth.

Shiro Ramen (950 yen) – This was served in a white miso-spiked poultry paitan broth (white soup) so not surprisingly, a lot more salty and salty compared to broth in the preceding Kohaku Ramen. While it came with deep-fried curry strings, shredded chili peppers as well as barbecued pork, there’s no egg!

Should you like a soothing and creamy ramen broth like me, Shiro Ramen would be a much better alternative here. The one thing I didn’t enjoy about it were that the noodles making it a little hard to absorb the flavors of the broth.

Now that we’ve finally got a complete tummy, it is time to head back into the rain and back to our hotel for some sleep.

River Ramen is available Friday on Wednesday from 11:30am — 15:00pm for lunch and 18:00pm – 23:00pm for dinner.

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Intense Neoclassical Interior with Cobalt and Emerald Coloured Accents

Beams of light shine from the big geometric arrangement of an uber contemporary chandelier. The bulky piece descends low over the lounge to obtain all the attention it is due.

A black toss adds a fierce flourish to the gray bed collection.

Wall artwork depicts classical sculptural art inside the ultra modern bathroom. The following wall gives way into a storage market that hosts a family of soap and lotion dispensers.
Perimeter lighting casts a warmer white amience down the dressing table wall.

A indoor plant enables it to presence be known supporting the cobalt blue couch, and its greenery inspires a set of plush emerald dining chairs near.

The timber slatted feature inside the market contrasts warmly with the black cupboard doors. Shoe storage shelves make clever use of the area tucked under the seat seat.

A houndstooth bedroom chair pushes in design by the window.

Two more Échasse vases are in the home in a corner above the toilet. Learn more glass vase designs here.

There is a child ’s research place at all sides of the window, so that each kid can blaze through their homework in peace.

The family bathroom is blessed with a double sink bathroom vanity. Rather than situating bathroom vanity lighting in either side, a singular mesmerising pendant light slides at only 1 facet of the vanity mirror.

A tripod floor lamp overlooks the corner of the sofa area, with its bold design and footprint.

Colour coordinated curtains, bed covers and area rug gently finish the rest of the gray bedroom design.

Their shadows were throw by green fronds against a grey plane that was smooth.

Emerald and cobalt colored accents cross this dramatic dark gray canvas, which is adorned with neoclassical flair. Seconds of raw concrete trendy a few utilitarian floors, whilst abundant natural wood tone components bring cosy warmth, and metallics add in luxurious sheen. Contemporary pieces of furniture and a sleek kitchen layout butt up against walls coated with classic panel molding. Exceptional ceiling lights perched on the dark sophisticated scene with glowing panache. Blue battles for domination with green. With another and yet another decoration attribute waiting at every turn, this is just one intense home inside.

Vivid cobalt blue strikes throughout the middle of an open plan room, in the shape of a modern sofa. The powerful hue unsettles a sombre charcoal backdrop, and the gentle woodgrain around it.

The kids’ beds offer up more storage opportunities, both in drawers under the bottom bunk and in the riser of each step that climbs into the top.

Opposite the coat hooks, a mirrored door reflects the wood slatted feature within the nook. Another instance of art adorns the walls of the entryway.

Modern dining area pendant lights arc round the dining room, dangling white globes from black stalks.

A seat seat is constructed into a corner positioned inside the darkened hallway closets. Coat hooks occupy the area that is open .

A green vanity stool brings in only a taster of a few of the homes main accent colors.

Cabinets around the television have been finished in green, grey and woodtone, to make a connection with the decoration in the household spaces of the home.

Wood herringbone floor returns inside the hall of the house, which contributes to the bedrooms and bath. The same wood flooring runs throughout all of the common regions of the house, which works toward heating the shadowy coolness generated by the gray panel wrought walls. A neoclassical wall sconce lights the path into the boudoir.

Panel molding decorates the tv wall at the foot of the mattress. A modern desk clock shows the passing time on a wooden networking unit.

Panel molding segments up the fantastic gray walls in the living room, providing a classical point for the contemporary scenery.

Wooden flooring break step for raw cement slabs on a covered balcony.

Glass vases hold botanics around the bedroom. These are Échasse vases by Menu.

The kids room is a vibrant space in its own right, piled to the rafters with practical yet stylish storage solutions and stacked sleeping arrangements. Down at floor level, a novelty child ’s chair brings just a little monster magic into the space.

A traditionally styled metallic pitcher gleams in the centre of the dining table, along with an elegant floral spray.

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Within the master bedroom, three decorative wall mirrors develop a grey headboard wall, such as fantasies rising into the night. Golden bedroom pendant lights hang long, like person oversized chimes.

A huge window floods the play space with natural light.

Two modern accent chairs sport different fabrics, 1 houndstooth and one plain. The difference in upholstery keeps the eye. A little side table bridges the gap between them.

The dining table place is completed using a wood grain table, that echoes the finish of this modern kitchen setup that adopts it on either side.

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Nowe menu na pierwsze urodziny restauracji Challenge ’32

The article Nowe menu na pierwsze urodziny restauracji Challenge ’32 appeared initially on Warsaw Foodie.
Restauracja Challenge ’32 mieszcząca się w Hotelu Renaissance Warsaw Airport w zeszłym tygodniu obchodziła swoje pierwsze urodziny i z tej okazji  wprowadziła nowe menu. Szefem kuchni restauracji jest Andrzej Bryk, który swoje wieloletnie doświadczenie zdobywał m.in. w pięciogwiazdkowych hotelach w Polsce i zagranicą.  Jego pasją jest odkrywanie staropolskich receptur i przygotowywanie z nich dań w nowoczesnym […]

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51 Square Coffee Tables That Every Beautiful Home Needs

Using its double tone lacquer, glossy finish, and unique storage, we immediately knew this square coffee table had to make our record!

$715BUY IT

Square Black Marble Coffee Table With Gold Base: If You’re looking for a square coffee table with an amazing charm, then this is a great choice. The black marble and gold foundation create a luxe look that won’t go unnoticed. Available in 2 base sizes with multiple table top alternatives.

$510BUY IT

Square Concrete Coffee Table: There’s concrete evidence that this table is a Excellent Option! Just check all of the terrific reviews for yourself. With its concrete build and acrylic finish, it’s the durability and design that any Modern or Industrial home could reap the benefits.

The ottomans are not included, however you may find them here.

$3760BUY IT

Square Trunk Inspired Coffee Table: Love to travel? Let you home decor reflect your fire for this trunk-inspired coffee table. It features a sturdy build, storage drawers, and a shiny glass top.

$332BUY IT

Square Industrial Style Coffee Table With Wheels: Craving Something Which is Industrial and chic? This square coffee table will not disappoint. With its dual grade wood design, metal accents, and wheels, this really is one table that will ensure that your furniture stays stylish along with also your essentials are in reach. Also available in Rustic Grey.

We’ll take 5! Perhaps you don’t want quite that many, but this choice can infuse your living room or room with function, convenience, and an extra boost of storage. Offered at Dove Grey, Slate Grey, Fawn Brown, and Dark Grey (shown).

$203BUY IT

Square Natural Teakwood Coffee Table: Infuse any room with a touch of character using a teakwood java table that features a Range of stunning wood tones and a minimalist square build. Pair with a glass top for extra durability.
This teakwood table is assembled with scraps that could of otherwise been hauled into the landfill. This is a natural table that is sure to leave an enduring impression.

$150BUY IT

Square Gloss Coffee Table With Chrome Legs: Insert a fresh and timeless accent to any room with this glistening white and chrome coffee table. It is crafted from manufactured metal and wood and is also accessible with a grey top.

$137BUY IT

Square Leather Ottoman Coffee Table With Storage: This ottoman option kicks it up an Excess notch by doubling as a storage solution. Additionally, the easy wash, faux leather makes it more ideal for homes with children.

$440BUY IT

Square Glass Coffee Table: Double the layers equivalent double the intrigue with this unusual table. Utilize the bottom tier as storage area for magazines and books or leave it clear for a more minimalist appearance. Also available in Walnut.

$430BUY IT

Square Genuine Marble Top Coffee Table: Anchor your living room in luxury and glamour with this marble coffee table. Gold not in your decoration plans? This geometric stunner can be available with a Silver base.

$710BUY IT

Square Coffee Table With Rotating Top: Pass the wine ! Sharing a bottle of Merlot only got a lot more convenient–and fashionable! This swivel coffee table is a contemporary take on a 60’s design that you and your living room don’t want to missout.

$500BUY IT

Square Grey Manufactured Wood Coffee Table: A square coffee table for People Who crave the Appearance of concrete, however aren’t sold on the surplus weight. This design utilizes lightweight, manufactured wood to make a low profile coffee table which pairs well with lower furniture. Also available in Pure White and Pure White/Oak.
50 Unique Coffee Tables
30 Beautiful Ottoman Coffee Tables
51 Round Coffee Tables

An excellent Contemporary piece which will enhance your outdoor living space and infuse it with a dab more design and function. Matching seating also available.

$680BUY IT

Low Square Modern Minimalist Coffee Table: Modern, minimalist, and chic were just a few words that sprung to mind when we first laid eyes on this metal coffee table. It is ideal for low living room setups, looks additional stylish when paired with Modern decoration, and requires zero assembly.

$195BUY IT

Tray Coffee Table: Whether displaying just a few publications or holding your coffee, this white and vivid java table is up to the job. A Modern and airy option which operates everywhere from the living room to the home office.

$461BUY IT

Square Gold Coffee Table With LEDs: If only the gold alone didn’t have sufficient glimmer and glam for you, try pitching the delicate glow of built-in LEDs. It’s not often that we encounter a coffee table using its mood light!
An excellent way to integrate the wow-factor into any living space. Lights and filter included.

$658BUY IT

Vondom Vela Coffee Table: If You like the idea of an outdoor coffee table but still want the look of luxury, then the Vondom Vela coffee table is a stand out option. With its solid foundation and fresh finish, it’s stylish enough to use outdoors or indoors.

$917BUY IT

60 Inch Square Rustic Style Coffee Table: Rustic elegance was the primary phrase we thought of when looking at this beauty. Its curved columns and rustic end create a look that is well-suited for Farmhouse, Beach, or Cottage decor.

$1047BUY IT

Square Concrete Coffee Table With Integrated Serving Tray: Another definite option, but this time with a incorporated serving tray. The tray of this square coffee table isn’t only functional, but it also softens the general aesthetic and adds a point of intrigue.

$990BUY IT

Square Gold Coffee Table: A Traditional golden coffee table having a rustic and daring decorative. This table is created from stainless steel and brushed in gold to make a luxe look with tons of contemporary allure.
It would look exceptional contrasting against wood flooring or in an Industrial design home.

$1200BUY IT

Square Wooden Coffee Table With Drawers: A luxury coffee table using a poignant design that allows for tons of hidden storage. The table that you need if you don’t need to sacrifice style for storage area. In the end, it should never be one or the other!

$154BUY IT

Square Faux Marble, Wood & Gold Coffee Table: We’ve come across a Reasonable Number of faux marble coffee tables in our travels, but not quite like this. Its unusual build and 3 tone layout instantly captivated us–and honestly we’re still somewhat obsessed with its unique design. Matching side tables also offered.

Whether you need to set the mood for a romantic dinner under the stars or require a boost of extra lighting to get a midnight dip, this coffee table will light your way in style. Matching illuminated furniture is also available.

$213BUY IT

Square Lift Top Coffee Table: And we have lift off! This java table has thought of it all with its own multiple storage segments and lift high. Plus, we can’t get enough of that gorgeous light timber and dark metal comparison.
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Small Square Black Coffee Table With Tray Top: An affordable and practical coffee table That’s Ideal for smaller houses on a budget. Top with a vase of colorful blooms to make an eye catching pop of colour.

$500BUY IT

48 Inch Square Coffee Table With Casters: Straightforward, yet ferocious, with its contemporary style, two tiers, and rolling casters, this can be 1 addition to your living area which will not disappoint. It’s a solid construct made from Pine veneers and solids. Plus, if you prefer the fitting look, a coordinating seat and side table is available.

$2440BUY IT

Oversized Square Coffee Table: Big living rooms call for big style and a big coffee table. This oversize design can effortlessly make a massive living room feel a whole lot more comfy and centered in a way that is both functional and stylish.

$118BUY IT

Square Wooden And Metal Coffee Table: Youthful enough for a first time apartment, yet chic enough to get a long-time residence, this coffee table is made from reclaimed, solid Elm wood which dates back to a century past. An excellent way to incorporate both history and style in your decor!

$469BUY IT

Square Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table: Or maybe you’re looking to add more comfort into your living space. If that’s the scenario, this ottoman must make your short list. With fabric that is stain and moisture-resistant, it creates an ideal footrest, an excess chair for business, or somewhere to park a tray of snacks.

$145BUY IT

Square Faux Marble Top Coffee Table With Gold Base: capture the glossy look of marble, minus the hefty price tag. This glam table unites a golden base and faux marble top to create a look that’s both chic and tasteful. Also available in Silver.

$199BUY IT

Small Square Wood And Metal Lift Top Coffee Table: Love the idea of a lift top coffee table, but short of distance? We’ve thought of you, too! This fashionable wood and metal dining table has a small build, therefore it’s better suited for the ones that want the relaxation of eating or working on the couch, but don’t have a lot of room to spare.

$3418BUY IT

60 Inch Square Indoor Outdoor Coffee Table: This large square coffee table is perfect for hammering your furniture installation outdoors, plus it provides ample table top space. The perfect option for large families or those who love to host yard get-togethers.

$451BUY IT

Square Stainless Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Top: A large shine, square coffee table which Won’t go unnoticed with its slatted style that effortlessly combines Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary. If you are looking for something sleek and eye catching, then this stainless steel and glass option should definitely be considered.

$169BUY IT

Modern Square Coffee Table With Storage: Infuse your home with a bit of Modern style and storage with this cage java table. It’s great to stash extra magazines or books and would appear additional chic in a living space having Contemporary or Farmhouse decor.

$245BUY IT

Square Black Coffee Table with White Serving Trays: This bold black and black coffee table will match a variety of decor styles. Plus, it even comes equipped with two or three storage cupboards to stash away your odds and ends.

A lovely piece of furniture that would look particularly stunning in a sunroom or a beach house. No assembly required.

Sleek lines, clear borders, and high style are only a few things you can expect from a square coffee table. Not only are those edgy beauties a great way to add style to both indoor and outdoor spaces, but also the right design can be exactly what you will need to anchor your furniture design to ensure optimal flow. Therefore, if you need a glass coffee table that will blend right in or a contrasting showpiece that is destined to steal the spotlight, our collection has something for every need, style, and price range. We’ve made sure to add styles that may provide additional storage, make a makeshift workspace, or offer a bit of mood lighting! What do you need?

$170BUY IT

Small Square Bamboo Coffee Table: Even small spaces can benefit from the Major style and extra dining room a coffee table supplies. This small alternative is great to tuck beside a wall or in a corner.

$430BUY IT

Square Trunk Coffee Table Made Of Reclaimed Wood: This square coffee table is the epitome of shabby chic with its reclaimed wood build and distressed finish. The easy flip top makes it ideal for storing extra blankets or pillows by the sofa.

$175BUY IT

Square Espresso Coffee Table: Searching for something a bit more traditional? This espresso coffee table matches the bill. Its rich color will add heat to any room, although its octagon cut outs supply just the perfect amount of intrigue. Offered in Grey, White, Black, and Espresso.

Crafted with finely crafted zebra wood and inlaid with artisan patterning.

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$126BUY IT

Small Square Glass Coffee Table With Geometric Chrome Base: Easy on the eyes and on your pocket. Thanks to its glass top paired with a chrome, asymmetric base, this square dining table not only has a sleek aesthetic, but it is easy to wipe clean.

With this particular design piece you get a high gloss coffee table along with a piece of Modern art.

$253BUY IT

Square Wooden Coffee Table With Lots Of Storage: A square, planked coffee table for people going for a more elegant Farmhouse vibe. It features ample storage space along with caster wheels for easy mobility–a fantastic idea if you love to change around your furniture design often.

$267BUY IT

Square Woven Textured Top Coffee Table: With no shortage of feel and no lack of fashion, this woven coffee table is guaranteed to turn a few heads. It’s completely wrapped in hand woven abaca fibers for a rope-like appearance that is a must for coastal style homes.

$190BUY IT

Square Black & Wood Accent Coffee Table: The combination of black and lighter timber produce a beautiful balance on this square coffee table. A stylish way to add a pop of drama to any softly colored room.

$460BUY IT

Square All Glass Coffee Table: Looking for a coffee table That’s won and versatile ’t detract from the other decor? As a result of its glass build, this glass coffee table features a light and airy aesthetic that will leave the space feeling spacious and not overwhelmed.

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Product Of The Week: The Cute And Geeky Pac-Man Lamp

Bring the contemporary, pop culture icon house.

Get it on Amazon.


works great with all the ghost Too.
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Single Bedroom Loft With Double-sided Living Wall Design

A great raw beam contrasts using the uber clean and sleek white end of this stairs and custom white wall planters.
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Though small in size, the interior layout feels spacious thanks to a minimalist aesthetic and also a light color scheme of white walls and natural wood tone. A silver flooring lamp arcs with a neat two seater gray couch in the open plan living room, with a small accent chair situated on the other side of the sofa design.

Where the indoor vertical backyard reaches the ceiling, in the second floor of the house, there’s a white bedroom located on a mezzanine construction. Clear glass balustrades keep the green wall fully on view beside the bed, whilst making safe the difference between the edge of the mezzanine platform and the planting wall. At the foot of the mattress, a door leads off the bedroom into a narrow storage space, and into a separate bathroom. An outdoor deck encompasses the whole upper floor.
We can also observe the position of the door to the upstairs storage area and the second floor bathroom. The shaded area represents the outdoor deck.

A set of indoor plants plants put in pots on the ground next to the bespoke double sided living wall design at the centre of the downstairs floor plan.

The floor floor plan indicates the indoor garden opposite the entrance door of the two story loft space; the staircase layout to the mezzanine bedroom located just behind it. From here we can see the proximity of the dining area to the separate kitchen. A very generous walk in cupboard is installed directly next door to the kitchen, which is obtained via a dedicated laundry room. At the close of the laundry room, there’s a convenient downstairs restroom attached.

Back downstairs we have a peek in the wood and white kitchen in the last. The area has a special half and half design that cuts it down the middle. Each of the wood units are on the left of this galley kitchen design with a gray counter, and an entire wall of white units with matching backsplash and counter fill up the proper. Warm sunlight washes down the kitchen, which makes it a nice and welcoming space to come into and cook.
These units aren’t the kitchen, that is actually located through a doorway to the right. It’s probable that the cupboards nearest the entryway are used for general house storage, with the components on the right home tableware and an integrated wine cooler.

The indoor plants flourish in the sunlight that blesses the home, and the reflected backing of the dwelling wall shines right back through the gaps.
In seeing this 1 bedroom loft, situated in the Jung-Wha-dong neighbourhood of the Jungnang-gu district, Seoul, we find a soothing living wall with a double sided design. The distinctive modern interior is situated up on the upper floor of a 30 year old industrial construction, with an area of 80 square metres, which can be split to two floors. The custom layout and bespoke furniture was designed by architects Arcave to suit the wishes of a professional female homeowner using a profound interest in well-being. It was the client who requested the creation of the double elevation, double sided green wall because the special revitalising centerpiece for her home.

Sunlight spills down the stairs and green wall from a string picture windows which are located on the second floor of the loft home.

Wood ceiling panels join the dining area together with the house entryway.

The exact minimalist staircase layout has an easy white powder coated metal banister, which increases the full height of the staircase ascent with no accession of spindles.
Slivers of silver glint from supporting the green tumbling foliage.

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Mirrors clad a structural service column in the living room, which visually reduces its solidity from the free flowing open area. 1 wooden measure and a wood landing place leads to the open sided staircase layout, which climbs directly past the vertical living wall in order they function together as a single elegant volume.

This exploded diagram exemplifies the bespoke structure of this double height, double sided living wall design, for example, gutter and drainage system.

The inside living wall also serves as a gorgeous space divider, offering a visual buffer between the home entryway and the couch with office. Because this room divider doesn’t touch the walls, each one of the pure light through the windows on each side is free to flow into the parts of this room.

There is a house workspace located to one side of the main living area, where a table stands in a ideal angle upward against the tv wall, in a peninsula fashion. The desk chair can be found to face into the lounge instead of looking out toward the chimney, although this could immediately be reconfigured to match the mood and activity available.

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Penthouse Bar and Grill (Bangkok, THAILAND) ★★★★☆

Mom’s lunar birthday is coming up in two days (yes, she looks in the lunar calendar for all ) which is exactly on our journey day (going into the airport at 8am that day!) . Since our program will be jam packed in the previous couple of days, I thought we ought to squeeze in her birthday dinner two days ahead of time.

With everyone out of gas to the tail end of this excursion and little nugget fallen sick, I was guessing that no one would like to sit through a 3-hour multi-course fine-dining supper tonight. But I believed we needed to do something special for your birthday girl and that is where Penthouse Bar and Grill in Park Hyatt Bangkok comes in. The award-winning rooftop bar on the top of the grill restaurant is somewhere to see and be seen, with live music and scenic view of town. Too bad little nugget wasn’t feeling well so he is commanding a great deal of attention during the night. So, I didn’t end up with the chance to check out the rooftop bar myself (It is hard to be a fantastic dad and a foodie at precisely the same time, trust me) .

I can not say enough about the support being provided here at Penthouse. We were thoroughly amused right from begin to finish by a very careful and professional support staff showcasing exactly what 5-star hospitality was all about. Our small nugget was even offered a free tour of the kitchen (I was told) and came back with a free ice-cream in his hand. That’s really the best medicine for anyone who’s fallen child ill or adult.

Caesar salad (530 Baht) – After some nice homemade bread, our starters arrived one by one in rapid fire. The Caesar was, well very Caesar-like with crispy romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, crispy parma ham and croutons.

Oven roasted beetroot (460 Baht) – But I love our other salad a lot more. As a sucker for beetroot, this was simply ideal.

I thought they did well by fitting the sweetness with a little bit of bitterness (arugula), acidity (sour cream) and herby notes (fresh herbs) there.

Crab cakes (590 Baht) – The single dish that overlooked the cut tonight. This was really quite decent considering the absence of lump crab meat there. The tarragon mustard, fennel and citrus coleslaw could not really save the day.

Grilled calamari (790 Baht) – Many local calamari in the grill and served with garlic butter, parsley and lemon juice. Very straightforward but very yummy.

Tagliatelle with cream sauce and bacon (? Baht) We asked the kitchen to prepare a simple pasta dish to the small one and they delivered! The tagliatelle was nice and al dente meshing nicely with the creamy butter sauce. Great article of cooking there and I love how they go out entertaining diners’ special request.

Not awful.

Prime corn-fed ribeye (1,550 Baht) – We don’t have a meat fan on the side but that does not mean we should move to a steakhouse without ordering some charred beef. Like most times, I chose US prime beef over Australian ones and it seemed like a pretty intelligent choice for me personally. Not just mom, I’m a happy camper too. Along with the BBQ sauce was not on the top like a few of those steakhouses. Love the refreshing notes in the kaffir and coriander lime too.

Nobody desired dessert tonight but the restaurant amazed mother with a small birthday cake (bite-sized). This was the highlight of the night there. Obviously, small nugget didn’t shy away from giving grandma a huge kiss.

Penthouse Bar and Grill reminded me of another luxury American-style steakhouse we used to enjoy when Jelloman and I were still dating, New York Grill at Tokyo. It’s yet another Park Hyatt restaurant and yes, they appear to be quite good with steakhouses.

Obviously, my kid is not ill anymore following the ice-cream.

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Grains de vanille (Kyoto, JAPAN) ★★★★☆

Kyoto is arguably the best spot to experience Japanese’s long heritage of Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) in Japan but apart from traditional candies, in addition, there are a number of French patisseries in the early town which are worth a serious look. Since I’m free all morning, I thought that I must start the day by checking one of those French pastry stores off my list.

Located in an area near Karasuma Oike Station which is famous for its home furniture shops, Grains de vanille stands out with its cozy atmosphere and modern European style decoration.

Owner-chef Tsuda Reisuke (津田励祐) honed his abilities in Paris working at a number of the best pastry and chocolate stores such as Pierre Hermé and Jean-Paul Hévin prior to returning to Tokyo to build up his experience in Shiseido Parlour. In 2011, he opened his very own pastry shop, Grains de vanille at Kyoto.

Unlike some of the pastries we discovered in Kyoto, Chef Tsuda’s creations are authentically French with a nice touch of Japanese influence.

Among Chef Tsuda’s signature desserts is his Traditional mille-feuille topped with caramel cream. However, with 20 distinct kinds of cakes on display, I know that it’s not going to be an easy selection for me (One thing for certain, I will not be selecting the mille-feuille since I’m not much of a fan).

Here is what I call a great (and hearty) breakfast with sweets and floral tea.

It’s almost the tail end of the Japanese white peach season so maybe one of my final opportunity to taste their very best crop of white peach.

Momo (580 yen) – The delicate white peach mousse cake is nicely garnished with pieces of white cherry and cherry on top.

Underneath the rich white peach mousse are layers of light raspberry mousse, raspberry jam and buttery sponge cake. A genuine impressive pastry with different textures of cherry balancing the sweetness of white peach nicely.

What makes this cake so yummy besides the mild and yummy chocolate mousse would be the runny jasmine tea ganache, apricot compote and chocolate sponge lying beneath. A beautiful creation with a wonderful symphony of light, rich and fruity tastes. It had been finished elegantly with a piece of gold depart on top.

I guess the rumor about Pierre Hermé visiting this place twice is accurate. I can really see it happening.

Food Rating: 7/10
Cost: ¥¥¥
Address: 486 KagiyachōNakagyō-ku, Kyoto, 604-0832, Japan
Closest Metro Station: Karasuma Oike
Tel: +81 (0)75 241-7726
Site: www.grainsdevanille.com

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