River Café and Terrace at Peninsula Bangkok (Bangkok, THAILAND) ★★★★☆

Most of us have been to Bangkok many times but astonishingly, a number of us have never been to the banks of their Chao Phraya River before. Since we did not have a very busy excursion now, I thought a day-trip to the river and ICONSIAM (on the other side of the lake ) would be a wonderful retreat to the hustle and bustle of the city center. And for people who haven’t been to this part of Bangkok, it would be nice to add the boat ride experience to the excursion. Personally, I was expecting a massive crowd at the Sathorn Pier but that I couldn’t be more incorrect. Amazingly, there was no lineup!

However, I did not care anyways because we have the express boat service courtesy of Peninsula Hotel Bangkok

We didn’t have to wait until a Peninsula Hotel shuttle boat came to pick us up. This turned out to be a very comfortable ride. We have the opportunity to admire the scenery on each side of the river and snatched up hundreds of pictures. Too bad that the ride only lasted a mere five minutes so the pleasure was very short-lived.

When picking ourselves down at the hotel, I went on to check out our lunch venue, River Café and Terrace. As its name implies, it is an outside café overlooking Chao Phraya River. I thought everybody would appreciate the vibe and most importantly, the view but I was again wrong with my prediction!

Clearly, no one wanted to sit on the patio within this unbelievable heat so after consulting the service group, we decided to move indoor. Apart from the buffet, they also offer an all-day international food menu during lunch and dinner for all those people looking for a fast snack. I actually had a look at their menu prior to the excursion and it was a brief one that amazingly covered a great deal of ground. Not only does it serve some popular Thai dishes (Phad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, mango sticky rice just to name a couple ), it also incorporates many different international flavors (pasta) to the mix.

Thai Milk Tea (120 Baht) – Oh yeah in the beginning! We missed out on my first Thai milk tea at Greyhound coz they do not offer it anymore. Had to wait a day to receive my fix but it’s all worth it. This was very thirst-quenching. I enjoy the abundance of condensed milk and the tea wasn’t as strong as those from a number of these places. In reality, it was very milky that was right up my street.

Chicken Satay (420 Baht) – Many beloved chicken skewers to start things off. The Thai spiced chicken fillets were grilled to golden brown color and functioned with the typical peanut sauce and pickled cucumber. Pretty tasty.

Phad Thai Goong Rue Gai (420 Baht) – Stir-fried rice noodles with prawns for the Small nugget. I like the balance of acidity and sweetness with those noodles. Yum~!

Tom Yum Goong (480 Baht) – Our first taste of the traditional spicy soup with tiger prawns and lemongrass on this excursion. The warmth from the spices and ginger was pretty strong.

These were grilled with a sunflower seed crust, and served on a bed of cauliflower purée and sautéed garlic lettuce. This dish took a while to arrive and we afterwards learned from the restaurant manager which there was an”accident” in the kitchen as she put it. I immediately thought it was some kind of fire which broke out but luckily, it was just a mishap in which they accidentally dropped some of the scallops on the floor. Thus, they needed to re-do a different one.

The replacement finally came and they weren’t bad in any way. Just that it did not have the identical size as the Hokkaido scallops we all came to enjoy over time. And needless to say, the combo of scallop and berry was a bit boring.

Club Sandwich (550 Baht) Our sandwich was the final dish to Appear even though the freak mishap using our Hokkaido scallops.

This is another excellent dish. Really like the texture of the multigrain toast combining well with all the pan-fried chicken breast, lettuce, bacon, sun-dried berries and grilled egg.

The home made french fries was seriously good also. Underneath the sizzling hot and crunchy crust, the potato was surprisingly soft like a mash. I could eat this all day long! (I didn’t have a picture of those yummy fries so I had to use one with my sandwich instead).

I had been anticipating the usual average food out of a hotel lobby restaurant and bar but I ended up becoming more than what I bargained for. Service was completely up to the standard of a five-star resort and they even got the meals to match it. Adding in the free shuttle boat ride and we have ourselves a very great experience all around. We were done here, it is time to go back out to the warmth and spend our afternoon at ICONSIAM.

Food Rating: 6/10
Price: ฿฿฿
Address: Terrace Level, Peninsula Hotel Bangkok, 333 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok, Thailand
Closest BTS Station: Saphan Taksin (and then with shuttle boat at Sahorn Pier)
Tel: +66 (0) 2020-2888
Site: www.peninsula.com/en/bangkok/hotel-fine-dining/river-cafe-terrace-buffet

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