River Ramen (Kyoto, JAPAN) ★★★☆☆

Both mom and little guy passed out instantly after their shower so that enabled me some valuable time to sneak out with Jelloman to get a late-night snack. But as soon as we headed out the door (with no umbrella), rain began to pour heavily. Fortunately for us, there are a number of pubs and restaurants still open across the corner to where we stayed, including River Ramen.

Tucked away in a quiet street in Sendocho (and not far from the mythical Kamo River 鴨川), River Ramen is a little ramen shop that ended up rescuing us in the heavy rain. 

There are four different types of ramen served at River Ramen containing two ramen noodle soup plus 2 tsukemen ramen (cold or lukewarm thick noodles served with steaming soup on the side).

Kohaku Ramen (900 yen) – The marriage of chicken and fish broth was really wonderful. It is relatively light but really yummy. This came with a marinated soft-boiled egg, just two pieces of barbecued pork (one tasted like pork’s neck and the other more like pork belly), bonito shaving along with a wonderful hint of yuzu. I like the thick noodles working there together with all the flavorful broth.

Shiro Ramen (950 yen) – This was served in a white miso-spiked poultry paitan broth (white soup) so not surprisingly, a lot more salty and salty compared to broth in the preceding Kohaku Ramen. While it came with deep-fried curry strings, shredded chili peppers as well as barbecued pork, there’s no egg!

Should you like a soothing and creamy ramen broth like me, Shiro Ramen would be a much better alternative here. The one thing I didn’t enjoy about it were that the noodles making it a little hard to absorb the flavors of the broth.

Now that we’ve finally got a complete tummy, it is time to head back into the rain and back to our hotel for some sleep.

River Ramen is available Friday on Wednesday from 11:30am — 15:00pm for lunch and 18:00pm – 23:00pm for dinner.

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