Simple Luxury Interior With Modern Oriental Elegance

A slatted wall encircle a chair chair in the hallway. In the distance we could see one side of this wooden device that effectively divides the couch in the walkway. The feature frames the view of the sofa and dining space, and glamorises the interior.

Windows surround the bed.

Spectacular toilet lighting highlights the odd pieces.

Lustrous gold finish enriches one bathroom door.

Upstairs on the mezzanine landing, we could see natural light fills every corner. The airy nature of the home brings a sense of peaceful relaxation and stability. The designers strived to get a balance of performance and pleasing aesthetics, in which the house settles into a new definition of beauty.

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The sofas and armchairs are upholstered in various neutral colors that tone together without seeming overly matched.

Two functions of art tower up the walls at each side of the living room. They feature roughly 1000 shell shaped tiles white, gray and yellow, to match the room decoration of white walls, gray furniture and yellow accent pieces. Two tales of windows attract sun flood into the space, and include contemporary splendour.

Dual aspect windows crack open the corner of the bedroom, joining it to the emerald backyard.

Views in the mezzanine landing look directly onto the modern chandelier.

An entire wall of retractable glass blesses another bedroom having a more concrete connection to the backyard. The gold trimmed globe pendant lights that dangle either side of the mattress would be the Mini Crescent pendants.

A unique shoe instance fills one entire wall of their home entryway. The opposite side contributes to the entertainment space, which joins to the garden via a full height sliding glass doorway.
Unique toilet sink stands poised beneath a designer vanity mirror.

After playing with home to two previous generations, the next generation homeowners of this 1000 square metre house decided to commission an entire renovation. The home is located on a private possessed hill in New Territories area, Hong Kong. PplusP Designers were asked to transform the place by introducing simple luxury elegance, splashed with contemporary oriental components. The living room was given new height with a double height emptiness, which measures a lofty 7 metres high. Unique works of art shape and colour the new impressive room. Wood slatted walls and gold decoration accent pieces pepper the whole house. Bedrooms and bathrooms are remodelled into luxury spaces with unique furnishings and higher end finishes.

This is the Ring Award by Lee Broom.

More delightful bedroom pendant lights feature in bedroom .

A simple elegant round mirror reflects the shoe instance in the home entryway.

Toilet wall tiles disperse layout from end to end.

Cloud-like pendant lights float across the length of the numerous dining table arrangement, and during a little lounge area off to the side.

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Front altitude. Although there was no modification made to the construction of the home, the designers used different colored cement boards to specify zones at the architecture.

A circle theme emerges out of a wood slat accent wall in the head of the mattress. Crisp white sheets contrast against the hot wood tone.

The lofty ceiling supports a colossal wire mesh chandelier, that dangles over the centre of the sofa furniture structure. A pair of smoked glass nesting coffee tables overlap each other under it, centred on textured gray carpeting.

A gold coffee table functions with the yellow accents in the room.

At the end of the mezzanine, a comfy accent chair plus a small side table snuggle together as a rest and contemplation point, bathed in the light from double height windows daily, or the huge sparkling chandelier by nighttime.

Three dining sets bar together to make one incredibly scaled eating place.

Custom fit cabinets shop the homeowners daily styles.

First floor plan.

Inside the bedroom, a marble topped vanity stands against a posh accent wall.

The stretched garden views rival the exceptional art for your spotlight. Glass vases attract natural beauty inside too.

Granite tabletops inspire a bookmatched marble feature wall at the rear of the room. The streaked wood grain of mid century modern style chairs join with the natural patterning.

A glowing blue decorative bowl adorns a unit that serves as a room divider between the lounge and an overall thoroughfare.

The permeable nature of the slatted characteristic wall allows the home entryway to remain linked with the open plan living spaces and receive additional sunlight, whilst still marking the separation of zones.

The modern chandelier is mounted to the ceiling by means of a champagne gold disc, which offers subtle reflection of the light installation and the room elements below.

Inside the bedroom, a swing arm wall lamp stretches out to provide reading light across the bed. This really is a Counterbalance Swing Arm LED Wall Light.

Bedroom number five attributes an L-shaped headboard which screens it from direct sunlight. A dip seat is seated in the vanity.

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