17 DIY Crafts Using Recycled Plastic Bottles

Don’t know what to do with the plastic bottles piling up at home? Upcycle them! Here are fun and creative ways to recycle plastic bottles. 

Turn those empty bottles into something useful and decorative with these 17 DIY Crafts Using Recycled Plastic Bottles by DIY Projects at https://diyprojects.com/17-diy-crafts-using-recycled-plastic-bottles/

Plastic bottles are so versatile, resilient and flexible — the perfect material to make artsy, fun and gorgeous projects. There are countless applications for these bottles that will give them second life. Just a little creative inspiration and a do-it-yourself attitude, you can turn those empty bottles into something useful and decorative.

Here are some fun DIY crafts using recycled plastic bottles you can try, and even use to teach your kids about recycling and helping the environment.

17 DIY Crafts Using Recycled Plastic Bottles

1. Recycled Bottle Flower Rainbow Mobile

Add a personalized touch to your baby’s playroom with this DIY flower rainbow mobile. Here’s how.


2. DIY Plastic Bottle Bird House

Invite your feathered friends to come and play too with this homemade bird feeder. A fun eco-friendly craft for kids. Get the tutorial here.


3. Glowing Bottle Bug

Make this fantastic bottle bug using recycled materials. It will keep the kids entertained for hours. Get the tutorial here.


4. Plastic Bottle Planter

Here’s one way to recycle plastic bottles. And while you are at it, bond with your kids by asking them to put faces on the planters. Get the tutorial here.


5. Recycled PET Plastic Bottle Plant And Animal Sculptures

Turn those empty plastic bottles you’re about to throw into art! Here’s how.


6. Sandglass Time Out Stool

Instead of banishing your children to the dungeon every time they have a hissy fit, why not use this clever ‘Time Out Stool’? Here’s how.


7. Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots

Love gardening? Wish you could get started with your favorite outdoor plants indoors during these cold winter months? Then try this self-watering pot. Here’s how.

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8. Solar Bottle Lamp

Want to save electricity? Here’s a brilliant idea! Here’s how.


9. DIY Piggy Bank Made From a Plastic Bottle

Save empty plastic bottles to help you save. Here’s how.


10. Vertical Garden

A pretty amazing vertical garden that was suspended in a narrow walkway just outside the house. Here’s how to do it yourself.


11. Chandelier Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Incredible! Elegant! Here’s how.


12. Jewelry Stand

Here’s how.


13. Parking Canopy

Simply creative! Here’s how it’s done.


14. Curtain

Such an interesting, innovative idea. Here’s how.


15. Weaved Plastic Basket

Create a more durable basket than a paper one. Here’s how.


16. Minion Bowling Game

Kids love the movie “Despicable Me” and these bowling pins are sure to give them a thrill. Here’s how.


17. DIY Magazine Organizer

Perfect for waiting rooms and offices – this idea is very creative. Here’s how.

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