17 DIY Locker Decorations | DIY Projects for Teens

DIY locker decorations to keep you organized and #ontrend.

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Are you the type who loves to totally personalize your locker? Show off your unique personality with these fun and easy DIY locker decorations!

These DIY locker decorations won’t just make your locker look amazing — many of them can help you stay organized and maximize your space. Which is great when you’re looking for your math homework, right? They’re also great projects to do with your friends. So grab some supplies, and start vamping up that locker!

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DIY Locker Decorations

1. DIY Clipboard

Create a fancy DIY clipboard for your notes.  Get details here.


2. DIY Locker Bins

Organize your stuff with a vintage locker bin. Learn how to make one of the coolest DIY projects for teens here.


3. DIY Locker Chandelier

Glam up your locker with this DIY Locker Chandelier. See the tutorial here.


4. Duct Tape Locker Pockets

Organize your school supplies by having this cool duct tape locker pocket. Tutorial here.


5. ‘Tumbler Inspired’ DIY Locker Decorations

Check this out this “Tumbler-inspired DIY locker decorations tutorial compiled by Maybaby.

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6. Locker Tote

Get organized! Tutorial here.


7. DIY Locker Organizer

This recycled hanging DIY locker organizer is an awesome — and awesome-looking — way to get organized for the school year.. Thanks to Sophie’s World for the tutorial.


8. Magnetic Clothespin | DIY Projects for Teens

Magnetic clothespin to hold your pictures or important notes. Tutorial here.


9. Mason Jar Pencil Holder | DIY Locker Decorations

Organized your pen, pencils, marker with this mason jar pencil holder. See here for the tutorial.


10. 7 DIY Life Hacks for Your Locker Decor

Check out these 7 awesome life hacks — they’ll up your locker game for sure!


11. DIY Locker Organizer

If you’re looking for cool DIY locker decorations, you MUST watch this video! Glam up and organize your locker with Bethany.


12. 5 Easy DIY Locker Decorations

5 DIY ideas to make your locker hipper!


13. DIY Locker Rug | DIY Projects for Teens

Why buy a locker rug when you can DIY it? Details here.


14. Wooden Frames & Notepad | DIY Locker Decorations

Details here.


15. DIY Locker Wallpaper

Cheap and easy way to spruce up your entire locker. Tutorial here.


16. DIY Emergency Kit/Bag

Never missed adding an emergency kit, but for a cooler look try this tutorial.


17. DIY Locker Decorations

Decorate your locker with the help of LaurDIY and enjoy!


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