20 Shoelace Crafts you can do! Shoelaces are for so much for then keeping your shoes on your feet

All of the links to the fun tutorials are below!

Shoelaces are a very useful thing. Can you imagine life with no shoelaces? How would your shoes stay on your feet?

But, there are also a ton of other uses for shoelaces too! That is where all of these craft tutorials come in.

Below you will find Shoelace Crafts for so many fun things.

If you have a use for shoelaces not listed here, make sure to leave a comment and share.

Simply click on the project title to be taken to the step by step craft tutorial.

1. Necklace inspired by the beach

2. Shoelace Necklace

3. Colored Shoelaces

4. Shoelace & Soda Tab Bracelet

5. Earring Organizer

6. Shoelace Bracelet

7. Shoe Lace Flip Flops

8. How to Make T-shirt Shoelaces

9.DIY Fabric Shoelaces

10. Shoelace Hair Bows

11. Shoelace Bracelet Tutorial

12. DIY Shoelace Headband

13. Threading Game

14. Knitted Shoelaces with a Free Pattern

15. Kids Craft – Socktopus

16. Statement Necklace

17. Cute Felt Shoelace Animal

18. Super Easy Shoelace Choker

19. Rhinestone Bracelets from Shoelaces!

20. Pineapple Keychain

What have you made with shoelaces? Share and leave a comment below!


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