37 Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners

Easy DIY projects may be less challenging but they are never less beautiful or useful!  Start your journey to becoming a DIY expert today!

Easy DIY Projects To Start Honing Your Crafting Skills

I used to be content with just buying whatever is available in stores– from accessories and clothes to lotion and lamps. I wouldn’t even bother thinking how something could look much better, be more useful, or cost less! Until one day I discovered that I have the ability to make stuff myself, and life has never been better! I no longer have to be stressed about the limited choices, the long lines, the tight budget, or that one thing we all have that keeps having to be fixed! DIY projects changed my life and it can do the same for you! Let’s get started!


1. Easy Yarn Wall Hangings Ideas

Decorating your walls with something as simple as yarn will yield beautiful results! The only requirement is knowing what to do with your yarn (and some embroidery hoops)—and the possibilities are endless! Just look at these yarn wall hanging ideas!


2. DIY Accessories You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Couch

Accessorizing can sometimes be kind of expensive. And since they’re the last thing we think about after we’ve nailed our outfit, we seldom have the willingness to spend for them. But with these super easy DIY accessories, you won’t have to! Saving money is one of the best benefits of DIY projects. Check out this great DIY bracelet kit that's free!


3. Awesome Ideas for DIY Journals and Diaries

Many of us prefer social media, but if you ask me, nothing beats a good old-fashioned journal. Here, thoughts, memories, and emotions will be retained and re-read forever. Plus, you can always fashion them to reflect who you really are, and these DIY journal ideas are here to help.


4. Unique Bohemian Gypsy Dreamcatchers

There’s something so beautiful and poetic about dreamcatchers. I’m sure all of us want to aspire to a life where only good things and good dreams are present. So, why not try making these easy bohemian gypsy dreamcatchers? You’ll definitely sleep safe and sound tonight.

Check out my favorite DIY dreamcatcher kit here.

5. Easy Crafts to Make and Sell

Easy DIY projects, in addition to being fulfilling, can be quite profitable too! And because these DIY projects are easy, not much time has to be invested for you to make a sum you’ll be happy with. Take your pick from these easy crafts!


6. Quick and Easy DIY Home Projects

The home is where we spend most of our lives. Our homes are a witness to every moment no matter how mundane or special. So it’s only right that we treat it with utmost care and make sure it’s always well-maintained and beautiful! Be the best homeowner you can be with these quick and easy DIY home projects! In need of supplies? We know just the place.


7. Easy DIY Home Projects For Kids

Quality time with the kids doesn’t have to involve money spent in theme parks and ice cream parlors. Making something with your kids will be more meaningful to them. It’s something that they can take with them and always remember even when they’re old. For your next bonding session, see this list of easy DIY projects you can make with your kids. Low on craft supplies? Check out what Michaels has to offer.


8. Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi tape has been a celebrated stationery item since it came out in 2015. And I can see why! So many different things take on a whole new fabulous look when given the washi tape makeover. Start using them on your stuff today! Here I’ve got about a hundred ways you can use them!


9. Cool DIY Projects for Teen Girls

There is no age limit to becoming a DIY projects expert! Your little ones can start taking after your interest for DIY projects even in their teens! Be their mentor and partner as you make these cool DIY projects for teen girls!


10. Cool & Easy DIY Jewelry Ideas

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But I say, my best friends are DIY projects that can get me close to looking like I can afford diamonds! And I’ve found my friends for life! They’re all gathered here in a list of cool and easy DIY jewelry ideas.


11. Make Your Own Funfetti Candle

Funfetti Candle | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via DIY Projects

Making candles are usually the go-to DIY project of people who want to experience making things themselves. They are easy to make and very useful. Plus, who doesn’t want to savor her achievement while basking in the aroma of burning scented wax? Here I’ve got a twist on the classic candle-making project. It’s more fun with a funfetti candle! Learning how to make your own candles is pretty easy, too.


12. DIY Fairy Garden

DIY Fairy Garden | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via DIY Projects

If you can’t decide whether you want to start being a DIY expert or a gardening expert, then worry no more! Get the best of both worlds with this DIY fairy garden! It’s beautiful and always a delight to look at. It easily improves the appeal and ambience of your home.



13. Make Your Own Color Block Crayon Candles

Color Block Crayon Candles | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via DIY Projects

Many types of wax have been used to make many different types of candles, but these color block crayon candles are my favorite! DIY projects are all about taking something so simple and turning it into something so beautiful and useful it surprises everyone, even you! This DIY project is the perfect fun start for beginners!


14. Simple Hand-Painted DIY Projects

Hand-Painted DIY Projects | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via DIY Projects

Sometimes, there are things which are already good on their own that all they need is just a little color. But of course, adding color is an important process as well. For this simple yet extremely significant activity, you’ll need the excellent guidance of these simple hand-painted DIY projects!


15. Quick and Easy Fabric Wall

Well, we’ve created wall art with yarn. Why not make some more with fabric? Like I said, DIY projects are about creativity, expression, and innovation! This easy guide to making your own fabric wall will have you feeling like an expert in no time!


16. Stylish DIY Corkboard

DIY Corkboard | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via DIY Projects

I think of my corkboard as the journal or diary of my room. And so, aside from holding some of my most meaningful mementos, they also have to reflect my personality! I’m sure you feel the same way so here’s how you can create your own stylish corkboard!


17. Cool DIY Crafts to Make with Pipe Cleaners

Even pipe cleaners will be turned into beautiful DIY projects! Nothing will be left unused! These cool DIY crafts out of pipe cleaners prove just how much innovation and joy DIY projects offer.


18. Make a Colorful Loom Bracelet

Colorful Loom Bracelet | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via DIY Projects

A simple colorful loom bracelet is perfect for embarking on the DIY journey with a friend. It could serve as your reminder that you're both committed to making beautiful things which are most of the time for yourself but sometimes for each other.


19. Mini Pallet Coasters From Popsicle Sticks

image via DIY Projects

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then procuring the materials for this super easy DIY shouldn’t be a problem. Who knew something that’s taken for granted can be turned into rustic coasters? Check out this DIY guide to find out how!


20. DIY Wind Chimes To Liven Up Your Home

There are many things to consider in creating the perfect ambiance for your home—the look, the feel, the aroma, and, many people forget, the sound! Wind Chimes are perfect for completing the aesthetic of your home! Make your favorite among these DIY wind chimes!


21. Easy Makeup Recipe Ideas

DIY makeup recipes are perfect for a beginner! Before spending too much money on big cosmetic brands, you might want to try the makeup recipes on this list first. Who knows, you might not need to buy makeup anymore!


22. DIY Makeup Brush Organizer

DIY Makeup Brush Organizer | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via MakeUp Tutorials

All that playing around with makeup will eventually lead to make-up stuff piling up. Make yourself a handy DIY make-up brush organizer to make sure you know where everything is! Or if you're short on time, check out these makeup organizers from Bed, Bath & Beyond.


23. Make Your Own Lip Scrub

Chapped lips aren’t just common during cold months. They are an innocuous condition that nonetheless has to be taken care of! So, make your own lip scrub and never worry about having to face people with dry lips!


24. Make Your Own Vinegar

Some of us want our food done in a really specific way. Often, to get it right, you have to do it yourself. So walk the extra mile and make the ingredients yourself too! This is much easier than it sounds! This guide will help you make your own vinegar.


25. Easy Yet Amazingly Beautiful DIY Projects For Girls

Here’s a list of DIY projects you can make with your little girls! Bonding moments are always more precious when everyone’s contributing and doing something she will be proud of. Let them choose their favorite from the list!


26. Easy DIY Sewing Projects You Can Make in Less than 5 Minutes

A lot of people think sewing is a hard and intricate process. Easy DIY projects are to change that! These sewing projects will show you that, yes, it’s possible to sew something in less than five minutes! And you’ll be using whatever you make for as long as you want. Definitely worth it.


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27. Clever DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars

If you’ve got a little one, you know how expensive it can be just having to buy food and supplements. Sometimes, it can be so expensive that even throwing our food jars break your heart a little. Well, worry no more because this list of clever uses for baby food jars will save you from your maternal woes!


28. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via Homesteading

Mason jars have been around for a while and they are well-loved for their versatility and style. A mason jar oil lamp adds to the list of things you can do with a mason jar. It’s easy and really worthwhile!


29. Cool DIY Photo Booth Props

Availing props for a photo booth takes extra cash, time, and energy! They’re so easy to make you can make them yourselves! Try one or all of the cool DIY photo booth props on this list!


30. DIY Prism Mason Jar Candle

DIY Prism Mason Jar Candle | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via Homesteading

DIY projects don’t always have to go too far. Sometimes all anything needs is a little touch-up. There’s nothing easier or simpler than this DIY prism mason jar candle! Your novice self will instantly be happy! Replenish your mason jar set here.


31. Construction Paper Flowers

There are many ways to say I love you and there are also just as many to make flowers! Real fragrant flowers are nice but something made with your own hands can be just as special. Plus, you won’t have to worry about watering them!


32. Easy DIY Sewing Projects

Teens grow up so fast, they outgrow the clothes you buy them in a month or two! So to save some money, here are easy DIY sewing projects you can give to teens as gifts! They’ll surely appreciate how unique it is!


33. DIY Rolled Paper Crafts From Recycled Magazines

A monthly subscription doesn’t seem a lot but after renewing it for years, you don’t even notice the stack of magazines taking up space in your home! No need to throw them all out! Here are easy DIY projects for your old magazines!


34. Awesome DIY Uses for Pill Bottles

Just like your magazines, empty medicine bottles after months or years of buying them lie around the house without you noticing it! There are many different ways to re-use them and this list will show you the best and most exciting ones!


35. Things You Can Make From Cereal Boxes

Everyday products eventually take up the most space in our trash. And everyone knows our planet doesn’t need more of that. So, in your own little way, as a budding DIY craftsman, you can help make this planet greener! These DIY projects for cereal boxes are easy and environment-friendly!


36. DIY Lotion

DIY Lotion | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via Homesteading

It can be frustrating to keep going to stores for years and not finding a product that suits you. Our skin is as unique as our DNA and so not everyone can find products which have good and lasting effects. But finally, you can make your own lotion! DIY projects truly are our savior!


37. DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs | Insanely Easy DIY Projects For Beginners
image via DIY Projects

After all that crafting, you deserve a nice relaxing bath! This is your reward for opening yourself to a whole new adventure with DIY projects! And nothing will remind you of your fulfillment in the most soothing way than making your own bath bomb!


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The best part about being a novice when it comes to DIY projects is finding the joy and fulfillment in making things yourself. With every small step, you are reminded of the value of hard work and dedication! In fact, even when you become an expert, you’ll always remember what made you fall in love with DIY projects. It’s the passion for things that are original and sublime. These easy DIY projects aren’t just easy or simple. They are doors that lead to a more meaningful understanding of yourself.


Which of these DIY projects is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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