8 Best Hardware Organizers in 2020

A Hardware Organizer is one of those items that you start off thinking you dont need, but you cant go back once you use them. Especially if you deal with a large amount of hardware.

With one of these, youll get to, as its name applies, organize all of your tools to keep them at an arms reach whenever you need them. Thats why all enthusiasts recommend you buy the best hardware organizer you can find and add it to your workshop.

Its easy to think there isnt any variation between each model. However, that couldnt be further from the truth. Each brand employs patented designs to offer you the highest degree of convenience. Well make the process easier for you and present you with the 8 of our top picks.

What Is Hardware Organizer and Why Get One?

Before we head to our top picks, you must know what these are exactly. To put it, a hardware organizer is a storage unit that lets you sort out your building or crafting tools and supplies easily.

They have a plethora of compartments, such as drawers for storage. You can easily label each of these compartments to help yourself identify which goes where.

With that, youll know exactly where all of your tools are and can get to them as fast as possible, saving you time from running around looking for your gear. There are even more advantages of using a hardware organizer that they become a must-own.

8 Best Hardware Organizer Reviews

Like weve mentioned before, all organizers arent the same. Each offers its own unique spin on the core design to grant you ultimate convenience. So, go through all of our reviews and see which fits you best.

Preview Product Rating
Stack-On DS-27 27 Drawer Storage Cabinet Stack-On DS-27 27 Drawer Storage Cabinet 1,321 Reviews Buy on Amazon
Akro-Mils 10116 16 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 10.5-Inch x 8.5-Inch x 6.5-Inch, Black Akro-Mils 10116 16 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 10.5-Inch x 8.5-Inch x... No ratings yet Buy on Amazon
Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer 1,603 Reviews Buy on Amazon
304 Stainless Steel Screws and Nuts, M3 M4 M5 M6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Assortment Set Kit with Storage Box (520 Pcs Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Nuts) 304 Stainless Steel Screws and Nuts, M3 M4 M5 M6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Assortment Set Kit with... 196 Reviews Buy on Amazon
Plano Molding 1363 Stow N Go Toolbox, Graphite Gray and Sandstone Plano Molding 1363 Stow N Go Toolbox, Graphite Gray and Sandstone 454 Reviews Buy on Amazon
DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Long Handle (DWST17808) DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Long Handle (DWST17808) 1,670 Reviews Buy on Amazon
WorkVanEquipment Mobile Hardware Case Tackle Box with Removable Compartment Organizer and Shoulder Strap - US Patented WorkVanEquipment Mobile Hardware Case Tackle Box with Removable Compartment Organizer and Shoulder... 96 Reviews Buy on Amazon
Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier Platinum/Gray NSF 22-Bin Rack Storage System Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier Platinum/Gray NSF 22-Bin Rack Storage System 709 Reviews Buy on Amazon

Stack-On DS-27 27 Drawer Storage Cabinet

For our first pick, were introducing the posterchild of arts and crafts organizers. Each storage unit dedicates itself to handling each of your delicate sewing kits and crafts gear. However, that doesnt mean it isnt handy for storing other tools.

Each drawer has an excellently proportioned handle. This makes opening and closing a treat. On that note, we have to admire just how smooth they are. Other drawers would make you think youre at war with them. Not this, though. It works with you, not against you, adding versatility to its list of features.

Do you need to mount it on your countertop? Worry not, the Stack-On model has you covered. That isnt all; you can stick it onto your workbench, wall, and even stand. Its here for you wherever you need it.

Highlighted Features

  • Mounts onto several surfaces
  • Utilizes ribbed drawers
  • See-through design lets you keep track of your items without labels
  • It has a wide frame and sturdy design

Akro-Mils 10116 16 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Looking for something to get thatll last you for a lifetime? Well, look no further than Akro-Mils magnum opus. No other brands can quite encapsulate the sheer sturdiness of their design. Each compartment can withstand more or less anything you can throw at it and more.

This is because of their innovative plastic design. It stands strong no matter how many days pass or how roughly you use them. Not to mention how all the drawers are generously ribbed for your convenience.

The Frame packs even more durability with its polystyrene build. You can push it, shove it, or anything else, itll still stand strong without a dent. As such, you can reliably fill it up with a plethora of tools for many years to come.

Highlighted Features

  • 16 compartments to store your things
  • High-grade plastic makes the drawers extremely durable
  • The Frame utilizes Polystyrene to add sturdiness
  • All of its drawer dividers are molded into its back

Stanley 014725 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer

Sometimes we work outside of our workshops. We might need to help a friend out with repairs or head out for a large project. Nothings more annoying than running back to your garage to get the right hardware.

Even if you do bring them along, youll have a rough time trying to find the right one from everything you had brought. Wouldnt it be amazing if you couldve brought your organizer with you? With Stanleys revolutionary 25 compartment organizer, you can.

Its portable, meaning you can take your equipment anywhere, you need to work. No more rummaging around to find the right screws.

The design itself is excellent. It gives you heavy-duty latches so that nothing can fall off while you carry this around. The handle is comfortable to allow ease of carrying no matter what you stuff into it.

Highlighted Features

  • Locking lids that bolster portability as nothing can fall off
  • Three different sizes for a variety
  • Sturdy handle with a comfy grip

Virgue M3 M4 M5 M6 Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Assortment Set Kit

You can buy a hardware organizer and then buy all the various screws and bolts youll put in it later. However, do you really need things separately? For that, Virgue has you more than covered.

This set offers you 520 pcs of nuts, bolts, sockets, and so on preorganized for your convenience. Its perfect if your project needs an assortment of different types of these tools. Lets not forget the fact that this kit includes top-tier screws.

Essentially, this option lets you kill two birds with one stone. Youre getting your hardware and the storage box in one purchase. Not only are they preorganized for your convenience, but the box itself is also reliable for future uses in case you need to restock. Its the ideal choice for packing small parts.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes an assortment of nuts, bolts, hex socket head caps and so on
  • Comes with a preorganized toolbox
  • Uses 304 Stainless Steel material for durability

Plano Molding 1363 Stow N Go Toolbox, Graphite Gray and Sandstone

A lot of the entries on our list cater to storing small supplies. However, restricting an organizer to such specific capacities is highly limiting. Thats why this entry is here to make up for it.

This unit is a perfect combination of spacious and compact. For one, it has a total of four compartments for storing your tools. Each offers you a ton of space, so you dont have to worry about its limitations much. Once youve put everything in, you can fold it into a bin shape and transport it.

You arent limited to what you can put in. The tool storage bin on top can carry pretty much anything. It has the perfect size for any traveling concerns. Not to mention, its impact resistance build lets it survive the roughest uses.

Highlighted Features

  • Partitioned utility trays and bin storage
  • Capacity accommodates any hand tool
  • Has quality impact resistance

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Long Handle (DWST17808)

Whatever Dewalt makes, they never disappoint. This is no exception. In fact, in terms of sheer craftsmanship, its easily one of the best weve ever experienced in our lifetimes. It perfected every aspect of its design, the ultimate portable experience.

Starting off, lets talk about the casing. Weve yet to encounter a storage organizer like this before. The build quality is better than spectacular. It survived everything we had to offer and more. All of our tools were safe and neatly organized inside, despite the rough use.

Once this guy closes, it wont ever pop open randomly. The metal latches and hinges make sure nothing comes out unless you want it to. In the interior, it has flexible platforms for you to add some customization to your organizing. Overall, the Tstakwill never disappoint.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains Ball-Bearing Slides
  • Extreme durability
  • Platforms are flexible so you can try different combinations

WorkVanEquipment Mobile Hardware Case Tackle Box

So far down the list, you might think these organizers are only for building or crafting tools. Thats indeed what theyre used for most, but its a lot more versatile than that.

However, each individual unit can specialize itself for a particular purpose. So, if youre an active fisher waiting for the tackle box of your dreams, then we have the perfect option for you.

A good tackle box needs to be portable, compact, and versatile. Itll also need to have plenty of compartments to sort out your bait and tackle. This WorkVanEquipment unit offers all of that and more to deliver the premium organizer for any fisher.

It uses a shoulder strap instead of a handle. This lets you equip the organizer onto you to keep your hands free. As such, youll get to replace fishing tackle as soon as you reel in. That makes everything a lot faster and more convenient.

Highlighted Features

  • Shoulder strap for instant use whenever you need
  • All of its 15 dividers are removable
  • Uses high-quality nylon

Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier Platinum/Gray NSF 22-Bin Rack Storage System

Most of the organizers weve mentioned are best suited for a home environment. However, a lot of our readers might be looking out for something more industrial. In that case, theyll need something large and durable with lots of storage space.

Seville Classics has got you covered. It features seven racks in its design, with 22 bins distributed among them. Each bin has a whited-out section for you to label freely. They easily slide out and lock in place; each compartment safe at all times.

Each rack is durable, capable, and stable. The bins lock itself, and the racks stay stable. So, no matter how much you shake it around, none of the contents will spill over. On top of that, it has wheels to streamline transportation. So, if youre going to take on big projects, then this unit will never fail you.

Highlighted Features

  • 22 large labelable bins for storage
  • Seven racks for immense storage space
  • Bins lock into place and slide out smoothly
  • Wheels for easy transportation

Things to Consider Before Buying

We arent done just yet. Theres a lot more to consider before you actually make a purchase. Each organizer offers you different features and benefits, but youll need to know which ones you need first. So, lets get down to things you need to know.

The Types

There are multiple types of hardware organizer for you to choose from. Lets take a look at each, so you get an idea of what you need.

  • Drawer Based

These are like its name implies. Each of the compartments in a drawer. Its probably the most common style since theyre the most compact. You either label your drawers or get transparent ones to keep track of your goods.

  • Bin Based

Its a lot like the previous type, but the drawers are replaced with cabinets instead. This style is more ideal if you need a lot of storage, as these types tend to be quite big. So, if you want to store bigger items, then this should be your ideal.

  • Hybrid

This is a combination of the two aforementioned types. Each cabinet is comprised of a combination of drawers and bins. These give you the option to maintain a compact design while also keeping the option to store larger tools.


This is a subjective preference. It completely depends on the kind of work youll need it for. If youre going to stuff some tools to work exclusively in your garage, then you dont need much portability.

On the other hand, if youre going to use them to go fishing or sewing, then youll want something portable. This entirely depends on you. So, assess your need for this feature before you buy it.

Storage Capacity

This is probably the most important feature of everything else. The more capacity it has, the more itll cost. However, if you need the extra space to store heavy tools or large electronic component pieces, then itll be worth the extra investment.

On the other hand, if youre only going to store screws and bolts, then you wont need anything too big. Picking out a compact storage would be smarter. However, with unique storage ideas, organizers can be both compact and spacious at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I modify these organizers?

Yes! A lot of these units have removable compartments for you to customize freely.

  1. What can I do if one the drawers jam?

In those rare scenarios, try to add some lubricant and then pull gently. If that doesnt work, take something slim like a needle or knife and use that to pull it out.

  1. Can I add DIY components to the units design?

It depends on what youre looking for. If you want to add a handle to a unit that doesnt have one, then you can as long as you add the right tools.

  1. How can I carry one of these without occupying my hands?

Some options let you carry organizers with a shoulder strap. This can free up both of your hands to work.

  1. My drawers broke. What can I do?

Most of the units that have removable drawers let you buy additional drawers separately. So, buy a replacement.


With that over and done with, you can confidently buy the best organizer for your household or work. Take our suggestions to heart, and youll get the best hardware organizer out of the bunch.

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