Cricut Joy makes the perfect holiday gift for any crafter in your life! Learn about everything the Cricut Joy has to offer as well as great product recommendations to put together a fun Cricut Joy gift basket.

I received my first Cricut machine {a Cricut Maker} a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved all of the craft and DIY projects that I could do. And, when Cricut Joy came out earlier this year, my obsession was taken to a whole other level! I’m all about quick and easy projects, and I found that the simplicity of Joy allowed me to use it so much more regularly.  If you’re looking for an amazing Christmas gift this year for that special crafter in your life {or just want to treat yourself!}, this is it!!

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Why Does Cricut Joy Make a Great Gift?

Cricut Joy makes the perfect gift for both the seasoned crafter and those that might just be starting off in the crafting world! It’s also perfect for teachers, organizers, and anyone else that is looking for a little creative outlet. If you’ve been looking at cutting machine options, here are are a few reasons why the Cricut Joy is my top pick…


Cricut Joy is Cricut’s most affordable smart cutting machine and, if you hurry, it’s actually on sale right now for first time!  Plus, most of the accessories are 50% off right now, so it’s the perfect time to stock up!


Joy’s sleek, compact design makes it easy to store {even in the smallest apartments or dorm rooms!} and allows you to take it wherever you want to craft. Move it around the house, take it to craft days, or even use it in the classroom or at work. No more dedicated craft space required!

Ease of Use

Cricut Joy is really easy to use and quick to set up. It’s literally ready to go in less than 15 minutes. Cricut Design space {where you create the projects} is also very intuitive and guides you through the whole cutting process. The machine connects wireless through Bluetooth and can even work through your smart phone. I love this custom vinyl label that I made for our Christmas decor and it just took 15 minutes!


Despite the simple design, the Cricut Joy still offers TONS of different design options and creative possibilities {see below for just some of the projects that you can create!}. It even offers options that Cricut’s other machines don’t have such as mat-less cutting {which is a huge time saver!}, extra long cuts {up to 20 feet!}, and its own patented card mat to make card making even quicker and easier! Look how some cute DIY spa labels make even the most basic bath products look pretty!

What Does the Cricut Joy Do?

Cricut Joy is designed for quick and simple DIY or craft projects without all of the fuss. Think one cut, one color, one application. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just a beginner, you can easily create…

personalized labels for water bottles, notebooks, etc.
beautiful greeting cards for any occasion

DIY labels for home organization projects
custom vinyl labels {you can see the labels in action in our kitchen and bathrooms}
personalized gifts like my spa gift basket

simple home decor pieces like wall art, signs, coasters, etc.
wall decals using the long cuts {it cuts up to 20 feet!}
custom t-shirts, pillow covers, tote bags, and towels with the infusible ink or iron-on transfers
and so much more!

What Does the Cricut Joy Come With?

Cricut Joy comes with everything that you need to get started on a sample project right away. It’s quick and easy to set up and you can be ready to start crafting in about 15 minutes! Here’s what you’ll get in the box…

the smart cutting machine
a cutting blade and housing
a fine point black pen
a standard grip mat
basic materials for a sample project

Cricut Joy Gift Bundle Ideas

There are a few additional materials that would be nice to include with your gift so your recipient can start creating their own projects immediately. Just grab a basket, bin, or bag and package them all together with the Cricut Joy for a fun holiday gift basket. I can guarantee you that no matter what option you go with, your gift is sure to be a huge hit!!

Basic Cricut Joy Start Up Gift Bundle

If you’d just like a little sampling of the basics to get started, here are my picks for the most well used and versatile items. There are tons of different color options for the vinyl and iron-ons but, if you’re not sure what your recipient would prefer, you can never go wrong with black or white!

Cricut Joy
1-2 colors of Permanent Smart Vinyl 
Cricut Joy transfer tape
1-2 colors of Smart Iron-On
starter tool set

Cricut Joy Card Maker Gift Bundle

WhenI first received my Cricut Joy, the card making option was one the features that I was most excited about. The insert cards make card making SO quick and easy and you can still totally customize them with your own embellishments if you’d like.

Cricut Joy
Subscription for Cricut Access
Cricut Joy Card Mat
1 or 2 colors of Cricut Joy Insert Cards

Cricut Joy Pens – I especially love the glitter pens for card making!

Cricut Joy Organizer Gift Bundle

For those people that love organization, here’s everything you need to create DIY labels and custom home organization projects…

Cricut Joy
Cricut Smart Vinyl 
Transfer tape for Cricut Joy
Smart Labels

Cricut Joy Pens  {I usually use the fine or medium point pens}
starter tool set

Cricut Joy Gift Basket for the Iron-On Lover

There are so many fun projects that you can create with iron-ons. Make custom t-shirts, towels, bags, pillows or use any other materials that you can find!

Cricut Joy

Cricut EasyPress {there are a variety of sizes but I find the 9×9 size most versatile}. NOTE: You can use a regular iron rather than the Easy Press for Iron-on materials so this isn’t essential. It just makes it easier if you do a lot of iron-ons!
Easy Press Mat

Smart Iron-on {the glitter ones are fun too!}
Weeding Tool Set
You could even include some plain towels, a t-shirt, small canvas bag, etc. that they could use as a project.

Cricut Joy Crafter-On-The-Go Gift Bundle

If you’re recipient loves to craft on the go and attend craft parties or retreats, this is the perfect combination!

Cricut Joy
Tote for Cricut Joy
Smart Vinyl
Cricut Joy transfer tape
Cricut Joy Card Mat
1 or 2 colors of Cricut Joy Insert Cards
Cricut Joy pens

I hope you found all of these tips helpful! I know how excited I was to receive my own Cricut Joy, so I know anyone you gift it to will be just as excited! And, if you’ve been wishing for a Cricut Joy under your own tree, you can always send this post to those asking what you want for Christmas!

If you have any other questions about the Cricut Joy or any of Cricut’s other machines, just let me know. I’m happy to help! And if you need more Cricut inspiration, you can find some of my Cricut projects HERE.



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