DIY Homework Station

By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a personalized homework, or online school station for your child with this easy project!  During remote schooling of the Covid lockdown of 2020, I resorted to placing a giant sheet of cardboard between my two, online-schooling children.  It greatly reduced bickering, shooting dirty looks at each other, and general sibling orneriness–I called it “The Peacemaker.”  This is a much prettier solution.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board 36 x 48 in. White
Pro Art Organizer Mesh Vinyl Zipper Bag 10 in. x 13 in.
Storage Studios Paper File 3 pc.
Command Adhesive Hook Mini White 6 pc
Command Adhesive Replacement Poster Strips 12 pc  
Loew Cornell Simpy Art Large Spring Clothespins 24 pc.
Heavy Stick Tape (Gorilla Tape, Duct Tape, etc.)
Decorative Duct Tape

Darice Foamies Sheet, various colors, glittered
Silhouette Portrait 2
Sierra Pacific Lights Firefly LED 30 ct

To begin, open your board on a flat surface and arrange the folder, and calendar on the center part of the board.  The zipper pouch goes sideways on one of the side parts.

Position your zipper pouch sideways on one of the side flaps.  It needs to sit so the zipper is vertical, and facing in towards the center of the board for accessibility.  I chose to have my zipper pull start at the bottom, so you pull up to open the pouch.  Use a strip of your heavy stick tape, and  attach the pouch to the board along the top edge only, so it is hanging.  Overlap your edges a bit so it holds well.

If desired, cover the heavy stick tape with a strip of decorative duct tape.

Next position your poster strips on all four corners of the back of your paper file.

Peel off the backings, and attach the folder to the board.

Apply three Command hooks along the top edge of your tri-fold board–one on the far left edge of the left flap, one in the middle of the middle flap, and one on the far right of the right flap.  Position them so they sit about 2-inches down from the top edge.

Un-roll your wire lights, and carefully loop the end around the far right hook.  Find the middle of your lights.  Next coil the lights into a loose spring shape, and then hook the middle onto the middle hook.  Hook the other end of your coiled lights to the far left corner.  I chose to loosely coil my lights, rather than just swag them across because I thought it made them look more interesting.  Gently bend the cord around to the back of the board, and use a couple of poster strips to attach the battery pack to the back of the board.

Hot glue some wooden clothespins to the blank areas of your board to clip work, or artwork to.  I clipped a letter-sized sheet of paper to the clip as I glued it onto the board to help me know how much room I would need to leave.

Using your Silhoutte machine to cut themed/personalized vinyl stickers is a great way to further embellish your project.

Next I used Foamies sheets to add embellishments to my clothespins, and other areas of my board.

I even made a cute little felt dot garland to swag across the top of the workspace.

This project has so much room for personalization and embellishment once you get the basics on the board.

Great for any age student, and easy to fold up and store when not in use.

Happy Crafting!

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