Finding the perfect Christmas gift for a new dad or a first-time father seems straightforward enough

If this is their first leap into fatherhood, they’ll need all the dad stuff, right? But fathers-to-be and their partners have likely been showered with lots of baby gear already: baby carriers, car seat covers, baby monitors, strollers… which is why when it comes to new dad gifts, he might especially appreciate something entirely different and even left-of-field, whether that means totally practical or designed for nothing but fun.

So what are the best new-dad gifts? First-time fathers tend to be stressed-out and sleep-deprived kinds of people. Just like new moms, they could do with something that makes them feel a bit special. The best gifts for new fathers should be one of two things: something useful that makes his life a little easier or something unexpected that helps him relax during rare moments of downtime. We’ve hunted far and wide, and found the best of both.

The Best Christmas Gifts for New Dads

Bellroy Tech Kit

It's damn annoying when he can't find a charger or a cable. Or a power bank. This handsome organizer, from the swanky Aussie brand, has a place for everything. It has a magnetic slip pocket that fits a power bank, stretch mesh pockets for extra chargers and a floating wall with an elastic cable organizer inside.

Buy Now $59.00

Lululemon Bring the Brisk Beanie

The perfect relaxed, slouchy dad hat, this beanie is made from a wool-blend fabric that contains merino wool, which makes sure he doesn't overheat when he's running errands with the baby. Because no one wants a sweaty noggin.

BUY NOW $48.00

Parachute Suede Slippers

Too good to take off: These suede slippers are lined with warm shearling wool. Perfect for kicking back. Changing diapers. Just about anything.

BUY NOW $79.00

MoleskineSmart Notebook

When he has a minute or two to spare, he can jot down his thoughts, dreams, ideas, motivations, and notable moments in this smart journal. The embedded technology lets him transfer freehand notes from page to screen in real time using the Moleskine Notes app.

Buy Now $28.26

Polaroid Hi-Print Pocket Printer

A photostream is great. An actual photo is even better. Every dad will appreciate this handy printer, which connects via Bluetooth and churns out 2x3 business card-sized prints he can stick anywhere.

Buy Now $87.99

Skylight Digital Photo Frame

Every parent needs an excellent digital photo frame, and with this one, he can showcase thousands of photos of his adorable offspring. The resolution is 1280 x 800, and it has a stunning 10 inch display.

Buy Now $159.00

Engraved Hammer

A full-size heavy-duty hammer with a polished steel head and wood handle engraved with his name. What's more dad than that?

Buy Now $25.99

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

Every parent needs coffee. It's a necessary food group. This brilliant mug is app-controlled and keeps his drink perfectly hot for up to three hours on a single charge. Or all day if he uses the charging coaster. He just taps the mug to make the drink hotter or colder.

Buy Now $248.99

Gaiam Hand Weights

These sand-filled walking weights give his arms a workout when he's pushing his kid around in the stroller. Or going for a quick jog.

Buy Now $14.98

SimpliSafe Smartlock

He forgot to lock the door? Left his keys at home? No biggie. He can lock and unlock the door using the PIN pad, the key fob, or his phone. And the system syncs up with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Buy Now $99.99

Thule Crossover 2 Travel Organizer

Pregnancy brain doesn't just apply to moms. It's pretty much universal. Help him stay organized with this handy accessory, which lets him use the entire organizer or remove the magnetic pouch as needed for quick outings. It has room for IDs, passports, money, and documents he needs to have on hand. And even room for his tech.

Buy Now $41.27

Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Outdoor Speaker

With a well-made portable speaker, he can play everything from soothing sounds for the baby when his lips are tired to music or podcasts when he's cleaning bottles and breast pumps. The Bose SoundLink sounds great, delivers 6 hours playback, and has a strap he can hook up to a stroller bar.

Buy Now $99.00

Lululemon Textured Tech Hoodie

So he's a dad. Doesn't mean he needs to look like a schlub. This sleek, fitted hoodie is as handsome as it is comfortable. It's made from fabric that is designed with integrated mesh ventilation; it has zippered pockets to store his phone and cards and bonded eyelets for ventilation, so he doesn't overheat.

BUY NOW $148.00

Areaware Bottle Opener

Sometimes, you need to open a beer or soda when holding a baby. This one from Areaware, made from sustainably harvested walnut, not only allows for one-handed use but also brings some class to popping the top.

Buy Now $17.47

The Meater Bluetooth Thermometer

With this meat thermometer, he can stay up-to-date on the temperature of his meat without having to lift the lid. Fit the metal probes into proteins and they'll beam accurate temperature information directly to a phone.

Buy Now $62.70

The Casper Glow Light

A gentle way to wake up, for this diaper changes, and an equally gentle way to fall asleep. This lovely and understated light Glow is self-dimming, with a warm glow.

BUY NOW $129.00

Digitizing Kit by Legacybox

Sounds cheesy, but it's true: Memories are priceless. But digitizing old family and college photos and home movies is a major time suck. So get him a service that does it for him. He packs up his home movies and pictures, and gets everything back on a thumb drive, the cloud, or labeled DVDs. So every single time he wants to relive that epic childhood Christmas and share it with his kid, it's right there.

BUY NOW $208.00

Tom Ford Soleil Neige Eau de Parfum

He's not leaving the house much, so it's the little luxuries that matter. Like this fragrance. It's got citrus and fruity tones, and somehow smells bright and uplifting. With hints of vanilla.

BUY NOW $340.00

Matador Pocket Blanket

This ultra-compact blanket stuffs into a smaller-than-a-smartphone pouch but expands into a 66 x 44-inch waterproof tarp that can fit 2-4 adults. Translation: It’s ideal for trips to the park and even impromptu baby changings.

Buy Now $29.99

DadWare Cotton Bondaroo

No, this isn’t a very (very) deep V. The shirt, with its large Velcro opening, is made to seamlessly promote skin-to-skin bonding between father and newborn. It’s also very comfortable.

Buy Now $39.99

Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Shampoo & Bodywash

This has the refreshing smell of lemongrass and the moisturizing properties of coconut oil. And because it's a two-for-one, he can speed up his shower, without cutting back on the quality of the products used.

Buy Now $24.00

Lululemon Para Backpack 23L

This $148 water-repellent backpack is the ultimate dad pack: It has space for his workout gear and laptop, and gives him quick and easy access to everything else he may need. It has an exterior water bottle pocket plus extra pockets for shoes and workout gear.

BUY NOW $69.00

LG TONE Free HBS-FN6 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Here's a genius concept: Self-cleaning earbuds. Because who has time to clean them with a new baby at home? These come with a UV Nano charging case that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in 10 minutes while also charging them. The earbuds themselves have dope sound and built-in, high-performance dual microphones for maximum call clarity.

Buy Now $148.49

Everlane the Grade-A Cashmere Crew

There's never a wrong time, or way, to wear this classic cashmere sweater, which looks great with everything and on everyone. Everlane sources its cashmere from Inner Mongolia; it's superior quality and barely pills.

BUY NOW $130.00

SCOSCHE MBM2SMI MagicMount Phone Mount

This phone mount is meant for a bike. It works just as well on a stroller, because it mounts to any handlebar. It has a cradle-free design that gives him one-handed access, and it is compatible with most smartphones.

Buy Now $29.99

Hedley & Bennett All Day Crossback Apron

Three pockets. That's all you need to know. This apron is a hero in the kitchen, to be sure. But it's equally handy when he's toting around dipes and wipes. It has crossback straps that provide all-day support, and comes in a ton of cool colors.

BUY NOW $95.00

Happy Socks for Men

Funky, upbeat, and left-of-center, these socks are meant to be the opposite of staid and boring. The Swedish brand's socks keep his feet warm and comfortable, and put a smile on his face. Win-win.

Buy Now $38.00

Pluto Customized Pillow

Nothing looks as good as sleep feels. Get him a customized foam pillow made to his specific sleep preferences. You choose the sleep position, the size and heft of the ideal pillow, and Pluto does the rest.

BUY NOW $95.00

Kibou Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

When he wants to travel light, this is the answer. It fits around his waist, and is spacious enough to hold 20 wipes, changing pad, credits cards and cash, and even has a hook for a pacifier.

BUY NOW $89.00

Petunia Pickle Bottom Stroller Clips

Speaking of diaper bags, these stroller clips attach to anything and are a practical, eminently usable way to transfer stuff from home to stroller and back again.

Buy Now $18.99

LARQ Insulated Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A bottle that cleans itself using non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology, in 60 seconds? Hell yes. It keeps his water cold for 24 hours and coffee hot for 12, and is USB-powered. It's just one less thing for him to think about.

Buy Now $95.00

Stelton Theo Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Sometimes all he needs is that one perfect cup of coffee. Just one. To get him going. To get the day started. This is that coffee maker. It looks like a design showpiece: It's made from matte stoneware and features three drip holes for perfectly timed drinks. You can make one big cup, or two smaller cups.

BUY NOW $75.00

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Is a latte or concentrated shot more his style? This semi-automatic espresso machine is ideal for the espresso lover who wants to pull good shots without the neurotic knowhow required of some other machines. It has a built-in burr grinder that conveniently holds a half pound of beans in a sealed hopper on top. With the push of a button, it delivers freshly ground coffee into the portafilter; the tank holds half a gallon of water and heats it with a Thermocoil system that delivers consistent steam every time.

Buy Now $599.95

PhoneSoap 3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Not only does this phone cleaner kill 99.99 percent of germs on the device, but it also charges it while sanitizing it.

BUY NOW $80.00

Bodum Bistro Electric Milk Frother

Chances are pretty high that he'll be drinking a lot of coffee in that first year. With help from this compact electric milk frother from Bodum, he can create lattes, cortados, and whatever other caffeinated creations he chooses to keep him on alert.

Buy Now $30.49

DrinkTanks 32 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Whether it’s coffee, cola, or craft brew, this large-handled growler will keep 32 ounces of cold beverages cold (for 45 hours), hot beverages hot (for 25 hours), and carbonated beverages carbonated (its vacuum sealed lid holds 60psi).

Buy Now $39.99

YETI Hopper SideKick Dry

When he's on the go with the kiddo, he'll appreciate having this YETI waterproof gear case along for the ride. The seams are tight enough that no wetness seeps though, and the Hopper uses powerful magnets to create a waterproof shield.

Buy Now $94.99

Teva VOYA Slip On Loafer

Teva has been engineering some of the best waterproof sandals and river shoes for years. These slip-ons have all that lightweight, moisture-managing tech intact, but look sharp back in civilization. It's the perfect transitional shoe for beach adventure to backyard hang.

Buy Now $42.34

Hypervolt by Hyperice

The best massager on the market, period. It has three speed settings that deliver up to 3200 percussions per minute. It's quiet enough to not wake the baby. And it's powerful enough to give his sore muscles a break.

Buy Now $249.00

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Camp Chair

The Stargaze is half hammock, half chair, with a mellow swinging arc that lets you lean back, relax and study the night sky. And it works just as well in the backyard, at a rocky campsite or on a sandy beach. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, so it's tough and durable, but lightweight and collapsible (comes with its own carrying case).

Buy Now $219.95

Brilliant Smart Home Control

One thing he doesn't have time for: Setting up and controlling an elaborate smart home system. This does the work for him. It has touchscreen panels with built-in Alexa so it's simple to control lighting, cameras, speakers, locks, thermostats, the intercom, and anything else. He can play music with Sonos speakers, see who’s at the door with a Ring doorbell, and eliminate the millions of remote controls that operate each system.

Buy Now $399.00

Parachute Linen Sheet Set

When he is able to get some sleep, he'll appreciate conking out wrapped in some top-tier sheets. This set of linen bedsheets from Parachute are soft and breathable — a reward he'll certainly enjoy after many, many nightly awakenings.


Withings/Nokia Body Cardio WiFi Scale

Fatherhood renews one's efforts to stay in shape — or just lose that sympathy weight. This smart scale from Withings is for anyone who wants a maximally neurotic understanding of their fitness. Step on board and it begins and displays a full body composition analysis that it beams to your phone. It tells you your BMI, total body fat, water percentage, muscle, bone mass, and standing heart rate. Oh, and the scale, which has a beautiful aluminum base, can track up to eight different individuals, has a pregnancy tracker, and can pair with an Apple watch and Amazon Alexa.

Buy Now $149.95

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

This is a great backcountry camping hammock that works just as well between two trees in the backyard. It holds up to 400 pounds but is ultralight and collapses down into a carrying pouch the size of a softball. It's especially great for those moments when 'he just needs to close his eyes for a minute' and sleeps for two hours.


Horsehair Oak Bath Brush

It's hard to overstate the difference that simple luxuries can make to a new parent — such as scrubbing your back with this Scandinavian shower brush. Finnish company Iris Hantverk has been handcrafting its products for a century or so. Made of hardwood with hand-wired natural bristles.

Buy Now $31.10

Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

Everything he needs to make the morning shave feel just that little bit more elevated. The kit includes a safety razor, badger hair brush, dopp kit, a stainless steel shave bowl, and a shave soap. From the brand that set out to making wet shaving a ritual, not an ordeal, because how he looks reflects how he feels.

Buy Now $69.90

Tactical Baby Gear Tactical Cooler Pouch

The multipurpose cooler pouch keeps milk cold on the go. A spacious interior offers plenty of room for snacks, while dual mesh pockets hold ice packs.

Buy Now $25.99

Phoozy Thermal Phone Case

This ruggedized phone case not only keeps devices from overheating in the sun, but is water-resistant, splash-proof, and floats if dropped in the water.

Buy Now $34.99

Braun MGK3980 Beard Trimmer

With a new baby at home, he won't have much time to hit the barber every time his hair needs a trim. Enter this beard trimmer, which can deftly handle stubble, as well as short, medium and long beards, body grooming, and ear and nose trimming. It comes with 4 combs for 13 precision length settings from 0.5-21mm.

Buy Now $54.99

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote

This canvas tote will last until his newborn is in college. Seriously. Treated well, it can survive pretty much anything. It can also haul up to 500 pounds' worth of baby gear, and can be customized with a name or initials that mean something to him.

BUY NOW $40.00

YETI Rambler Mug

This insulated mug keeps coffee hot and water cold. Nothing new there. But, as always, Yeti nails the nice touches: It’s made of stainless steel; it’s lid actually locks in place; the handle is wide-enough for even the chubbiest fingers (or gloved hands); and the exterior won’t chip, fade, or scratch.

Buy Now $24.98

Leatherman Free P2 Multitool

Consider this multitool a modern version of pocketknives of yore. It has 19 tools (including, yes, tiny scissors, tweezers, a blade and multiple screwdrivers) but, best of all, doesn’t require you to flick the needed tool out with a fingernail. Blades pop-open with a thumb push, while a magnetic closure system keeps everything in its place.

Buy Now $119.95

WizGear Multifunctional Phone Mount

This adjustable mount attaches securely to a stroller's handlebars, fits a variety of phones, and allows dad to watch TV or squeeze in a Facetime with grandma when the baby is asleep in the stroller.

Buy Now $24.99

Anker PowerCore 20100 mAh

Slim enough to slip into a back pocket or briefcase, this portable charger features a 20,100 mAh battery, packs enough juice to refuel a dead iPhone seven times.

Buy Now $49.99

Morakniv Wood Carving 106 Knife

It's not a practical gift, which is what makes it great. Its sole purpose is to literally whittle away the hours in the yard. Morakniv knives have been crafted in Mora, Sweden, by carpenters and carvers for well over a century. The blade is laminated steel, and the handle is oiled birch wood.

Buy Now $25.64

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask for Men

This contoured sleep mask effectively blocks out light, so exhausted new dads can grab a few moments of shuteye.

Buy Now $15.99

Yogasleep Dohm Sound Machine

Speaking of sleep, this best-in-class sound machine produces soothing ambient sounds of rushing air to help him get some rest. And it looks fine while doing it.

Buy Now $49.95

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Whether he sits all day or is simply sore from the gym, this foam roller can ease his muscles back into shape when he stretches. Just make sure he doesn’t neglect his IT band.

Buy Now $34.95

Nintendo Switch Lite

Fatherhood is stressful and busy, but slipping in a round (or two) of Super Smash Bros. is fine. The new Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper and lighter than the original, which means fewer bells and whistles. It’s a portable escape from reality.

Buy Now $199.00

Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-aging Facial Mask

Whether he likes to say self-care or not, this sheet mask is like a cold shower for his face and is ideal for making him look like he actually got sleep last night.

Buy Now $8.49

Sea Stones on the Rocks

Keep his drinks cold with these six handcrafted chilling stones made from natural granite. The set comes with two monogrammed glasses and a serving tray.

Buy Now $34.99

Solo Stove Campfire

This nine ounce camp fire is ultra-portable and can be used while camping, or camping out in the backyard.

Buy Now $110.91

Native Union Belt Cable

He can charge his Apple devices insanely fast with this cable, which wraps up neatly when he's done.

Buy Now $39.99

Threadrock Taco & Taquito Infant Bodysuit & Men's T-Shirt Matching Set

We're not fans of overly-cute, gimmicky T-shirts, especially T-shirt combos, but this set is actually pretty great. The infant bodysuit is made of 100 percent ringspun cotton, and the men's T-shirt is also made of preshrunk cotton and a seamless rib collar.

Buy Now $11.97

TBG Tactical Baby Carrier

One of the biggest frustrations with baby carriers is that you need an army of people to help you actually put it on. This rugged carrier is eminently easy to use and wear. The front-harness baby carrier gives dad hands-free parenting power, and can be paired with the brand's compatible pouches and carabiners. It’s got a removable, washable cotton liner and is suitable for babies eight to 33 pounds.

Buy Now $125.00

Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer

Newborns can’t eat solids for a while. But that’ll give him plenty of time to practice his pancaking making skills with this new set.

Buy Now $12.90

Parachute Waffle Robe

Quite possibly the softest robe he'll put on (and refuse to take off), this one is perfect for midnight diaper changes, or just cuddling the baby on the couch. It's gender-neutral and has two two hip pockets, a folded collar, and waist tie.

BUY NOW $119.00

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