Foil Quill foil storage

Everybody loves Happy Mail! Today I received this little bundle of fun from WeR/American Crafts - A variety of foils to use with my Foil Quill. YAY!!!

How to store foil, foil quill, Totally-Tiffany

Foil comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, flat and rolled. Storing these delicate sheets can be a little tricky.

The original packaging can be used to store foil until you start cutting it and creating scraps.



The Vinyl Roll Organizer set can help you with full sized sheets, rolls, and scraps too!  Currently we're sold out of a couple of components of the set on our website, but you can purchase the full set at HSN - Learn More...)

Foil Quill Foil Organization with Totally-Tiffany VRO
Foil Quill Organize with Totally-Tiffany

The Scrap Pockets are ideal for storing scraps and/or the full small sheets of Foil Quill Foils.  Try putting some of the colors in facing forward and some facing backward, you'll be able to see more of the colors.

I also have a few Heidi Swapp designs and foils for my Minc.  I used our 12x12 Tabbed Divider pocket (these pockets come in a variety of sizes - learn more...) and added those to my VRO storage system.

Foil Quill Foil storage how to store foil, Totally-tiffany VRO
Heidi Swapp Foil, Minc store, Organize, Totally-Tiffany
Organize foil for Foil Quill, Minc with Totally-Tiffany

Yes, the Vinyl Roll Organizer Set (VRO) does fit comfortably into your cube style shelving system, like the IKEA Kallax or Expedit.  The VRO will also travel well in your Lois tote. (Everybody loves Lois!!!)

How to organize foil, foil quill, minc, Totally-Tiffany
Organize vinyl rolls, foil, Foil Quill, Cricut Totally-Tiffany

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope you'll use this post to get inspired and foil something today!!

Happy Crafting,

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