For someone who never crafted anything before from scratch, it’s hard to find the courage to start a big project

That’s why we love the idea of DIY shelves so much. This is the perfect project for a a beginner, a DIY enthusiast who wants to build something that’s equally simple and useful. You can find below 10 ideas that we think you’re really going to like.

This cute hanging shelf can be something you’re adding to your living room, home office or perhaps other spaces too like the entryway, bedroom or dining room. To make a single shelf you need a wooden board, some paracord and a ring. You’ll also need a few tools so make sure you have those ready. Check out the list on acraftedpassion.

Now let’s try something just a little bit more complex but just as simple: a hanging shelf made out of embroidery hoops. To make one you need a wood embroidery hoop and a rigid cork trivet plus a few other things such as craft glue, clamps and some rope. That little tassel at the bottom is optional but sure looks nice. Check out stitchedmodern for more details.

There are many different uses for a hanging shelf. For example, you could use one as an alternative to the typical bedside table. In this case it would be a bedside shelf and you can hang it from the ceiling to save floor space. Consider this lovely design idea from diys as your source of inspiration.

This cute little DIY shelf has a little space carved out for a planter to fit in. It also has leather straps which give it a chic and elegant look. It may be small but it can surely hold your favorite photo and a cute little succulent planter which is enough to make a space look pretty. Check out themerrythought for more details.

Here’s a different way to look at a hanging shelf. This one serves as an accent table and is perfect for corner spaces, outdoor porches, maybe even gardens if you can find a tree branch to hang it from. In any case, you can find out all about the project on angelamariemade.

A hanging shelf such as the one featured on abeautifulmess offers an opportunity to add more greenery to your home without thinking about the floor space restrictions. You can hang the shelf in a corner to actually make good use of an otherwise wasted area. To make the shelf you need a round wooden plate, some thin rope and a staple gun.

You might also enjoy making this macrame hanging shelf. It sure looks nice and pretty and you can pair it with your favorite planter for added charm. The supplies required for this project include a plant pot, a square piece of plywood, some twine, a drill, a jigsaw and sandpaper.

This hanging rope shelf takes things to the next level, quite literally. We can easily picture it in spaces like the kids’ bedroom, the entryway or even the kitchen or the bathroom. Make your own version of this shelf using plywood, some thick rope and a few basic tools.

In case you’re worried that regular shelves would stick out too much, wouldn’t fit or would not suit your minimalist decor, be sure to check out this lovely project from abeautifulmess first. It should how you can make slender rope shelves just wide enough to hold some picture frames or a few books.

If you want to get more out of your shelves, perhaps you’d enjoy making a hanging organizer similar to this one featured on ana-white. It’s a quirky way of spicing up the decor in the bathroom or the kitchen without relying on bulky furniture.

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