Fundraising Apps: 25+ Tools To Help Your Org Raise More


Fundraising is more tech-powered than ever before. With so many tools out there to choose from, your opportunities for customizing your organization’s tech stack are virtually limitless, especially when it comes to fundraising apps.

Fundraising apps are helpful tools that drive your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns by empowering you to pull in more donations, and there are hundreds to choose from.

To help you find the fundraising apps that support your fundraising strategy and larger goals, we’ve compiled a list of the apps that nonprofits tend to find the most helpful for filling in the gaps in their strategies and raising money on the go:

  1. Bloomerang
  2. Qgiv
  3. OneCause
  4. Core-apps
  5. Boardable
  6. Eventbrite
  7. Fundraise Up
  8. Trello
  9. OmegaOne
  10. Hootsuite
  11. QuickBooks
  13. DonorSearch
  14. Crystal
  15. Zoom
  16. Canva
  17. Promo
  18. Google Analytics
  19. HotJar
  20. Moz
  21. Google Optimize
  22. Capital Campaign Toolkit
  23. Cision
  24. Zapier
  25. InitLive

Ready to explore the best fundraising apps for nonprofits and discover how they can add to your organization’s toolbox? Let’s dive right in!


Know What You’re Looking For: 2 Types of Fundraising Apps

There are two types of fundraising apps you should be aware of: nonprofit-facing, and donor-facing.

Nonprofit-facing and donor-facing fundraising apps serve different purposes, outlined in the text below.

  • Nonprofit-facing fundraising apps are those that your nonprofit staff members use to raise money on the go. For instance, your major gift officer may use an app to look up more information about major prospects prior to initial meetings. Or, your marketing team may snap an image at an event and edit it on an app to immediately post on Instagram.
  • Donor-facing fundraising apps are those downloaded and used by the donor themselves in order to make giving to your nonprofit easier. For example, a donor might use a mobile bidding app at your annual gala auction to bid on your nonprofit’s best prizes.

Having both nonprofit-facing and donor-facing fundraising apps will be essential to successfully boosting your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. Let’s explore both kinds of apps in the next section.

25+ Fundraising Apps for Your Nonprofit to Consider

Fundraising apps can be powerful tools for raising more for your mission, but each one is different and will provide different benefits to your organization. As you explore the different apps, pay attention to the highlighted features and consider how each could make a difference in how you fundraise.

1. Bloomerang — Best Fundraising App

Bloomerang is the best fundraising app.

You know and trust Bloomerang for your nonprofit’s donor database (who wouldn’t?), but now, you can take all that information on the go with Bloomerang’s mobile fundraising app!

This is a nonprofit-facing app that your staff members can take with them wherever they go. When you invest in Bloomerang’s fundraising app, you’ll have access to features such as:

  • Fundraising dashboard. Keep an eye on your campaign progress as soon as you open the app with the dashboard. This helps you monitor your progress with various campaigns, your donor retention rate, and other metrics that are important to your fundraising success.
  • Individual tasks. View staff member tasks so that everyone knows what part they can play in advancing your fundraising strategy. Then, assign new tasks to others or yourself so that you’re ready for the day ahead.
  • Add constituents and timeline items. Be ready to add new supporters to your donor database at any given time with a Quick Add feature in the main navigation of the app. You can also add new engagement activities of existing supporters to their constituent timelines.
  • Constituent search. Make sure your staff members are always ready to talk to donors about the activities that matter most to them. Constituent search features allow your staff to read up on each individual donor’s profile before going to meetings or events.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

The Bloomerang app is designed to support donor management from wherever you are. You can check the latest engagement details for individual supporters and use that information to build better relationships with them. Plus, you can find details about each individual’s generosity and engagement scores, providing insight into a donor’s capacity and affinity to give.

Donor retention is the key to unlocking a successful fundraising strategy. It helps your organization work smarter rather than harder. A fundraising app that also prioritizes retention will go a long way in making it happen.

2. Qgiv — Top Fundraising App for In-Person Giving

Qgiv is the top fundraising app for in-person giving.

Qgiv’s Virtual Terminal is a fundraising app specifically designed to help fundraisers record and accept donations on the go. Whether you’re meeting a donor for coffee or hosting an event, you can use this app to collect information and accept donations.

This fundraising app helps nonprofits to:

  • Keep track of in-person donations
  • Allocate in-person donations to specific funds
  • Accept e-checks or pay using the phone camera
  • Provide immediate donation receipts

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

When donors give in person, it can be more difficult and timely to make sure all of the donation data makes it into your system. Qgiv’s app automates that process and saves your nonprofit time.

3. OneCause — Top Fundraising App for Mobile Bidding

OneCause is the top fundraising app for mobile bidding.

OneCause offers multiple mobile-optimized tools that can help your organization achieve its fundraising goals for events. Their fundraiser app can help your staff members collect donations and registrations in-person before the event begins.

Plus, OneCause is a mobile-bidding platform! This means their software is designed to be used by donors at auctions so that they can easily bid on items. When they bid from a mobile device, your donors see benefits such as:

  • Fewer crowds around auction tables. They can give directly from their seats without disrupting conversation with one another.
  • Outbid notifications. Mobile bidding allows supporters to receive notifications when they’re outbid on their favorite items, driving prices higher.
  • Instantaneous check-out. Eliminate check-out lines with instantaneous check-out and automated receipts. Now, your winners can just grab their prizes and go!

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

OneCause’s fundraising technology made our list because it is completely built for mobile. With both nonprofit-facing and donor-facing technology, they make it easy to manage all aspects of your next event right from your phone.

4. Core-apps — Top Fundraising App for Event Planning

Core-apps is the top fundraising app for event planning.

Core-apps helps organizations plan all of the moving parts of large-scale events and conferences. With this app, you’ll have features to help manage attendee networking opportunities and organize speakers and exhibitors.

Plus, your event organizers will have access to everything they need for a smooth planning and execution process, such as:

  • An admin portal
  • Networking tools
  • Complex session support
  • Social media integration
  • An interactive personal planner

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Core-apps helps nonprofit associations make sure their events are as useful for attendees as possible. With interactive maps, private meeting scheduling, and a personalized agenda, attendees have everything they need to get more from the event.

Remember, events play a vital role in your nonprofit’s overall fundraising plan. When events are well-run, they tend to lead to more association members, directly impacting growth.

5. Boardable — Top Fundraising App for Board Management

Boardable is the top fundraising app for board management.

Boardable is powerful nonprofit board meeting software that enables your leadership to communicate virtually. This cloud-based solution is an inexpensive and easy-to-use option for nonprofits of all sizes.

Here’s a handful of Boardable’s extensive features that can help you streamline communications and boost productivity:

  • The agenda builder provides administrators with well-designed templates and board members with dynamic PDFs.
  • The task manager allows you to assign, manage, and track the progress of action items.
  • Polling capabilities enable quick decision-making between and leading up to meetings.
  • The member directory helps you keep track of every board, committee, and staff member so that you can nurture relationships.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Nonprofit boards can’t hesitate when making critical decisions. They need intuitive tools that enable communication and that work right when they’re needed.

Boardable’s software is affordable and widely available for nonprofits across the globe. They offer a 14-day free trial, so you can get a feel for how their software will work for your team.

6. Eventbrite — Top Fundraising App for Event Ticketing

Eventbrite is the top fundraising app for event ticketing.

Eventbrite offers two fundraising apps for organizations. The first is designed for event attendees. This app is what allows people to find events near them and purchase tickets for what interests them.

The second is designed for event organizers so that organizations or individuals can see how many people have registered for their event, revenue, and more. Eventbrite offers quality ticketing features such as:

  • Listing on the Eventbrite platform, providing additional marketing for your event
  • A website platform for a custom-branded event site for online ticketing
  • Mobile ticketing scanning using custom QR codes

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Eventbrite is trusted by organizations of all sorts, from nonprofits to small businesses to community groups. It’s an inexpensive option for organizations on a budget. Plus, their mobile ticketing options make it easy for supporters to purchase tickets to your event, then save those tickets to their mobile wallet app.

7. Fundraise Up — Top Fundraising App for Online Giving

Fundraise Up is the top fundraising app for online giving.

Fundraise Up is a fundraising solution that helps guide your donors through the giving process. The modern format of this technology creates an attractive and easy-to-use form that is accessible on any device.

The branding and on-page options create a seamless giving experience for your donors. Plus, with Fundraise Up, your nonprofit can offer options like:

  • Recurring giving
  • Personalized suggested giving amounts
  • The option for donors to cover processing fees
  • Real-time donor behavior data
  • Notifications as frequently as you choose

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Fundraise Up makes it easy for donors to control their account settings through the software. They offer a donor portal that makes it easy for donors to self-serve their information updates. From here, donors can easily update profile information and payment methods, download end-of-year receipts, and more.

Plus, if your donors have opted into your recurring donation option, they can manage their recurring donation amounts, frequency, and payment method that works best for them.

8. Trello — Top Fundraising App for Project Management

Trello is the top fundraising app for project management.

Nonprofits are frequently planning projects. Whether it’s a fundraising campaign or a project funded by fundraising dollars, you need to stay organized. Trello is a project management system that helps provide a visual representation of each stage of the project’s process.

Trello also has workflow automation features which include:

  • Rule-based triggers
  • Custom buttons
  • Calendar commands
  • Due date commands

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Trello works both from your desktop and from your mobile device with the Trello app. The app has full access to your different projects and the “cards” (things to do) within that project. As you progress, move cards from your “to-do” board to the “in progress” board to the “done” board, all on the go.

This means you can keep up-to-date with all of your project or campaign stages from anywhere at any time.

9. OmegaOne — Top Fundraising App for Fraternities and Sororities

OmegaOne is the top fundraising app for fraternities and sororities.

OmegaOne by OmegaFi is designed for a very specific type of nonprofit: fraternities and sororities. With this fundraising app, your chapter can better plan fundraising events, collect dues, and communicate with members.

Not only does OmegaOne help your chapter better raise money and plan revenue-generating activities, but it also helps you manage your money and your organization’s future projects. This is achieved with features such as:

  • Chapter billing and dues collection. Review your members’ dues and charges, and alert them when they have overdue payments. Plus, pay your chapter’s bills from the same app.
  • Chapter communication. Chapter officers can use OmegaOne to send out mass messages to all members and the “wall” allows everyone to post announcements or ideas in a social media-inspired manner.
  • Merchandise sales. Sell t-shirts and other branded merchandise through the app. This helps your members show chapter spirit and helps your organization raise more money.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

The highly-specialized fundraising app takes into consideration the very specific needs of fraternities and sororities. While more general solutions may not adhere to every aspect of your chapter’s strategy, OmegaOne was built for you. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing your needs will be taken care of when you invest in this app.

10. Hootsuite — Top Fundraising App for Social Media Management

Hootsuite is the top fundraising app for social media management.

What’s one type of app that many of your supporters likely check each day without fail? Social media. This tool makes social media a very valuable outreach resource for your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy.

Hootsuite offers an app with a complete toolkit that helps your organization manage your social media accounts. With Hootsuite by your side, your nonprofit can:

  • Schedule social media posts in advance to go out every day
  • Measure performance and results with social analytics reports
  • Post and support ad campaigns to spread brand awareness
  • Set permissions for team members and safeguard your social media presence

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Social media outreach is a must-have for nonprofits. Hootsuite allows for a set-it-and-forget-it approach that frees up more time during your fundraising campaign for more face-to-face conversations with supporters and less time watching your computer screen.

Hootsuite’s social media management app helps organizations market fundraising campaigns while on the go or in the office.

11. QuickBooks — Top Fundraising App for Finance

QuickBooks is the top fundraising app for in-person finance.

Nonprofit finances are incredibly different from those of for-profit organizations. As a fundraiser, you understand that the responsible management of your finances is important. You have a responsibility to your donors to use their money wisely for projects.

QuickBooks offers a fund accounting solution specifically for nonprofits. Plus, their app makes it easy to track your funding, whether incoming or outgoing, from anywhere. QuickBooks offers features to ease the burden of accounting such as:

  • Integrations with donation apps. Automate fundraising information with integrations with top solutions like Fundly.
  • Bank synchronization. QuickBooks automatically downloads transactions, categorizes them, and keeps all of your information up-to-date.
  • Compliant reporting. Automate your reporting to save your organization time and energy. Plus, tag expenses for fundraising, programming, and administration in order to make filing your Form 990 at tax time that much easier.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

To plan effective fundraising campaigns, your organization needs an efficient money management strategy. QuickBooks offers an app that will help you keep your fundraising revenue organized and ready to reinvest in organizational projects.

12. — Top Fundraising App for Finding Grants is the top fundraising app for finding grants. is a fundraising app that focuses specifically on helping organizations find and apply for federal grants. It was established in 2002 to create a faster and easier process for organizations to obtain these grants.

Their fundraising app makes it easy to search a keyword and find resulting grants that could be a good fit. The benefits of using an app like include:

  • Opportunities are centralized. The app is designed to help the nonprofit community learn about more potential grants to apply for.
  • Easier interactions with the government. The federal government isn’t known for its quick response time, but the direct link from makes it easy to immediately apply for grants.
  • A secure and reliable source for organizations to apply for federal grants. Nonprofits can rest assured knowing they’re applying for official grants, and the government authenticates the applications as they come in. Everyone wins!

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Fundraising doesn’t only come from individual donations. Many times, grants make up a solid portion of nonprofit funding as well. This app made our list because a grant database helps organizations quickly and easily apply to receive legitimate funding.

13. DonorSearch — Top Fundraising App for Wealth Screening

DonorSearch is the top fundraising app for wealth screening.

DonorSearch is a prospect research and fundraising tool that can help your organization learn more about your major donors. This completely mobile-optimized tool makes it easy to find information about your donors such as their:

  • Historic charitable giving. Learn about the past donations donors have made to like-minded nonprofit organizations.
  • Political giving. Political giving provides insight into the capacity of a donor to contribute more.
  • Real estate ownership. Individuals that own more real estate are more likely to donate to nonprofit organizations.
  • Business affiliations. Business affiliations provide potential professional connections while also giving insight into a supporter’s potential giving capacity.
  • Nonprofit involvement. Learn more about what drives your donors by viewing other nonprofits that they’re involved with.
  • Stock ownership. Stock ownership provides an idea of a donor’s wealth standing and their ability to give to organizations like yours.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

While DonorSearch’s tool may not be its own fundraising app, it is featured on other fundraising apps. For example, Bloomerang’s fundraising app offers generosity scores powered by DonorSearch that provide insight into your existing donors’ capacity and affinity to give more to your nonprofit.

14. Crystal — Top Fundraising App for Online Research

Crystal is the top fundraising app for online research.

Between DonorSearch and Crystal, your nonprofit will know all of the relevant donor information to make fundraising easier. Crystal’s fundraising app is used to detect aspects of someone’s personality to help your organization better communicate with them.

Think about it: if you know your supporter tends to be more direct and results-driven, you can craft your communications with them to be straightforward and show the direct results of their gifts. You can use Crystal to learn about someone’s personality by:

  • Downloading the chrome extension and viewing their LinkedIn profile
  • Viewing their contact record in your CRM software
  • Inviting them to take a personality assessment on Crystal

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Donor relationships are the key to effective fundraising. Even the smallest things, like writing emails targeted to adhere to someone’s personality traits, can help your organization build relationships and trust with that person.

15. Zoom — Top Fundraising App for Conferencing

Zoom is the top fundraising app for conferencing.

Zoom makes it easy to video conference and message team members during fundraising campaigns. The simple usability makes Zoom incredibly easy for any of your team members to download and communicate with.

Plus, your team members can join a video conference from anywhere on any device with the Zoom mobile app. So how can this help with fundraising? Consider the following situations:

  • During major fundraising campaigns, it’s a good idea to make sure your board is all in agreement about your strategy. However, physically gathering them together can be more difficult. Zoom allows everyone to start fundraising faster with a convenient video conference.
  • As you’re planning fundraising events, your event organizer and fundraisers may frequently be running errands, conducting interviews, and preparing other tasks out in the community. With video conferencing, you can make sure everyone is on the same page no matter where they are.
  • Communication with major donors frequently consists of phone calls and travel for face-to-face conversations. But when you can’t make the trip out there, you can use Zoom to better communicate with those supporters. Instead of only hearing their voice, you can see facial expressions that give more indications of their interest in your campaign.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Zoom is a trusted communication tool in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds. Using their software, you can better communicate with your team to strategize for the best fundraising campaign possible.

16. Canva — Top Fundraising App for Graphic Design

Canva is the top fundraising app for graphic design.

Canva is a free, easy-to-use graphic design app that your organization can use to support your fundraising campaigns. With templates for presentations, posters, social media posts, direct mail letters, and more, your organization can easily brand marketing collateral to help spread the word about your campaign.

Canva offers graphic design features such as:

  • Graphs and flow chart templates for presenting fundraising data
  • Image editing tools such as cropping, transparency, blur sliders, and photo vignettes
  • Text boxes and bubbles with hundreds of fonts and sizes to choose from
  • Design grids and photo frames for customization and attractive presentation

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Canva’s on-the-go app makes it easy for your staff members to quickly and easily create attractive marketing materials from wherever they are.

Let’s say you’re at an event and want to post about it on social media with professional-quality posts. Canva lets you edit photos and upload them straight from your mobile device, instantly reaching supporters!

17. Promo — Top Fundraising App for Video Production

Promo is the top fundraising app for video production.

Promo is a video marketing platform that makes it easy to create and share nonprofit videos. Their app allows your nonprofit marketing team to shoot videos, edit, and post the finished product all from their smartphones.

Some of the features offered by Promo include:

  • Free video templates. Get started with templates for videos similar to whatever you’re envisioning.
  • Text and video manipulation. Use the editing features on Promo to make sure your video is professional looking and includes your logo and fonts.
  • Image resizer. Resize images directly on the Promo app. Then, add them to your marketing video.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Humans are visual creatures. We are easily moved by images and video. By incorporating well-designed, professional videography that pulls at your donors’ heartstrings in your marketing strategy, your nonprofit is bound to boost funding.

18. Google Analytics — Top Fundraising App for Nonprofit Websites

Google Analytics is the top fundraising app for nonprofit websites.

Where’s the first place your supporters go to learn more about your organization, its mission, and your upcoming opportunities for involvement? Your website! Your online presence all comes back to your organization’s home website. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your website is ready for fundraising before you dive into a campaign.

Google Analytics provides valuable insight into your website and its successes. Set this up on your computer. Then, use the Google Analytics app to check your standings from anywhere. This app can show your organization information such as:

  • The amount of overall traffic your website gets per period of time
  • Goal completions and fundraising leads captured on your site
  • The geographic location of your website visitors
  • Web traffic on your nonprofit’s online donation page
  • Bounce rate from your website or donation page

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

When your nonprofit takes into consideration the insights provided by Google Analytics, you can better optimize your website for effective fundraising. For example, if you see a high bounce rate on your donation page, you may rethink the donation form you’re using and switch it out for one that’s more user-friendly.

19. HotJar — Top Fundraising App for Online Behavior Tracking

HotJar is the top fundraising app for online behavior tracking.

Using HotJar is a great way to solve issues identified through Google Analytics. By identifying the trends and behavior of your organization’s site visitors, you can better understand where the issues on your site lie.

For example, consider how these features could help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your nonprofit’s website:

  • Heatmaps help you better understand and visualize the clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior of your supporters. If your donation button is not a prominent part of your homepage, you can see how this design choice impacts the attention paid to it on your heatmap.
  • Visitor recordings allow your organization to track real behavior on your site. By viewing the mouse movements and clicks, you can identify any usability issues your supporters have on your site.
  • Conversion funnels make it easy to see where people are dropping out of the funnel before they donate. By identifying where supporters drop out, you can increase conversion rates and raise more money.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

While Google Analytics shows information about the website’s performance, HotJar provides insight into the behavior that your supporters exhibit while they’re on your site.

HotJar allows your nonprofit to track and work on any version of your site. This means you can better optimize your online presence for a mobile-friendly fundraising website.

20. Moz — Top Fundraising App for Search Engine Optimization

Moz is the top fundraising app for search engine optimization.

Moz is a mobile-friendly site that helps organizations better follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. The comprehensive toolkit Moz offers helps nonprofits track their Google rankings for industry keywords.

When nonprofits are easily found on Google, they’ll get more online traffic from truly interested prospective donors and volunteers. Some of the tools Moz offers to make this possible include:

  • Site audits. Crawl your nonprofit’s website to uncover SEO tech issues. Moz will then recommend remedies for the issues found.
  • Rank tracking. Consider the keywords that are most likely to drive the most valuable traffic to your site. Then, track your rankings for those keywords in Moz.
  • Backlink analysis. Get an idea of who is linking to your site, the anchor text they use, and their domain authority with Moz’s backlink analysis.
  • Keyword research. Take your list of relevant keywords and conduct research with Moz to make sure there is a substantial volume of people searching for that word.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

When more supporters can find your website on Google, you’ll find more prospects and new contributors. Moz helps drive traffic to your site using tools designed by considering how organizations can best appeal to Google’s algorithm.

21. Google Optimize — Top Fundraising App for A/B Testing

Google Optimize is the top fundraising app for A/B testing.

Google Optimize allows organizations to test different website variations to best appeal to the expectations of their audience. Google Optimize powers the Firebase app, which allows you to bring this A/B testing on the go.

When you know that your website will better appeal to your supporters, your nonprofit will be better equipped to keep existing donors up-to-date with upcoming fundraising activities and to drive new supporters to your donation page. Some of the features that will make this possible include:

  • Multivariate testing. Test multiple elements on a webpage to see which combination will best serve your organization’s purpose.
  • Split URL testing. Test entire pages against one another with redirect tests from Google’s split URL testing.
  • User permissions. Provide different staff members with different levels of access from administrator to viewer.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Set goals using data from Google Analytics. Then, better understand the result of your experiment by pulling information from both Optimize and Analytics. By using these tools together, your nonprofit will have a great understanding of how your site can better draw in new supporters and retain existing ones.

22. Capital Campaign Toolkit — Top Fundraising App for Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaign Toolkit is the top fundraising app for capital campaigns.

Capital Campaign Toolkit is an online guide that will help your nonprofit conduct major campaigns. This seven-step guide helps your organization build a plan and structure the campaign using spreadsheets, downloadable plans, and charts that can be adapted to your organization’s needs.

This whole online plan is mobile-optimized so that you can read the toolkit on the go. The seven steps that you’ll read through include:

  1. Pre-campaign planning
  2. Your feasibility study
  3. Campaign planning
  4. The quiet phase
  5. The kick-off
  6. Public phase
  7. Post campaign

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

In addition to the toolkit that your organization can use to get your campaign up and running, Capital Campaign Toolkit also has advisors who can help you better use the guide and lead your campaign to success.

23. Cision — Top Fundraising App for Earned Media

Cision is the top fundraising app for earned media.

Cision offers a solution that helps organizations identify and track the mentions and media attention your organization receives from earned media sources. With Cision, you learn what types of content are getting attention and where so that you can fully tailor your fundraising strategy.

The best part? This tool is mobile-friendly and will help your nonprofit easily analyze and update your strategy from anywhere at any time. Cision’s objective is to help with every aspect of earned media for your nonprofit. They’ll help you:

  • Connect with journalists and influencers in your industry
  • Monitor your earned media across websites, platforms, and news channels
  • Measure the impact that earned media has on your organization’s brand

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Marketing is a key part of your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. Taking full advantage of earned media opportunities will help your nonprofit support other paid and internal marketing for your fundraising campaigns. Overall, you’ll be able to boost campaigns and encourage more brand recognition.

24. Zapier — Top Fundraising App to Connect Your Apps

Zapier is the top fundraising app to connect your apps.

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal as your nonprofit implements your fundraising strategy is integrated software. Integrations help your organization record fundraising successes, keep up with and reach out to prospective donors, and more.

Zapier builds custom integrations between all of your nonprofit’s fundraising apps. Zapier helps your organization to:

  • Integrate all of your web apps without a hassle
  • Automate the transfer of information between each app with Zap workflows
  • Use these integrations to innovate and build faster, better, more efficient fundraising campaigns

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

Zapier has built-out integration capabilities to connect many of our top fundraising apps. For instance, you can use it to automate workflows with Eventbrite, QuickBooks, Hootsuite, and more. Plus, you can build custom integrations for others.

25. InitLive — Top Fundraising App for Volunteer Management

InitLive is the top fundraising app for volunteer management.

Volunteers make the nonprofit world go ‘round, but without an effective volunteer management strategy, your efforts to empower your volunteers to make a difference for your cause can quickly be derailed.

That’s where an app like InitLive comes in. As both a donor-facing and nonprofit-facing app, InitLive offers both day-to-day and special events volunteer management solutions that can help increase your operational capacity, grow your team of volunteers, and evolve more volunteers into donors.

Here are some of InitLive’s standout features:

  • Recruit. Volunteers can see all available opportunities on your organization’s site or a branded sign-up page and use an online application to get started.
  • Qualify. Assess potential volunteers and accept or reject applications from a centralized database.
  • Schedule. Volunteers can sign up for tasks and shifts that match their interests and availability.
  • Engage. Stay in touch with your volunteers by sending emails and thank-you notes. You can also keep notes about individual volunteers’ performance to return to later.

Why This Fundraising App Made Our List

InitLive is built with your volunteer program’s success in mind. It empowers you to manage more volunteers in less time, helping you get back to other important mission-related tasks. Plus, it only takes one week to be trained on how to use InitLive and start managing your volunteers more effectively.

3 Tips for Shopping for Your Next Fundraising App

Now that you’ve explored the best nonprofit fundraising apps on the market, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed, wondering, “Which apps would be a wise investment for my organization, and help me streamline my operations?”

As you compare the features, usability, integrations, and pricing of various fundraising apps, keep these three shopping tips in mind:

This clipboard-style image shows three tips for shopping for a fundraising app, all of which are outlined in the text below

  1. Identify your budget and the features you need. We’ve all had an experience where we’ve gone shopping with one specific thing in mind, only to return home with an item (or multiple items!) that we don’t need. Don’t let fundraising app shopping be the same! Before you shop, identify the money that you have to work with and the specific features and functions that you need in an app. This will help you stay on track as you look at all your options, and help you find the best app for your organization faster.
  2. Look to see if any apps can consolidate your tech stack. Prioritize efficiency when shopping for a fundraising app. Look for apps that offer the integrations and automation that will make your tech stack more streamlined, not more out of control. One app, for example, may offer the features and functionality of four apps, making it a better investment for your organization.
  3. Read reviews and get demos. Sometimes a fundraising app will sound like a good fit for your nonprofit, but you just wish you could get an honest review before purchasing. Use reliable software and app review sites to get an idea of what users like and dislike about the app you’re considering, and reach out to providers to get demos of your different options.

With these three tips and a full list of the best fundraising apps available, you’re well-equipped to start shopping around for an app that will drive more fundraising dollars. Take your time and take advantage of free trials as you consider different apps—it will be worth it to find a sustainable solution you can rely on for years to come!

Wrapping Up

All nonprofits need tools that will help them store information about their supporters to create a complete nonprofit fundraising strategy. This entire list of solutions is a great starting point if your nonprofit is considering taking your development strategy mobile. Carefully consider which solution will best suit your needs before investing in the best option for your organization.

If your nonprofit is looking for more information or tools to strengthen your fundraising strategy, check out the following resources:


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