How to focus on what matters most by living you life with intention

Learn tips for understanding what’s important and then steps to make it happen.

Not knowing what really matters leads to clutter. You can create physical clutter spending money on stuff don’t need, love or use. Mental clutter is created when you waste mental energy on what doesn’t matter. Relationships: you might not prioritize those and can cause tension. Health clutter can be created as well. The more I’ve read and lived my life I believe our health is affected in numerous ways when we don’t focus on what our passions are. And of course, you create emotional clutter when you aren’t doing what you’d really like to do and spiritual clutter because you’re wasting time not sharing your gifts with the world.

Take actions from today’s podcast on how to focus on what matters most:

Contemplate your priorities.
Write what matters most to you down.
Create a vision statement.
Let the insignificant stuff go
Ask yourself why you’re wasting time
Examine your calendar and how you’re spending time
Practice self-reflection regularly
Determine how to keep motivated
Set goals
Priortize. Prioritize. Prioritize.
Find a support group
Hold yourself accountable
Check-in regularly with how you’re doing and feeling about what’s most important
Accept life happens and don’t beat yourself up if you get off the path
Do you. Always
Live your life doing what matters the most to you.

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life.

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About Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out

Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and prevents you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve. We discuss clutter in all its forms: energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental & physical, relationships, health, finances and more. We share tips and take action steps for clutter free living and how to organize your life and death with end of life planning. We’re thinking outside the box on areas where people might not realize where clutter is blocking them. When we remove clutter from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live and share our gifts with the world.

To learn how Julie can support you on how to focus on what matters most:

Transcript How to Focus on What Matters Most

Julie Coraccio 0:02
Today on clear your clutter inside now, we’re talking about what really matters is. Are you truly aware of what’s most important? And does your daily life reflect what’s essential to you? Do you know what your priorities are? Like get sidetracked? Are you living an inspired life are doing an unsatisfying rinse and repeat most of the time and learn to focus on what really matters as we begin our month focused on welcoming 2021? Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside now. We’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. We did it everyone. We survived the year that shall not be named. I know it was hard for many of us. Let’s focus on going onward and upward. Welcome 21. I’m excited. New Year. Welcome. If you are listening for the first time. My podcast is definitely about clutter. But it focuses more on life coaching, clutters the metaphor that I use for life, whatever is going on the inside of your life is reflected on the outside. So if you’ve got clutter, then there is probably some inner clutter going on. It is less about organizing, although there are some previous episodes on it and physical clutter. And we do actually this month we’ll have something on physical clutter. And it’s more about intentional living, uncluttered, living, so that you can create the life you desire and share your gifts with the world. If you have been listening or watching, thank you for joining me. for another season, it’s eighth year cannot believe it. Special shout out to all of you who have reached out to me. If I receive an email, if I receive a comment, even if you’re not happy, I always respond and if I don’t respond is because I haven’t seen it. I have to give out a special shout out to all your emails always mean everything and the YouTube I do. I take them to heart and they really support me and shout out to Frank I received an email we had to put Athena down. The day before the election unexpectedly it was terribly hard. Although I believe that she didn’t want to see the craziness. And she’s like I’m getting out before it all goes down. Anyway, he reached out to tell me about how much he enjoyed the podcast and sent me a picture reading my book on his Kindle and all the books are on Kindle. Now. Just so everyone knows I have ebooks. I didn’t do that at first. Because I thought well, journal prompts, know, when I get more ISP ends, I’ll do it. And someone said to me, Hey, I’m losing my sight. And I have a program that I can use. So I can write. I was like, Wow, did not know that. So everything’s now in ebook. But I just want to say thank you to all of you. That reached out. And again, if I don’t respond, it’s because I didn’t see it. But that’s this kind of thing. This is my way of giving back. It’s my way I know we don’t always have money, maybe to buy a book, or to have a coaching session. And so it’s a way to share my life to support you, and hopefully, clearing your clutter. At the beginning of the year, I always make big announcements. I haven’t decided yet. How this will shake out. There is a good chance this might be the last year of the podcast now. I’m not gonna leave you hanging I know wouldn’t do that to you. This is eight year. We are leaving North Carolina in the spring and send us good vibes. You don’t have a house yet. We’ve got to iron all that out. And we are going back to West Virginia, where I came from. Having my mom sick, losing Athena was really difficult. It was a very stressful year. And so it’s just about change. And I’m thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. No, I’m kidding. But as you know, if you’ve listened and I’ve been taking and I’m going to do an episode on plant medicine, I love it. I have a connection with the plants. And so I don’t know how that’s going to shake out. I’ll finish the course. end of March, early April. I’m going to retake it. Everything’s online. It’s so much information. I have to retake it an entire time. And it was Athena was getting sick. I was starting to learn more about potentially things I could do with that. But she we had to put her down so quickly that I didn’t get to do that. So maybe something in Athena’s Honor, I don’t know where I am.

How to Focus On What Matters Most

Doing this podcast takes a lot of writing, I map out and I don’t fully write out things. When I first started, I got the most lovely note from someone who said, You know, I can tell when you when you’re sitting there reading, and then when you become spontaneous and huge difference. And I’ve like, Oh, thank you, she was so kind. And I had written out everything because I didn’t want to forget anything, I want to make sure you guys had all the great information. But even when I just jot down ideas, it’s takes time it takes effort, it takes creativity. And I have been super proud of myself being able to get out all the books that I’ve gotten to because I love those. They’re all my babies, and really passionate, because I can say, Hey, I’m an author. I have a couple books I’ve talked about a little bit that are part of my healing process. And I also figured out when talking to the animal communicator, when I think I knew deep down that Athena was dying, and I just didn’t want to admit it. So anyway, she ended up in the session about what was going on and about me, and she said, You’re not grieving or angry. And what I realized is two of these books that I want to write. One is about my time during cult, like, as I like to call it working with this coach and an old episodes, I mentioned her all the time, and until I left that was able to step back and like you allowed someone to influence you too much. And I can say with certainty. That is, I see that more often than not, so what is it that makes us just forget everything and, and listen to someone or give our power away. And that’s one and then from my really awful year as part of my healing process. So I’ve written drafts of both of those, but really just kind of one was in anger. One was in sadness. And that’s not an effective, right? Because if I’m coming from anger that doesn’t do anything, and I’ll admit, I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna get revenge for everything you did. To me. That was probably the starting point. I don’t feel that way anymore. I had to get that out. And, and you when you read the book, hopefully you will you understand why I felt that way. And what was done to me and I have been trying to achieve something which the second book will be about, and then told, oh, after spend all this time and money. Oh, yeah. You never wanted that that was never going to happen? Well, you know, you could have told me that instead of having me work with you for four years. So I give you this long winded ramble, because it’s part of my healing process. So I just don’t know about the podcast, and I just don’t know how long it’ll last. This is a 368 episode, and I will keep it up for free. I’m not gonna everyone’s like, you need to move to Patreon and charge people I’m like, yeah, I’m not gonna do that. I’m not going to leave you hanging. So I don’t know, I’ll keep you posted. What I’ve always said is, like when I read, Eat, Pray Love every year, every other year, I always pick up something that I missed the first time. So these podcasts are going to be around, it’s my hope that you listen to them more than once, because you might have missed something. And you might need to hear something. You weren’t ready to them, but are now I’ve got your back, though. I’ve got you covered. We’ll have them short, at least 400 episodes. That’s one a day. And I don’t think you can do more than that. If you can. That’s awesome. I’ve got you covered. So let you know what happens is I decide again, I’m loosely planned everything and I’m working on being more present. But what’s important to me is to be able to do my own healing. And if we’ll just have to see if I balanced out. Now on this podcast, I share myself, my thoughts. I’m a certified life coach. I was I have training and rape crisis counseling, I work with people I do a lot of personal growth. And I spend my priority trying to be the best woman that I can be. These are my opinions and thoughts. Please think critically for yourself. Now numerous podcasts I’ve said, you know, if you need extra support, please seek professional help. And I don’t want to be a podcast that has to come with a warning label. Like life experience counts as much as a degree in some cases. Now have something exciting that I’m going to be doing February 7, so if you’re like, Yeah, well who started on your New Year’s resolution? They’re decluttering and you kind of sputtered out, which is okay, because a lot of people do because we think oh, I have all these resolutions and I bite off more than we can chew. So beginning February 7 is a free 21 day declutter your life challenge to get an email every day and I’m also going to have a $25 version which gets you some face book support and some live coaching. And you can find out all that information at reawaken your brilliance calm, but I purposefully wanted to have it after New Year’s resolutions.

How to Focus On What Matters Most

When you don’t know what’s important and what matters most, that can lead to clutter. Right? Physical clutter, if you’re buying stuff you don’t need love or use. You burn mental clutter, because you might not be putting the intention where it needs to go. And you’re wasting mental energy on what’s not important. And that can become a whole spiral and rabbit hole. relationships. If you don’t prioritize your marriage, your partner ship, that’s probably going to cause some problems down the road, maybe not immediately. But it can create tension, health clutter, the more I’ve read, and live life, I believe that our health is affected in numerous ways. When we don’t focus on what our passions are, and cause depression, it can cause you to be unenthusiastic about life, maybe it leads into not taking care of yourself as well as you could, when you’re engaged when you’re excited, and when you are on fire. And that just helps you finances money, clutter, and someone recently told me I’m gonna have them on and that when you aren’t earning a lot, you just need to tweak in what you’re doing. Because you might be doing something, okay, we got to get you on that path. That really is what you’re passionate about and excited about. I think that’s a really interesting thing. And I’m looking forward to exploring that more. And you can create emotional clutter, when you feel like you aren’t doing what you’d really like to do. Right? What I mentioned earlier, just kind of rinse and repeat and have an uninspired life. That’s no fun not to do any of us good, because we’re all in this together. And of course, spiritual clutter, because you’re wasting your time not sharing your gifts with the world. And now more than ever, we truly need your gifts. How to figure out what matters most? And don’t be embarrassed if you can’t answer this or aren’t sure. I think there are more people than we may realize, again, you know, with social media, I feel like we just put on these inauthentic masks, thinking everything’s great. And this is a curated life when it’s not how it truly is. So don’t be ashamed or upset at yourself. If you’re like, wow, I really don’t know. And you know, I mentioned at the beginning, I wanted to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. And just in my, I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2009. And things have changed. I was super excited about the organizing, then I’m like, Wow, that’s really more about the decluttering. And that’s turned into coaching and I want to do classes and books and all this and Ooh, plant medicine. And it ties into all that. It definitely ties it all into that to spend time contemplating. And one of the good news from the year that she’ll be named and not named, is that I’ve been saying for a while. And I really, you know, don’t except for limited thing. They really don’t want to do physical organizing. And pandemics said Well, here you go. You’ve been saying it, Julie, let’s give you a little shove in the other direction. Because, again, there are certain things I really want to do like end of life, or I love decluttering organizing offices, because that’s related to business. And that really gets me excited. I made a conscious decision to stop seeing people beginning in March. And why should that change? I just decided you know what I like being at home. I like writing most of the day, I love doing online coaching. What’s important to me is supporting people and living their best lives and to go deeper, always saying dig deeper. And coaching allows me to do that. writing books allows me to do that. So someone can read that in the comfort of their home. And I’ve been saying it and now I made it happen. And I mentioned your plants. I don’t know how to incorporate that and i’m open I have so much to learn. It feels like a right direction to go and now and again. I don’t know how about a layout. But I’ve been contemplating about that. So I’m going occurred you contemplate what excites you? I did last year we did that on when you know better you do better though, I believe was in the beginning of November. Check that out. So those are questions to maybe do a self evaluation. So review that episode maybe that can support you as you’re spending time contemplating.

How to Focus On What Matters Most

Write it down. When you see stuff, I believe the act of writing something down or saying it out loud. But writing it down posting I look over here at my whiteboard slash bulletin board and put it where you can see it. You write it down. It’s another way of committing to it. And when you have to take those steps to get stuff done, write it down. If we don’t write it down, it more than likely doesn’t get done. So that again, just kind of reaffirming, like I would say, if you’re going to do affirmations, you write that down. And you can bring that in, bring in an affirmation with what’s most important to you. Those are going to be those reminders to keep you on track. schedule, your time around what is most important. Many people mismatched this, they say to me, x is important. But then they spend time on why. Examine your schedule. How much of your time is social media sucking away? my iPad, it tells me how much time I spend every month now, because I also read on my iPad, I take that with a grain of salt, what am I saying? Can I get that number now, when I see it on Sunday has the number gone down. So just be really aware of how you’re spending your time. If you want to write a book, and you say, well, Julie, I’ve got a day job, okay, you can write on your lunch hour, or you can write on the evening, you know, or you can whittle away three hours on Facebook, it’s a choice. So become aware of it and say, then I block it out, right, I’m going to write the next great American novel, I’m going to spend time on my pottery, I’m going to spend time learning more about my acting craft, whatever it is lock time on your schedule. Because again, if you don’t write it down doesn’t get done. Now I know I’ve done a couple episodes on this. Don’t look at this. Just briefly hold up my schedule, or my where I write on my to dues but I use a legal pad. And so the left side is why I wanted to put it in the journal prompts. So you can pick out what’s important. But what I do is for my to do list and all my personal stuff is on the left column. And on the right is the bigger everything else like the little tasks that have to do it and that I write it down. So I get it done, I have to write down and research my plants. That’s part of my certification so that I do it. So make sure you’re scheduling time. consider creating a vision statement and I did a podcast last year on that get really, really clear and make that your daily mantra, make affirmations around it. Whatever you’re desiring to create. Once you figure it out, you know what this is what’s most important to me. So do all these little things that support you. That does the thought of clearing your clutter overwhelm you. Clear your clutter inside now has 21 standalone chapters to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Stop being afraid, gain clarity and go at your own pace. The clear your clutter inside not workbook, lets you record your thoughts step by step as you go through the book. Free mp3 meditation with purchase, get control of your clutter. So your clutter doesn’t control you. reclaim time, money, sanity and resources. Learn more at reawaken your brilliance calm, and also available for purchase on Amazon’s.

How to Focus On What Matters Most

let go the unimportant stuff is easier, easier said than done. This is worth taking a moment to think about and reflect upon. Why are you wasting time on social media or with people who don’t matter? You know, I mentioned I got a little more detail on that one of the other episodes, but someone I’m like who I’ve known all my life, but I’m like you haven’t posted on my Facebook page in years. And I’ve been you know, I spend less time but you come to complain. And you can’t celebrate when good things have happened or when heartache has happened. And I decided that I was going to block him because he’s just you ultimately have to get to a point where you feel sorry for someone who has been walking around angry for years. But I don’t need that. That’s about having a boundary. I don’t always time on someone like that. And so that was like, you know, a good reminder, you need to be on Facebook less. And I have to tell you made a huge difference. Being off Facebook for four or five weeks, and I deleted that from my phone. It was awesome. And so that’s when you have to add like that’s who cares what he thinks let him be a rambling fool. And that’s why I didn’t block them. I’m like, I want everyone to see what you’ve written. Because I want to see you know what, if you write stuff, let everyone see it. I’ll just leave it at that. Ask yourself why are you wasting time on social media or with people who don’t matter? You get to the why it will allow you to focus on what matters Are you afraid of putting yourself out there and disappointing others? Are you wanting to pursue a career? That’s unacceptable? Right? A lot of times we give artists a hard time. Why are you wasting time? There’s usually a why behind it. When you are frittering on stuff that doesn’t matter, that, again, could be coming from fear. So dig a little deeper there, if you can look at your calendar. And yeah, I decided this needed a second mention. Because I’ve had multiple people say, to me, this is what’s important. And then their time doesn’t reflect that. So make time for what matters, you know, during this process, and, you know, this doesn’t have to be figured out in one day, but take the time for self reflection, I think it’s always important to see where you are. And if you’re still on the right path, because life happens, things may change. life starts, life ends, things happen. Is it really what you’re passionate about, like for me saying, you know, what, and the life’s what I’m passionate about, or with organizing, it’s about the offices. That’s what’s important to me, that’s what I still get excited about, if I’m not getting excited about it anymore. And that’s okay. And it doesn’t make it wrong. But make sure that you are building in that time to see how you’re feeling if it still feels right for you, if it still feels good. And if it doesn’t, then make a change. figure out a way to keep motivated. writing my book that took years I want to say the one that was more writing intensive, I want to say I was on it for four years. Something I was passionate about, I was fortunate to have an editing team, Kati, my Uncle Jim, my mom, and people who read early drafts are true saints. That helped me with that, but I had to do something I could have given up multiple times, and could have never made it to the light. You know, one of the things and she was so good. I had hired someone to do the cover. And I loved all of her draft, she’s I’m gonna do a bunch of different concepts. But she just got me right away. She’s like, Can you send me a draft. So I print out there up here, I print out all the covers, because seeing that cat motivated me, I’m like, Oh, these covers are beautiful. I can’t wait to hold this in my hand or see it on the screen. And that was a huge thing, to keep me motivated to figure out what is going to keep you motivated, what is going to keep you going maybe it’s finding a support group, maybe it is knowing that you are making a difference. And it’s taking all those client notes and things that people write you and putting those together. So when you’re feeling down, I am making a difference, I am making a difference. I’m gonna keep going with that. So figure out what will keep you motivated. When it gets challenging. Set goals. We want to focus on what matters, I’m gonna encourage you to set goals.

How to Focus On What Matters Most

And what I do is I have I’m doing a mastermind, which has been incredibly helpful. I started that was one good thing about last year, and just another woman and I, we have a check in at the two week mark and at the end of the month, we have an hour long meeting. And so that was good having an accountability partner. But what I do is I draft out each month what I want to accomplish, and I have a general idea for the year. Now you have to be flexible as life changes. I just kept saying I’m gonna go edit a couple chapters of my end of life book and didn’t happen. And finally I took it off and she was like, you know, you just stop Do not beat yourself up. There’s a lot going on. Because for me at least writing takes brain power. It’s I can’t write on autopilot. And so what I did is I did as much administrative stuff as possible. I’m like, I can do this and get stuff done. So when 2021 Come on, then I’ll have freed up a lot of time. So for instance, one of the things I did was I have all my blogs for 2021 posted so we’re going to be moving got a lot going on there will always be blogs and posting for this entire year. So then I can feel like okay, I’m getting something done. I have a resource, but that will free up time later when I need it. So for this year, any little thing I did opened up more space for me to Right. So have goals. And I know that I’ve done podcasts on goal setting. So check those out. And again, remember, be gentle with yourself. Got your goals? prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. If you are prioritizing something, then maybe you have to wonder is this really important to me. And that’s just kind of the process of life, you start out thinking something might be really important, then you discover, you know what it really isn’t. But again, with that prioritizing that brings us back I’m like, Oh, I’m contemplating I’m scheduling. And my let me look at my to do list is it focused on my priorities, you always want to be aware of this. Consider a support group. more help, the better. I mentioned, my mastermind a moment ago, that helps keep keeps me focused, accountable and check in with myself. One month, when I just had a little meltdown. And Wendy, my mastermind partner is really great. And just kind of let me like the and she’s like, Look, you’re going through a lot. Be nice to yourself, be gentle with yourself. It’s okay, do the book for next year, there are still things that you can work on. And some of those times, when you feel like you can’t give yourself permission, it helps to have someone else who can say it’s okay. It’s okay to not get done. That’s right, you’re still gonna achieve what you want. And it’s all right. So that again, and especially if you are doing something like you want to write a book, maybe finding a writer’s group, people are going to understand what you have to go through. Or if you are an actress and finding a support group with actors, right. So you understand that I wouldn’t understand acting much. But people do that to understand the struggles of auditioning and everything that you have to do. And that it just again, more support helps you and find groups that are good. Find groups with people that really are truly supporting you, not ones that aren’t that are trying to sabotage or put you down. I think that’s really important. I had a friend that was in a writers group. And you know, that’s awesome, you can get critiques, but they had one member that it was, it wasn’t a critique. And again, it’s all how you present yourself, but it was just awful. And they eventually had him leave. Because just the dynamic and the energy the group because this person was was critical in an unhealthy way. be accountable and have some way of keeping track of your progress. And I mentioned the self evaluation that I did the beginning of November last year. Don’t sleepwalk. Don’t be on autopilot. You have to figure out a way am I moving towards what I desire. I have people who hold my feet to the fire. Like the mastermind is really good about that. And people who support me emotionally. You know, when I just want to sob and my husband’s like, it’s okay. I’m here. I think that that’s really important. So you might need multiple people that can help you be accountable. Because again, if you don’t

take goals, if you don’t set them to be able to focus on what’s truly important to you, then you know, you wake up and it’s a new year, you turn around and five years have passed and every single one of you listening has a gift. And if you haven’t found it yet, that’s okay. My great grandfather was a janitor. He had a gift of being a janitor. Everyone is important. And I do this and I know I say it a lot. But when you find your passion, you focused on what’s important. You share your gifts with the world and we so desperately needed really take a moment that right now I want you to think about it. What do you think our world would look like? If everyone was excited about what they did? And if when you went to the vet’s office, they were like, correct. Okay, so excited to see you. This is awesome. And that’s how they were with every single pet. You’d be like, dang, too. I want my pets around. That’s who I want to be around. Or when you went to the post office to buy stamps to send the package, you’re like, Hey, how are you? Wow, your package that’s so nice sending something to someone or just being joyful about it. You can find the joy and you can be passionate about everything and if you have to do what I didn’t you do another job until you can get to what your passion is. That’s okay. Focus what’s on important you know, if you have a regular job, you can always spend that time outside of it. Don’t get discouraged and keep going with it and check in This is really important with your self care, how you’re feeling about things. You are getting all the little stuff that needs to be done. But are you taking care of? Because focusing on what matters you matter? Your Health Matters, your sanity matters. That’s all important. You know I had was I have an older female cousin I don’t she my dad or first cousin. So are we first cousins once removed, or second cousin, I don’t understand. I don’t remember all that. Anyway, she awesome. I didn’t invite a lot of our extended family to our wedding. But we invited grace and Jerry because they’re just awesome. They’re very cool. And I’ve thought that since I was a little kid, and gracious, like, I’m here if you need to talk. And that was so wonderful to me. And like, it would be really nice, someone who understands my family dynamic. And I’m stressed and worried about my mom and to have that someone to be able to check in and for someone to say, Hey, how are you doing? Do that with yourself, encourage you to do with others check in with each other? Are you alright? Are you okay? Because you need to be in the good space to be able to focus on what matters. Life happens. So don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes we think we’re going down a and then a curve comes and we’re going down B. And that’s okay, don’t beat yourself up about it. And the more you are in the flow of life, the easier it becomes. And I truly believe that I really struggled last year Oh, I wanted to get this draft done. Well, didn’t happen. But that’s okay. But other things happen. You know, he filed a lawsuit, which was a big deal and took a lot mentally and emotionally, and you stood up for yourself that was important. And that’s important to your overall well being that was probably more important. I probably spend as much time as I would on a solid draft. Don’t be upset the other thing that can come and do timing, and really what I’m getting the feeling now is like now you really need to work on healing yourself. And working on these other books. So be gentle with yourself. And again, you know, it’s kind of like, if you have a rock in the river, and the water just goes around it and eventually, you know, wears down the rock. But the more you’re able to be in flow and not stop it right? I’ve talked about that energetically, it’s like sucking on the straw. And then when you try to control and get bent out of shape, it squeezes a straw, and it sucks off the flow of life and trust the process as much as you can. priorities change, and I taking care of my mother last year was a priority. It was challenging to be up, you know, out of state for a third of the month. But it didn’t matter. Because what it boiled down to is, that was what was most important family always will come above everything else for me. And so I put my money where my mouth that just be gentle with yourself as the process happens. And finally, do you live life on your own terms

and define success as you see fit? If what matters most to you is tinkering with cars, then tinker with cars. I don’t care what anyone else says. You have to do what satisfies you what makes you happy. And my hope I think as we start this year is less judgment, more love. And if you’re spending time judging others, remember, you’re judging yourself. I was talking to a neighbor of mine. And the neighbor across the street is currently the board president and she just I would. I said I’ve got some Fung Shui mirrors on my house. Would you like some because they’ll help reflect the energy that she came out as he was putting in his mailbox? And she was like, is that measure up? Is that approved? is when they first made the develop? You know, I think they all had the same mailboxes, but they built a couple years ago and I would go nuts living across from this woman. And I’m like, What a sad life that you have that you feel that you need to judge others and get into everyone’s business. So I would also say that where you focus on you, do you and don’t worry about other people. And if you live across the street from a busy body that doesn’t like your sculpture that you’ve created and put in the yard Oh, well, do you as long as you’re not harming anyone else. I think it’s really important to honor who you are. take actions from today’s podcast and contemplate your priorities. Write what matters most to you down. Write a vision statement. Let the insignificant stuff go and ask yourself why you’re wasting time. Examine your calendar, and how you’re truly spending your time. Practice self reflection regularly. Determine how to keep motivated and set goals. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Find a support group. hold yourself accountable. check in regularly with how you’re doing and feeling about what’s most important. Except life happens and don’t beat yourself up. If you get off the path Do you always live your life doing what matters the most to you? Share your gifts with the world. On our next episode, we’re talking about creating an emergency savings. Go out and clear your clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. even enjoy clear your clutter inside now. Please rate review and share us

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