Kitchen organization tip – Storing produce and bread in rolling cart

I shared this kitchen organization tip on Instagram and Facebook yesterday – I store my fruit, garlic, bread products, potatoes and onions in a rolling cart in my kitchen. I’ve done this for the last five years . . .and it works so well, we keep doing it!

The advantages to this system are :

Cleans off my counters! I don’t like clutter on my kitchen counters and this saves me from multiple fruit bowls or a stack of bread on the counter.

Easy-to-grab snacks. I have my rolling rack right by the fridge – so it’s an easy option when my kids are hungry and looking for a snack. It’s not out-of-sight-out-of-mind, so I find we eat more fruit when it’s visible and easy to grab.

Good way to keep inventory. With one quick glance I can see what we’re running low on and what I need to pick up at the store.

Easy access for cooking. I know folks recommend putting onions and potatoes (in separate containers) in a dark, cool place. But we go through tons of onions a week – and I like having them right at my fingertips. If you don’t go through them quickly, I would recommend storing potatoes and onions separately . . . and to keep them in a dark cool place.

Vented bottom of shelves. I’m no expert – but I like the airflow through the vented bottom of the rolling cart – I think it helps keep our produce good longer.

I got my shelf off a Facebook Marketplace listing for $15. If you can find one secondhand, that’s the best way! But the Container Store has a wide variety of rolling carts (different sizes for different kitchens) – so you can check the Container Store for a cart. The Large White 3-Tier Rolling Cart is the closest thing to what I have in terms of size.

You can also check Amazon for rolling carts. I found this one – Auledio 3-Tier Rolling Storage Utility Cart, Multifunction Metal Trolley Organizer with Mesh Wire Basket on 2 Lockable Wheels for Kitchen – and it looks like a great option! Great reviews.

Also check out Michael’s craft stores. . . I know they also carry rolling carts that are often 50% off.

Let me know if you try this organization tip and how it works for you! 

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