Need to declutter but just don’t know where to start? This free 4-page decluttering scavenger hunt checklist helps motivate you and even makes it fun to declutter.

You choose whether you declutter one item a day for 28 days or do a marathon weekend decluttering session. Use these decluttering checklists so that they work best for your needs, personality and time limitations.

Each decluttering scavenger hunt page has 12 different items to declutter. This helps guide you through the decluttering process when you just don’t know where to start are feeling overwhelmed.

How to Declutter Quickly

Start by quickly removing all the trash. Carry a trash bag with you and move quickly.
This includes actual trash.
Broken items.
Stained items.
Ripped items.
Unusable items.

Take any items you can readily see that belong in a different area and put them away.If there are many items, create groups for each area that items need to be relocated to and then make one trip to relocate them.

Select items you can readily see and immediately know you can donate.
Have a box or large bag already marked as “donate” and place items in the box.
Schedule a time to drop those donate items off in the next 5 days. Don’t let it become a box of clutter in your home.

Begin grouping like items together.
Group all similar items together.
This allows you to see how many of each you have. You can then decide how many you really need and declutter the extras.
Consider how much space you have when you determine how many you really need.

Step back and reassess. Is there anything else you can remove from the space?
For more information on decluttering, check out the 31 Day Decluttering Challenge.

Decluttering Scavenger Hunt

How to Use this Decluttering Scavenger Hunt Checklist

This decluttering checklist is designed to give you assistance in decluttering when you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t just don’t know where to start.
Decluttering can be an intimidating process for many, so thinking of it as a scavenger hunt can make it a less daunting and even a fun process.
You decide how to use these printable decluttering checklists to best meet your needs.
You can declutter one item on a scavenger hunt sheet at a time.
You can declutter all the items in a row or column of your choice.

You can set aside an afternoon or a weekend to declutter all the items on one sheet.

When you complete decluttering each item, mark it off the scavenger hunt sheet.
You can reward your decluttering achievements by earning a prize when you complete each decluttering scavenger hunt board.
Be sure that the incentive does not involved purchasing more items. You don’t want to replace the clutter you’ve eliminated with new items.
Select experiences as a reward.
A concert
A dinner out
Language or craft lessons
A weekend trip
A professional organizer

You can create an incentive by playing competing with a friend to be the first to complete one or all of the decluttering scavenger hunt game boards.

How to Print the Decluttering Checklist

Download your free copy of the Decluttering Scavenger Hunt by clicking on this link.
When the pdf opens, right click on the document.
You can either print directly from there or download and save the pdf to your computer so you can print it later.

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Be sure to pin this Decluttering Scavenger Hunt printable checklist so you can find anytime you need it for yourself or to share with friends.

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