Nothing gets crafting machines down to a science the way Cricut does

Here are some Cricut projects to start with whether you’re a newbie or an experienced crafter.

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9 Cricut Projects To Make the Most Out of Your Machine
1. Cupcake Gift Boxes

Nothing beats a special delivery of yummy cupcakes.

Instead of buying some cupcake boxes, why not make some of your own boxes to go along with them? All you need are some cute cardstock, some glue or double-sided tape, and your Cricut machine.

2. Giant Vinyl Clock

This pretty giant vinyl clock not only tells you what time it is but also makes very pretty home decor.  Now you don’t have to look at your phone all the time just to know what time it is.

Note: You can find a clock assembly online or your nearest craft store, then use your Cricut machine to cut some numbers on a vinyl sheet.

3. DIY Party Garlands

These party garlands make celebrations easy to set up without spending a lot of time making party decor. Just use your Cricut machine to cut various shapes and hang them somewhere for an instant party time look. To hang them before party time, you can use some tape, magnets, or even command hooks.

4. Nail Decals

Love the look of nail art but don’t have the skill to do it yourself? Vinyl nail decals to the rescue. You can use any type of vinyl your machine can cut

Note: Make sure to paint a top coat over your nails to lock the decals in place.

5. Iron-On Shirt


For those whose kids love all things shiny, here’s a colorful and sparkly unicorn shirt for your little one. All you need for this Cricut project are a plain shirt, some glittery iron-on vinyl, and the Cricut EasyPress machine.

Caution: Since you’ll be doing this on iron-on vinyl, make sure to mirror your designs first before cutting.

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6. 3D Paper Stars

Paper crafts aren’t always flat surfaces. In fact, Cricut machines now allow you to make 3D crafts like these paper stars thanks to its advanced cutting and scoring blades.

Tip: For best results, use some deluxe embossed paper foil.

7. Leather Journal

The Cricut Maker can cut through almost any craft material you can think of, including good old-fashioned faux leather. This journal is so pretty, you can just stare at it for a while before you start writing.

8. Etched Wine Glass Bottle


An etched glass bottle makes the perfect hallmark to those very special occasions like anniversaries and job promotions. Use your Cricut machine to create your vinyl stencil for the etched design and use etchall cream to put the design in.

9. DIY Desk Organizer

Chipboard is an amazing material that holds well with the usual wear and tear. This chipboard DIY desk organizer not only helps you organize those small trinkets lying on your desk but also manages to look great in the process.

Watch this video from The DIY Mommy for other Cricut projects you can do at home:

It’s easy to see why DIY lovers swear by their Cricut machines. These Cricut projects help you make the most out of them and add a personal touch to any corner of the house.

What is your favorite Cricut machine? Let us know in the comments section below!


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