One of the best ways to organize effectively is to have less stuff to organize to begin with

Whether you’re working toward becoming a minimalist or simply want to be able to be more strategic with what you allow in your home and what you spend money on, organizing effectively begins with buying smarter.

On Sale Doesn’t Mean Savings

If you don’t actually need the thing that’s on sale, the fact that it’s cheaper doesn’t make it a smart buy. All it does is give you one more thing you have to find a space for. When you’re trying to live a more organized life and have a more organized home, stuff for stuff’s sake is a no-no. How do you stop yourself from impulsively buying things?

Try the Marie Kondo method: hold it in your hands for a few minutes to see if it sparks joy.
Require that anything you want to buy requires you to sleep on it first. This is essential with big-ticket purchases like the new dining room set you don’t need but the furniture store marked down $2,000 to make it a better deal.
Make a list before you go out — and stick to it.

Bulk Isn’t Always Better

You can save some money per pound or per unit by buying in bulk. Unless you have a houseful of hungry teenagers to feed, clothe, and care for, buying in bulk isn’t always better. The stress of finding more room to store things you won’t use for six months can be overwhelming. Pretty soon, your own home looks like a warehouse. Instead of buying bulk, buy what you need. It may cost a few cents more per unit, but the stress and space it saves you will make it worth it.

Don’t Keep It Just Because You Spent Money on It

One of the biggest struggles we see is that people keep things because they don’t want to throw money away. They spent good money on whatever the thing is that they don’t use but continue to keep. A little secret: you’ve already thrown the money away. At least reclaim your space. It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive blouse, a snow blower, or the craft supplies you thought you’d use but have actually been storing dust for 10 years. Say goodbye and feel the weight of owning stuff you don’t want or need fall away from you.

Buying less and buying smarter is one way you can organize effectively. It’s not easy, and you won’t be perfect, but by being more mindful about what you do, you can make a difference.

If you’re interested in getting organized and want to feel supported and be part of a community while you do it, we’ve launched a 30-Day Get Organized challenge that I hope you’ll join.

You’re not alone in the desire to organize your life (or in the procrastination of getting there!) Working together, we can hold each other more accountable and make real progress on our goals and get organized.

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