Organize your clutter free gift giving list

There are many considerations when trying to purchase the perfect present. Sometimes the person has everything. Some people may feel that they have enough stuff and they dont want to have to decide how to store more items. Some people feel that they need to keep everything they are given whether they need it or like it or can use it. They are afraid of hurting the givers feelings. It may feel like an impossible mission. Consider the idea of a gift that self destructs

Give tickets to an event

Sporting, theatre, art gallery exhibit, musical event. Give them tickets so it wont be a gift card that they file or lose. Most performances will allow tickets to be exchanged for a different date. Try giving tickets to a Toronto Rock Lacrosse game. It is an experience, reasonably prices and you get to see the Air Canada Center. You can support your local community by purchasing tickets to a little theatre production, hockey tickets. Give them the gift of entertainment.

Rent a sports venue

It can be an hour of ice time, indoor soccer, indoor tennis and indoor golf. This type of gift usually gets people together to socialize and be active. It is a gift of physical and emotional health.

Give an experience as a gift then there is nothing to store
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You can give lessons to a person. Art lessons, wine tasting, golfing, scuba diving, music, craft, beading, the ideas are limitless. It can be one lesson or a group of lessons. Give the gift of a new experience.


Give a gift of a meal, prepared by you for them on a mutually agreed date. You may want to give them a batch of muffins every month or whatever their favourite food is. People enjoy receiving homemade Christmas cookies or a fruit plate. You can go on line and search COOKIES in a Jar. The recipient of the cookie mix adds water or milk and bakes the cookies. Give the gift of sharing your time with others.

A service

Someone may enjoy being relieved of performing a tedious job. Arrange for a cleaning service, professional organizer, snow removal, lawn care. Give them the gift of time for themselves.

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There are many charities that can benefits from donations. Select a charity and make a donation in the name of the person. Look at one aspect of the persons life and try to find a charity that represents their interests. Give them the gift of generosity.

Give the gift of Fun

One year a group of us rented a hot tub for a week and shared the use of it. Another year I bought rocket kits for everyone, we built the kits and shot off the rockets

Here are a few gifts that are clutter free, personal and thoughtful but the ideas are endless.

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