Organizing Kitchen Drawers

Organizing kitchen drawers seems to always be a struggle when it comes to organizing the kitchen. Your kitchen may have a ton of drawer or just a few. And since no two kitchens are alike, it can be hard to find ideas or drawer organizers that will fit your needs.

So we rounded up some of our favorite ways to organize kitchen drawers as well as a tour of how we organize the kitchen drawers in my kitchen.

These ideas to organize kitchen drawers will hopefully give you some inspiration to help you organize your kitchen drawers quickly and easily.

Organizing My Kitchen Drawers

Organizing my kitchen drawers has always been sort of a struggle. And it has taken me a while to find the perfect drawer organizers for my shallow kitchen drawers!

But we finally found some organization systems that work really well for our kitchen.

In our kitchen utensil drawer, we use bamboo drawer dividers to keep our utensils separated.

Organizing Kitchen Drawers

I like to break up my utensils into type, keeping spoons together, spatulas together, etc. This has made it so easy to quickly open the drawer and pull out what we need, instead of rummaging around the drawer, trying to find a certain spoon.

It also makes it really easy to put utensils away!

We also have a tiny drawer next to our large utensil drawer where we keep kitchen utensils that we rarely use.

Organizing Utensils in Kitchen Drawers

To keep this drawer organized, we used Mainstays Rubber Organizers from Walmart in a few different sizes.

While you can only purchase these in stores, Walmart usually has them in the kitchen organization isle.

We love these organizers and use them multiple places around our home,

Organizing Knives and Plastic Wraps

Kitchen drawer organizing ideas.

In another large drawer in our kitchen, we store knives and plastic wraps. This drawer is right next to our oven and is a perfect location to store knives in our knife drawer organizer.

I love this knife drawer organizer! It has made it super easy to keep our knives stored safely and off of our countertop.

However, because our knife handles are rounded, they dont fit in the knife organizer perfectly. But I still highly recommend this knife organizer to keep your knives organized and off the countertops.

In this drawer, we also use Mainstays Rubber Organizers for our Meat Thermometer and Slow Cooker Liners. They are the perfect size to keep small items contained and organized!

Organizing the Junk Drawer

No matter who you are, you are bound to have a junk drawer.

Our junk drawer is in the kitchen. And boy was it always a mess until I found this Junk Drawer Organizer!

And I have to say, it has made a huge difference in keeping this drawer organized.

Junk drawer organizing ideas

It does from time to time, start to overflow and needs to be reorganized. But just having a specific compartment that each item in our junk drawer fits into, makes it so much easier to keep our junk drawer organized longer.

More Kitchen Drawer Organizing Ideas

I Heart Organizing is always one of my favorite places to look for organizing ideas. And her kitchen drawer organizing ideas doesnt disappoint! She uses clear containers in a drawer to store dry goods and vegetables! If you have deep kitchen drawers and need a place to keep your potatoes, veggies, or bread, this is a great way to organize your kitchen drawers!

Organizing kitchen drawers

Tip & Image Credit: iHeart Organizing

Organizing Kitchen Drawers With Acrylic Containers

There are so many acrylic containers designed to help you organize your kitchen and I love how Rachel Parcell used these acrylic containers to organize her kitchen drawers! As you can see, she used acrylic containers to make a kids snack station in a kitchen drawer! If you have deep kitchen drawers, acrylic containers are a great storage solution to help you organize kitchen drawers!

Organizing kitchen drawers

Tip & Image Credit: Rachel Parcell

DIY Drawer Organizer

If you dont want to use drawer dividers to organize your kitchen utensils, you can make your own with craft wood! Check out how Kevin & Amanda made their own drawer dividers in this tutorial!

Kitchen drawer organization ideas

Tip & Image Credit: Kevin and Amanda

Organizing Pots & Pans

Not a lot of kitchens have drawers for you to store pots and pans, but I love this tutorial and how they made their own dividers for their pots and pans. Check it out here!

pots and pan drawer organizing ideas

Tip & Image Credit: Seeded at the Table

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