These 9 Organizing Hacks Are Seriously Budget-Friendly

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas collage: pencils and pens in small buckets hanging on a wall, craft supplies in small baskets hanging from a tension rod, makeup in school supplies boxes.

Organizing Your Home? A Trip To The Dollar Store Can Help

I love a good dollar store organizing hack, because I think about organization more in terms of function than form. I love the look of gorgeous, high-end organizing systems as much as the next gal, but I’d rather spend money on something fun than spend it on bins, baskets, and other organizing tools I can find at any dollar store.

Since most of us homemakers have a budget to consider, it’s important to remember that getting organized doesn’t have to cost a fortune! That was the motivation behind a roundup of dollar store organizing hacks I shared a few years back.

And since being budget-conscious never goes out of style, I thought it was high time to revisit the subject! :-) Here you’ll find another batch of organizing hacks centered around things you can find at your nearest dollar store. Let’s get started!

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9 Brilliant Dollar Store Organizing Hacks

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - desk calendar, wall calendar, small calendar book for purse

1. Organize Your Schedule

Need help keeping track of all your appointments and to-do lists? Dollar stores offer a surprising variety of calendars and planners!

Look for wall calendars, desk calendars, pocket-size calendars, and more. It’s a great way to keep yourself on track without emptying your wallet to do it!

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Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - file holder and small decorative buckets hanging on a wall over a printer, closeup of hanging buckets

2. Keep Office Supplies Handy

Use simple containers from the dollar store to help keep supplies organized in your home office or workspace. Cups and magazine organizers are perfect for pens, markers, and copy paper!

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - appliance manuals in clear file envelopes, recipe book with tabs

3. Keep Track Of Papers

Keep track of your bills, contracts, and other important documents with portfolios, folders, and envelopes from the dollar store. I even found a binder of notecards with section dividers at my local dollar store that I’ve been using to keep recipes handy.

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Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - picture book bins being used to store linens

4. Easy Access To Linens

These dollar store organizers were advertised as bins for picture books, but that’s certainly not the only way you could use them. I personally thought they would make a perfect solution for storing table linens like napkins, placemats, and tablecloths!

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - small containers with locking lids being used for a variety of small objects such as makeup brushed and hair elastics

5. Double Duty Containers

Small containers with locking lids are extremely versatile, and you can find them at many dollar stores! Use them while you travel to store bar soap, hair accessories, cotton swabs, and more.

Speaking of travel, I also found this handy pencil case that’s perfect for my makeup brushes. It protects them in transit and has the added benefit of being easy to clean!

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - wire mesh basket hung on a wall to hold jewelry

6. Mesh Earring Organizer

Mesh baskets like this one are a mainstay at dollar stores, and there’s a million ways to use them at home. Try mounting one on a wall and hanging your earrings from it! You can also store things inside the basket, like bracelets and other accessories.

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Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - small plastic baskets hung from clothes hangers in closet to hold small objects

7. Creative Closet Storage

Coat closets aren’t always the most useful if you’re short on storage space. But with a trip to the dollar store and a little bit of creativity, you can make it a much more functional space!

One way to add more storage to a coat closet is to make your own hanging basket system. Just thread the handles of a few lightweight baskets over the hook of a hanger, then hang them from the bar in the closet.

Use your hanging baskets to store craft supplies, clothes, or anything else you want to keep organized!

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas- using small colored stickers to color code items around the house

8. Color Code With Stickers

Kids aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the wide variety of stickers that most dollar stores offer! You can use small, colored stickers to color code items around the house.

For instance, a few sheets of star-shaped stickers can help you color code your collection of herbs and spices! Use green for dried herbs, purple for chilis and spicy powders, yellow for baking spices, etc. A simple color coding system like this makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas - coin wrappers

9. Corral Your Coin Collection

I found a bag of coin wrappers at the dollar store recently, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think of buying them there sooner! (I bought a package on Amazon recently for much more than a dollar and ended up with way too many of them!)

With a collection of coin wrappers at home, you can save the fees of going to a coin counting machine and keep that money in your pocket.

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The Dollar Store Hacks Series

Have you come across any great finds at the dollar store recently?