This week on Catching up on the Kelnhofers, I’m sharing a major Amazon fail, a fun gift I was given that helps the kids eat more fruit and some great kid-friendly board games.

I have to start off by apologizing for a preview recommendation in the ‘Amazon Item You Didn’t Know You Needed’ section.

I know how much you guys love those recommendations and finds. And I love sharing them. 

But after setting up and using the Kitchen wrap organizer I recommended, I ended up returning it. 

So to everyone who got it. Sorry. If you haven’t purchased it yet, don’t!

Maybe it was a user error?

I set it up (actually, I had Nick set it up) and put it in the pantry where I was going to put all my kitchen wrap things on it. It looked awesome. I recommended it. 

Then, over the weekend, I tried putting the plastic wrap and aluminum foil and whatever else on the actual rack. 

They came flying back at me.

I tried again…why weren’t they staying on the shelf? Some weren’t even fitting on the shelves (they weren’t tall enough.) The middle part of the shelf had like a 2 inch wide area which wasn’t wide enough to hold a wrap box up.

I got so frustrated, I gave up. That thing has a terrible design, or maybe I’m using it wrong? Regardless, I’ve returned mine and just had to tell you!!!

This week’s Amazon you didn’t know you needed comes from Nick who has been using this kit for 6 months. He said he had little parts, but never knew where they were, and this kit has made picture hanging (and the multitude of small requests from me) so much easier. 

Scooby snacks cookies – I had a blast making these with Ben and you’ll have fun making them 

Freezer Frittata with salsa and sausage – this make-ahead freezer meal is super easy to throw together, it tastes great and it’s healthy!

Chicken enchilada casserole – a recipe repost of one of my favorite freezer meals.

Frittata | Scooby snacks | Sheet pan pizza

Love List – weekly fun found from every corner of the Internet

Sheet pan pizza – another favorite recipe that we’ve tweaked and updated

We got a Home Chef meal delivery 2 serving meal (use code 40SweetPhi to get $40 off your first 2 orders) and made into 5 servings (2 adults, 3 kids) by making a side of crispy from frozen broccoli.  So so SO good!!

Someone gifted me an apple corer/peeler (tip, she got it at Goodwill for $4, and said she always finds them there – thanks Heidi!) and to be honest, I forgot we had it. When I received it I was showing it to Ben and then put it with our other kitchen appliances I don’t really use often. Well, he has the craziest memory (better than mine, that’s for sure). I asked if he wanted an apple, and he said “let’s use the new tool someone gave us.” I had no idea what he was talking about, so I said “show me” thinking he was going to take me to his toy kitchen or something. Nope, he went into the pantry and pointed to it. It was surprisingly fun, and he ate the ENTIRE apple. 

We use my recipe for Asian ground turkey rice bowls all the time in our house and I’m glad to see one  user is using it a ton too!

“I have made this recipe about 10x since I found it last year! We love it so much! I don’t change a thing!”

Did you know that it’s fairy easy to make your own condiments – and much healthier too!  One reader sent in her recreation of my 5 ingredient quick homemade ketchup recipe.

And, while this isn’t quite a re-creation, I had to share the most adorable photo that @thegetalong tagged me in. She featured my Baby Food Maker Cookbook and I’m so grateful!

Again, so sorry about last weeks’ awful recommendation. Please know I buy and try all of these things I share about!

​This picture hanging kit is this weeks’ item, and Nick used it to hang the pictures above our console table!

Ok, I seem to have gotten into two books with very heavy character backstories. Ooof, they’re tough to read, but I can’t stop because I want to know what happens! I’m finishing up Heart Bones this week (it’s really good and I’m drawn in) and then I’m going to switch it up and read Stillness Is The Key by Ryan Holiday (I’ve heard many good things!!)

Heart Bones | Stillness is the Key

Cookbook of the week – 

Modern Cook’s Year: More than 250 Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes to See You Through the Seasons 

This book is lovely! When I first got it (thanks for the recommendation Sophie) I didn’t know if I’d actually make anything from it. As I mentioned before, I love reading cookbooks for the sake of reading them. 
But it’s so inviting. 
It’s beautiful. And it has all these wonderful little details and sections. 
For example, sprinkled throughout are things like ‘soup flavor map’ and then it’ll show you how to build a soup with different components. 
There’s a whole section of healing tonics and teas. I made a golden milk tea. (NOTE here: If you’re ever cooking with turmeric, it stains your sink and dishes, so wash immediately, or spend three days cleaning your sink with baking soda like I did).
I’ve also made these date-pumpkin seed snack bites and am going to make a green omelette tortilla thing.
If you want to incorporate more veggies and seasonal things into your diet, this cookbook is for you. 

Craft time and games with the kids!! Here are some ideas if you’re looking for the best board games for kids – we use those all the time!

We also had so much fun playing ants in the pants which my in-laws gifted the kids for Christmas. Honestly, I’ve never played this game and I’d even recommend it for older kids and adults. So fun and funny!

Twins being silly – Freddie was trying to eat yogurt (it got all over his face) and then he tried stealing his sisters lol. Also, Frankie has found a little hiding spot to eat her snacks in. 

The twins are still not the biggest fans of the snow lol, we live in WI soooo they might have to get used to it a little more. 

Frankie is learning to talk and now says “hi” very animatedly and it’s the cutest thing ever. 

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Air fryer cheesy chicken is one of my favorite recipes, period. We make it ALL the time. It can be made with chicken or pork chops.


We watched some pretty terrible Hallmark Christmas movies with Candace Cameron Bures (If I Only Had Christmas) and then I saw this list ranking and was surprised it wasn’t the all out worst, guess we haven’t seen that one…yet lol.


These hair ties are amazing if you have medium/long hair. They don’t pull or mess up the shape of your hair overnight. 

I’m dying to know, have you ever purchased something that was just a disaster?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

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