I find a lot of the yarn I use at thrift stores, brand new for so much less than it is, even on sale in the store. The prices average about 99 a skein which is a pretty significant savings. Whenever I find it I'll get it and then once I've collected enough skeins for a project I make something, usually an afghan.

Our power had gone out for a few hours that day so this was
the perfect project to tackle while waiting for it to come back on.

After my latest organizing projects, the craft center and then my gift wrap organizer, the next one on my list was to collect all my yarn and get it organized in one spot. I had it in three different spots so I gathered it all up and went through everything. I took all my loose partial skeins and spent some time rolling them into balls so they wouldn't be a tangle mess. Then I went out to the garage on got a comforter bag I had in my area where I keep empties storage containers.

Stella was extremely helpful. Not!

I patched a couple areas that had torn with some clear packing tape and it was good as new. It holds all of my skeins and larger balls of yarn perfectly with some growing room as well. The much smaller balls of yarn that will be better for crafts went into the gallon mason jar and back in my sewing room. I like to see them on display and find it kind of charming.

This bag keeps it all in one place and dust free

There is even room for more!

The bag of yarn is now sitting in the closet of the guest/craft room and next time I get ready to work on a project I'll only need to go to one spot to find what I need. Much better organization and I no longer have to go to three different spots to find what I'm looking for.